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32.09% Picking Up Attributes From Today / Chapter 26: A Luxurious Condominium, Cold And Distant Housemate

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Chapter 26: A Luxurious Condominium, Cold And Distant Housemate

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The new student assessment!

Enrollment and registration!

Dormitory assignment!

It was already afternoon by the time all the procedures were completed. Meng Lei finally received his dormitory address and, under a volunteer senior's guidance, made his way to the condominium for new students.

"Old bro, so you're that famous human genius. Tsk, tsk, hearing about you truly can't compare to meeting you in the flesh. You look bright and valiant, indeed!

"Hehe, little brother here didn't think that I would be so lucky that the first person I approached right after entering the academy would be you, old bro. Tsk, tsk, fate, this is fate!

"Say, old bro, aren't you a human? Why is your body also so strong? Could it be that you're the same as me, and also possess Dragon People blood in you? But that doesn't sound right. You don't have any Dragon People characteristics at all!"

The little fatty's mouth was like a breached dam. His saliva flew everywhere as he rambled on and on, and followed Meng Lei around!

"I'm human!"

Once in a while, Meng Lei would reply to him. Most of his attention was on the scenery in the academy and on picking up dropped items. This was an academy with over 10,000 years of history, after all. As expected, it was indeed extraordinary!

The architecture was simple and sophisticated, while the trees were aged and ancient!

Wall scrolls, statues, light decorations, students…

Everything was totally different from what it was like on Earth. The charm and appeal of a different culture showed in every corner, and every little thing exhibited the magic civilization's deep foundation. There was a rather different and distinctive flavor to it!

Of course, as this was a magic academy, there were quite a lot of dropped items. Going down the avenue to the condominium, Meng Lei had already picked up seven to eight magic power light balls, and two to three spell light balls!

His harvest could be said to be rather impressive!

"Tsk, tsk, you're human, yet you're more like a Dragon Person than me, an actual Dragon Person!"

The little fatty grumbled, "I have pure Golden Colossal Dragon blood right in my body, yet it just had to be suppressed by my human bloodline. Not only does my Colossal Dragon blood not show at all, but my human blood even had to show through completely. Sigh, what a tragedy!"


The female volunteer senior burst into laughter as she looked at the fatty flesh hanging all over the little fatty. Meng Lei couldn't help but smile, too. Most Dragon People had tall and slender physiques and were muscular. Fat pigs like the little fatty were indeed rather uncommon!

"To be honest, I'm actually very troubled myself, too!"

The little fatty said with a wry smile, "Do you think I wish to be this fat? And be mocked by that bastard Lance every day? But I can't help it. My physical body constitution is such that I'll fatten up even if I'm just drinking water!"

"You may be fat, but your magic talent is great!"

The pretty senior added mirthfully, "High-Grade Water-Element, Earth-Element, and Thunder-Element affinity, and spiritual power that's 92 times that of your peers. Looking at the entire academy, there aren't many that are stronger than you!"

"Indeed, your magic talent is certainly not bad!"

Meng Lei also agreed with great admiration. High-Grade Water-Element, Earth-Element, and Thunder-Element affinity aside, just his spiritual power, which was 92 times that of his peers, alone was already very rare!

To borrow the department head teacher's words, among the 98 new students recruited this year, Meng Lei was the only one whose spiritual power was stronger than the little fatty's. His talent was evident from this!

"Hehe, it's a long way off compared to you, old bro!" The little fatty scratched his head and asked with a sneaky laugh, "Say, which dormitory are you staying at, old bro?"

"No. 430!" replied Meng Lei calmly.

"What the hell, you're actually staying at No. 430!"

The little fatty's chubby face turned troubled at once. He said, "I'm at No. 431. Why aren't I staying at the same dormitory as you? No, that won't do. I'm going to look for the school authorities and get them to change my dormitory block…"


"Junior, it's not that I'm boasting, but!"

The pretty senior brought Meng Lei to a condominium complex. She pointed at the hundreds of two-story refined and exquisite condominiums of varying heights, and said proudly, "As Fire Dragon Kingdom's best magic academy, our academy's facilities are not to be doubted!

"Even if we put everything else aside, just the student dormitories alone are enough to rank among the top in the whole of Dragon God Empire! A condominium is shared between two people and has its own entrance and courtyard. The interior decoration is even better than a hotel's!"

"It certainly looks pretty good just looking from the outside!" praised Meng Lei with a nod.

There were close to 300 two-story condominiums erected in front of him. Every condominium had its own entrance and courtyard, and blooming flowers and trees with green foliage providing shade filled the gardens. It didn't lose out one bit even when compared to luxurious villas on Earth!

"This is nothing. What's awesome is the interior!"

The pretty senior glanced at Meng Lei's clothes and said with a mirthful smile, "Junior, you'd better not become so happy that you'd even forget about going home after you move in! Hehe…"

Meng Lei rolled his eyes and replied, "Would it go that far?"

"How can it not? A lot of people have excellent talent, yet quickly fell into depravity after they entered the academy and ended up unable to fulfill their talent. Examples of this exist everywhere…"

During the brief conversation, they had already arrived at Condominium No. 430.

"Junior, this is your condominium!"

"Thank you, senior!"

"Do you have any other questions?"

"Senior, where can I purchase daily necessities like toothbrushes, towels, and so on?"

"You don't need to buy them. The academy has already prepared these things for all of you, so you can just use them as is. Of course, if there's anything that you wish to buy, just turn left after you go out. There's a small store there where you can buy everything you need, such as daily necessities and whatnot!"

After he sent the pretty senior off, Meng Lei stepped forward and walked into No. 430. Classical interior decoration in the loft, soft, and plush fur carpet, elegant chandeliers and wall scrolls, and shiny golden walls—all of these demonstrated the condominium's extravagance and level of comfort!

"No wonder the pretty senior said that a lot of commoner geniuses quickly fell into depravity right after they entered the academy!" remarked Meng Lei as he clicked his tongue in wonder and admiration. He added, "With such a comfortable environment, anyone would wallow in luxury!"

Losing oneself to luxury and letting their talent go to waste as a result wasn't anything unheard of. Weren't a lot of college students in his past life exactly like that? There were practically too many stories of star students that studied diligently and painstakingly during high school, becoming bottom-feeders after they got into college!

This was the same everywhere, no matter which world it was!

Tap, tap, tap!

Right at this moment, a short—one could even call him petite—Dragon Person teenage boy walked down from the upper floor. Dressed in regular nobility wear, the boy had normal dragon horns and looks with no distinguishing feature whatsoever. He was exactly the kind of person that one would lose sight of the moment he was thrown into a crowd.

"You're here."

Upon seeing Meng Lei, the Dragon Person teenager greeted him indifferently. Then, he concerned himself only with tidying his things and didn't pay Meng Lei any more attention.


Upon noticing the other party's lukewarm attitude, Meng Lei had no desire to show excessive friendliness to a clearly disinterested person, either. After giving him a casual response, he started to check out the living room. Just like what the pretty senior had said, the academy had already prepared all the daily necessities for them.

Toothbrushes, towels, soap, slippers…

There was just about everything he could possibly need!

The academy sure is considerate. Which floor should I stay on, though?

Meng Lei cast a glance at the upper floor before looking at his housemate. He asked detachedly, "Where are you staying at? Upstairs or downstairs?"



What followed was a long period of silence. Both of them packed and tidied up their respective rooms, with neither of them saying anything more. Although this was different from what he had initially expected, Meng Lei was happy to have some peace and quiet, nonetheless.

He was busy all the way until the evening. When he was more or less done with packing his room, Meng Lei was about to head out to get something to eat when Hart, the little fatty, came over.

"Haha, old bro, I've come to visit your dormitory!"

The little fatty gave Meng Lei a big hug the moment he entered. Then, he pointed at a human teenager next to him and said, "Old bro, let me do the introductions. This is my housemate, Daniel Kegebo. He's also a human genius!"

"Daniel, this is my old bro, Meng Lei. He's the top genius of our academy this year!"

"Hello, Meng Lei. I'm Daniel. Nice to meet you!"

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