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Chapter 4: Growth - Phoenix in MHA - Chapter 4 by Rolling_thunder_ full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Growth

*(Kenji POV)*

It's been 3 and a half year since I was reincarnated. My life here is especially great. I didn't suffer any injustice so that it could be motivation to get stronger. I don't want my life to be a cliche plot. I want to enjoy myself and be happy.

It's almost time for my quirk to get activated. I am very excited to get my quirk. One more important thing it seems my grandma was a ex-hero. She was from a very troubled time. I was very interested in her hero experience. Her name is yuki sakurajima and her quirk is rebound.

It's like whenever she wants to punch someone or kick someone she can use her hands and feet like piston and each punch and kick with rebound increases the power of the next punch.

My grandpa and grandma are quite unique couple. When my grandma was young, she met my grandpa in a very awkward situation. when she was getting back home from a convenient store she saw there were some thugs trying to rob someone. She was going to help the person who was getting robbed.

When she was about to move when she saw a young man who was walking by ran towards the situation. She thought since someone was going to take care of it and just waited for the matter to get resolved. The young man reached the thugs and asked them to release them or he would call the police.

Watching this, grandma was face palming herself. The thugs then bit*h a

slapped the young man and continued their robbery.

Then my grandma intervened and resolved the situation. Then she helped the young man who was thrown like a rag doll. I think by now everyone knows that this young man is my grandpa in this story.

After this incident my grandpa became a fab of my grandma and started stalkin...ahem.. pursuing my grandma. At one point it seems she thought my grandpa was pitiful and have him a chance and the rest is history.

This is the story of an ordinary quirkless guy who scored an hero. Anyway it's almost time for me to awaken my quick.

This will be the first time I'm gonna use a super power. Who would be excited? As for armament haki it seems my body needs to be quite strong for it to activate. I am trying to awaken my observation haki but its not that easy. I tried meditating, trying to get some kind of extra sense, trying to forge falling leaves from tree. What did you think , I would be throwing knives at myself? Hell no.

I'm just a the year old there is a lot of time for me to get those did in order. I don't want to endanger my life for the meaningless struggle.

*Haru POV* Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

My son Kenji is almost 4 years old. It's almost time for him to awaken a quirk. So we are being extra careful about everything. We made preparation for worst case scenario when he awakens some kind of self injuring quirks we can immediately bring him to a quirk doctor.

Now my son is playing in the garden. He usually runs around the house and play all the time. He was very good when he started speaking. He grasped a lot of knowledge for his age.

When I was thinking about his future I suddenly smelt a burning smell. I thought something was wrong with the kitchen and about to run there but when I looked outside of the window I saw ken-chan who was burning a tree with his hands which was now on fire.

I panicked and ran towards him. I was thinking that he was burning himself in that flame. It might be his quirk because I have a fire manipulation quirk.

I quickly reach my son to see him happily similing looking at his hands. Thank god it doesn't hurt him.

Mom: Ken-chan are you ok? Does your quick hurt you in any way?

Kenji: no mom. I'm fine. my quirk just awoke and it feels great.

Mom: Ken-chan can you stop using your quirk now? Don't overuse your quirk the first day.

you can play all you want later ok?

Haruna was warning as she watched her son withdrew his blue flame from his hand.

*Kenji POV*

Today I was carring a sword (stick) and was sparring with my sparring partner (training dummy) The Treant (a tree) in our garden. While I was in the heat of the battle I got injured and was expecting pain but it didn't come but i felt a little warn and comfortable. I was worried is this body a masochist one. Then I looked at my hand which was burning in a blue flame. At first I was flabbergasted. It was healing my injury slowly but surely.Then I became happy. Because of a little distraction my flames extended from my hand and started to burn the tree. If you gain something you lose something, I got my quirk but I lost my sparring partner. (A/N: Sorry guys I think my inner chunnibyou leaked out and infected our MC while I was writing this paragraph).

My mom came here all flustered and panicking to check whether I'm ok or not. Seeing that I'm fine she finally relaxed. But she asked me to not use my quirk until it's fully safe to use.

"From now on my hero journey starts" I think that's a bit shounen but I'll take it.

*3 years later*

For the last three years I have been training my quirk and my body. I didn't do very sternous exercise but I ran, did push up, pull up, squats, and some core exercises. I didn't do any weight lifting for now, I'm planning on starting it when I'm officially 8 y.o. As for my quirk I can launch fire projectile at a very fast speed that can put a hole through a tree. This damage does not include the after effect of the fire.

I can transform into a small phoenix but I can't fly yet. This is a bit disappointing but I hope as I grow my phoenix form also grow with me.

Regarding haki I didn't get any of the haki but I have an inkiling that I'll get my observation haki pretty soon. It is because my senses have been getting pretty enhanced as of late.

I think this is also good. But my most important concern is combat techniques and my combat ability. You know if I don't have a combat technique that relates all my abilities and my strength I can't even bring half of their full capacity. For that I have to train how to fight. Training body alone is not enough. Martial artist are special because they do a set of motions again and agian until that becomes a reflex, like for experienced boxers if they find they are in immediate danger they put their guard up(i.e., covering his/her head on both lateral sides as a way to block any attack) or if you touch something hot you just take your hand away from it.

In battles a fraction of second can determine winner or loser. If it is a reflexive action we can just let the body move according to the situation, like ultra instinct. I not saying I want to achieve ultra instinct but I want my combat technique and style so that it could bring my chances of victory in battles to another level..

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