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27.77% Phoenix in MHA / Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Request

Phoenix in MHA Chapter 5 - Chapter 5: Request

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Request

For my combat training I went forward and asked the most powerful and experienced being in my home, my grandma.

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Kenji: Hey granny are you free now?

Grandma: what happened ken-chan do you want something?

While grandma was sitting in a comfy chair and reading some magazine, Kenji came to his grandma and ask about something.

Kenji: Grandma, you were a hero right?

grandma: yes sweety, so what do you want to know.

Kenji: you must have fought a lot of bad guys in your hero life. So you must be very experienced in combat, could you please teach me how to fight grandma?

Grandma: Why do you want to learn how to fight ken-chan did anyone bully you in school?

If so tell me grandma will beat them up.

Kenji: No grandma I want to become a hero like you so I could save people I can. For that I want to know how to fight. Can you teach me how to fight grandma, please.

Grandma: No.


*Kenji POV*

I was asking my grandma to teach me combat techniques and how to fight. But one thing that I wasn't expecting was my grandma rejected my request. What the hell, usually it goes like ask a strong family member to train you surpass them before you go to school and act all mighty there. But what the hell happened here. I was flabbergasted at her response and didn't give any response. There was a strange silence for more than 1 minute.

Kenji: But why grandma can't you train me? is it because you are old that you became weak and can't train me?


Kenji: Why are you hitting me granny I just asked you to train me not to his me.

Grandma: You little rascal I'm not old. I'm young and strong, I still have a long life to live.

As for your request sorry but no. You are not mature enough to be taught combat technique and get involved in fights.

Oh sh*t, since it's been a long time I forgot that it's a major no-no to tell a women that she is old. Oh my god I made my gentle grandma(only to me) to hit me. This is my first time to get hit by grandma. But this was not a hard hit just a slight knock on my head. She never hit me even for a joke. This is serious. Please head my advice and never call a women old if she was either physically or mentally(smart) or economically stronger than you. Because you wouldn't know what hit you but you will go through hell.

* general POV*

Kenji : But grandma I want to become a powerful hero. How can I become a powerful hero if I can't fight properly.

Grandma: kid, why do you want to become a hero? Being hero is not all that is shown on tv like beating a few villain and saving few people. There are lot of responsibilities that comes with it. You are not mature enough to understand that.

Kenji who was standing infront of grandma was fuming. He didn't know what to say about this. But he calmed himself thinking that his grandma might have a reason to say this. She might be expecting some answer like "if I see someone in danger my body moves on its own"

Kenji: grandma I'm already mature enough to understand that "With great power comes great responsibility" I know my quirk is very strong and it'll become very strong in the future. I want to use my power and help some good people like you, grandpa, mom and dad. Please grandma.

Grandma: ken-chan where did you learn this phrase "With great power comes great responsibility" it's very good. Anyway come here I know our little ken-chan is very mature for his age.

Grandma pulled Kenji towards herself and hugged him. He didn't know what to do. I was a grown man in my previous life but I feel wierd when they treat every single thing comes out of my mouth as some child's banter but an intelligent child's banter.

Kenji: Please grandma can you teach me or can you introduce me to a martial art dojo or something.

Grandma: ok ken-chan let's discuss with everyone during dinner and let's make a decision is it ok?

Kenji: ok grandma. I love you.

Kenji kissed his grandma good bye and left the room. His grandma was watching him race through the corridor and run inside the house like his as* caught on fire.

Grandma: This kid doesn't fail to amuse me. "With great power comes great responsibility" maybe he is made to be a hero. But who am I kidding our ken-chan being a serious hero I think it can be made into a comedy movie.

* time skip**dinner time*

Everyone in this household eats dinner together. Because both dad and grandpa are busy with buisness they always eat lunch at their workplace, so dinner is the only time everyone in the family gather. Except for the weekends.

Everyone was eating their food and grandma gathered their attention.

Grandma: Everyone there is an important issue I want to talk about.

Dad: What is it mom?

Grandma: Today Ken-chan came to me and told me that he wanted to learn how to fight.

Grandpa: Good, grandson let grandpa teach you how to fight. Back in the day I was involved in lot of fights and I'm very experience.

Grandma: Yeah experienced in getting his ass kicked.

Dad: pfft

Kenji: Hahaha

grandpa: Akane please stop embarrassing me in front of my grandchild. Anyway why did you ask her to teach you how to fight? Did someone bully you in school.

Kenji: no grandpa.

Grandma: Ok listen. I asked him the same but he told me that he wants to become a hero. That's why he wants to learn how to fight.

Dad: Great Kenji you can become a great hero like Almight. I'll support you, you can join any dojo you want and can train yourself.

Grandpa: Good choice grandson. Because grandpa didn't have any quirk he couldn't do any hero work. You have an amazing quirk, to can do it. Grandpa also support you.

Kenji: Thank you grandpa, thank you dad.

Mom: Ken-chan you should think very hard before making that decision. I'm really happy that you want to become a hero but it being hero is very hard.

Grandma: Haru, I told him that too but do you know what he told me? He told me that he

" with great power comes great responsibility"

that he'll become a hero who would save a lot of good people.

Everyone in the room was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find out that Kenji who was 7 year old could talk like this. They were in awe and happy that the child from their family is mature and sensible in a very young age.

Grandpa: Awesome. Haha. It's like seeing myself when I was young.

Grandma: ahem.

Dad: Hahaha. My son is destined to become a great hero.

Mom: Wow. Our little Ken-chan has become a mature man now. Come here ken-chan let mommy give you kisses.

While everyone was praising Kenji he was embarrassed. He didn't expect that the dialogue he told would turn out this way. And he doesn't know that it's going to be a big part of his life.

Kenji wanted to hide in a hole while everone was happy and hugged him and kissed him. He couldn't handle this so he needed a distraction. So he started a new conversation.

Kenji: So I can learn how fight right..

While he was asking this he looked at his grandma. His grandma looked him in the eyes and smiled. He was nervous to get her answer because it's important for him. He can't just throw away the family he got for his ambition. If his grandma outright reject him he will not oppose it but will continue to convince her so that he could become a hero. Because he loves her and this family too much to hurt them.

Grandma: I agree to you become a hero and to learn how to fight. You can learn from a dojo and can get your experience there. I will also train you by sparring with you.

Kenji was happy beyond words could explain. He ran towards his grandma and hugged her. He thanked her incessantly. He was happy everyone was supporting him in his dreams..

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