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16.66% Phoenix in MHA / Chapter 3: chapter 3: it's quiet sweet

chapter 3: it's quiet sweet - Phoenix in MHA - Chapter 3 by Rolling_thunder_ full book limited free

Chapter 3: chapter 3: it's quiet sweet

After all the procedures were complete Yamamoto family exited the hospital an Deere headed towards their home. Meanwhile Kenji was wondering how this life is going to be and he promised to himself that he would love this life to the fullest. Not in an harem protogonist way but in a normal way.

*(Kenji POV)*

When we reached to my future home I was shocked to see that it was a mansion. I was lower middle class in last life, for me this house is like a castle.

When we got out of the car we were welcomed by house aids. This is totally fancy. Can he play rich young master and act all high and mighty? But he came out of the sh*t hole of thought quiet soon. Because if I do that I'll be beaten down by some hero wannabe. Oh in this case they are not wannabe they might be real heroes. Sigh..but I'll enjoy this life alright.. Loving and caring parents, hopefully doting grandparents, in the futureay be instigate the commencement of "getting little sister operation".

When I was thinking all this my new dad and mom were introducing me to all the house aids and they welcomed me to the house.

Dad: Hey Haru I think we should finish installing all the child saftey measures so that ken-chan would not hurt himself.

Mom: yeah, but I thought you would have already done with this.

Dad: I went to the place and asked for an safety engineer and he visited our house and took all the measurements needed. He told me he'll do it in this week.

Mom: But that is one more week. What will we do until then? Safety of ken-chan is more important.

Dad: .....

Mom: What why are you looking at me like this?

Dad: Haru calmdown. please calmdown. Our son is only two days old he cant walk right now. It'll take atleast half a year to get to that stage. Please dont panic sweety. It's going to be alright.

Mom: Sorry honey, I'm just nervous. He is our first child. I don't want to be careless and make mistakes. Are we really going to ok? Are we really going to be good parents?.

Haru was stressed and didn't know there was a tear flowing from kenji's eyes. Kenji was very emotional at this moment. He didn't know parents cared about their children this much.

While Haru was distressed dad was going to comfort her and tell her that everything is going to be ok. The couple saw their child was looking at them rising his hands to hug his mom.

Haru was quite shocked. She didn't expect her child to comfort her knowingly or unknowingly.

It was quite sweet whatever it was.

The couple looked at the happy and cute Kenji they were resolving themselves to give the best love and care they can to Kenji.

Kenji was also quite shocked. He did on emotional reflex. He saw his new mom.. slash that, he saw his new mom distressed about his wellbeing and her concern he was so happy. This was because he didn't know what parents love except the stories and movies he watched.

Who would not be happy with this family where they showered you with love and care.

***Time skip***

**6 months later**

In a huge bunglow there was a 6 month old who was running around the house naked by pushing his baby walker. He was chased by a women in her early twenty who seemed to be the child's mother.

mom: ken- chan stop. you have wear a dress before you go take a walk

*(Kenji POV)*

Life is good when you have a good family. For the first three months it was quiet boring becaus I can't move and every time I poop into a diaper it feels like I'm losing something. Anyway I was visited by a lot of people. Some were relatives and some were family friends. The first time I met my grandparents was quiet interesting. First came grandma who looked to be in her early fifties. She took me in her hands and she was pinching cheeks and hugging me. She looked so sweet that I would have mistake her for a very calm house wife with hobby of going to park and enjoying the sunset.

Until I saw the scene where my grandma threw my father and grandpa, quiet literally. This is how this went. It was a regular morning I was in a cradle and was staring the ceiling and thinking about my future hero name and my dialogue. Ofcourse I want to become a hero. Heroes of MHA are cool. Also I want to become strong and don't want to rely on the power of friendship and plot Armor.

Then the door to my room opened and both my dad and grandpa came in. I have been trying to talk since I couldake some noise. So I'm just training my vocal cord. Obviously I don't want to become a singer but yeah about the incident. Ok I'll introduce my grandpa first. When I first saw my grandpa he looked quiet intimidating. But when he took me in his arms he was acting like I was the cutest thing in the world. He is kinda funny if you ask me.

So when my grandpa and my dad came to my room and we were playing with my toys. Its not weird if two grown men playing with toys with a child. It's only weird if they were playing with toys alone in their room.

Anyway I was playing with lego blocks and built a home. My dad was amazed by it and lifted me threw me into the air and caught me. It felt very good. I giggled and my dad and grandpa saw me enjoying and they started to play with me by throwing me in the air. I was giggling loudly and curious about my sound my grandma came to check on me. When she saw me in the air thrown by grandpa she was pissed.

The moment she came in my father caught me and noticed grandma was looking at them like her eyes could kill them. I think dad and grandpa were shitting bricks. My grandma came into the room and took me from my dad and laid me in the crib and she turned to look at the father son duo.

grandpa: Honey wait let me explain..


She knocked my dad and grandpa down with a single punch and continued to lift them and threw them out of the room.

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I was awestruck. The hit was so loud I felt little pain in my head. I didn't know this side of grandma. I was so bored that someone throwing me in the air entertained me. Then I saw my grandma bead the daylights out of my father and grandpa. Unknowingly I started to clap my hands.

Grandma turned around and saw me clap my hands with stars in my eyes. She made an expression that she was pleased with her performance.

Grandma: Hey ken-chan did you enjoy seeing grandma beat dad and grandpa.

Kenji: aaww, aww

grandma: So you liked it. That's good. If you want I can make you watch it daily.

Kenji was feeling pity for his dad and grandpa. He was still hearing groans and moans from where they were thrown. When grandma mentioned about the daily show I heard audible gasps from there. And then it went silent. I think it they just fainted from shock.

Kenji: *giggle*giggle*

grandma: Come here ken-chan grandma will teach you a lot of things.

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