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41.66% Picking Up Attributes From Today / Chapter 30: All Failed, A Public Disgrace

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Chapter 30: All Failed, A Public Disgrace

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Training Ground No.11 was dead silent!

After listening to the head teacher's cold scolding and looking at the dejected Larry Billy, all the students felt a heaviness in their hearts, as though a big rock weighed down on them!

It seemed the mid-term exam did not only test the three attributes, but also the progress over the three months since admission!

This was tragic!

Even if one had foundations or good abilities since before admissions, so long as they had made no progress in the past three months, they would still be failed!

That's really tough!

Meng Lei gasped internally!

"Next, Monti Dunbar!

"Spiritual Power: 67 times that of peers!

"During the admissions test, your spiritual power was 62, and now it's 67. It only increased by 5 points. It shows that you were completely idle these three months. Fail!"

"Next: Albert Ackerwright!"


"Gabriel Broad!"


"Annellin Bauswell!"



"My god, all of them actually failed!"

Fatty Hart was already pale from the shock. "All 17 people failed at the component of spiritual power! Gosh, what now?"

"It's too strict! It's really too strict!" Daniel's face was also white. "Boris' spiritual power increased by 12 points, and he actually still failed. How much improvement does it take to pass, after all?"

"No idea!" Meng Lei shook his head. This kind of exam mechanism was too painful!

"It's so harsh. I'm afraid, not more than a few would pass!" The fatty's face was white. "If I fail, my dad will kill me!"

The test continued!

But just as the fatty said, under such harsh exam mechanisms, there weren't many who could pass. In the period of time that followed, 37 people were tested, and all of them… failed!

This result made the students of Class 1 completely quiet and also made Dirk Norway's face uglier!

Finally, he burst out.

"What good are you all?" Dirk Norway jumped up in rage. "Three months! A full three months, what have you all been doing?

"Out of all these people, there actually isn't a single one who passed. Tell me loudly, what have you all been doing since admissions?"

The training ground was scarily quiet. All the students of Class 1 lowered their heads, not daring to meet the eyes of the head teacher, letting him burst out in rage and reprimands!

The other teachers just looked quietly and seemed used to it!

After scolding for nearly ten minutes, perhaps he was tired from scolding, Dirk Norway breathed out a mouthful of foul air, pointed to the students, and growled, "I won't say much more useless things, but only leave you a piece of advice!

"Magical cultivation, it all relies on discipline!

"With your attitude right now, even if you have superior natural talent, even if you have good learning resources, you can't have big achievements!"

After finishing, he returned to his seat and said no more. For a time, the surroundings were completely silent!

Senior Jenny coughed dryly and asked softly, "Mr. Dirk, are we continuing the exam?"

"Continue!" Dirk Norway snorted. "I'd actually like to see how bad your class actually can be!"

"Yes!" Senior Jenny replied. "Next: Meng Lei!"

Meng Lei?

Why is this name a little familiar?

The teachers looked at the name lists in their hands and suddenly realized why. The head teacher of Class 2, Buddy Tyrone, smiled and teased, "Meng Lei has the best natural talent among this batch of freshmen. I wonder what his progress is like."

Dirk Norway snorted. "Hmph! I hope he hasn't slacked off!"

"I heard this child is very unique. He goes to classes in the morning and goes around walking in the afternoon, combining work and rest, very thoughtful!" Buddy Tyrone said with hidden meaning!

"Goes around walking in the afternoon?" Dirk Norway's face darkened.

"I also heard about this!" A teacher of Class 2 smiled and said, "There's a rumor on campus, saying that the chief genius this year is a freak. Every afternoon, he doesn't go to classes, doesn't meditate, doesn't go to the library, but only likes to walk around the campus. He can be seen at the student apartment, the canteen, the training ground, everywhere, every day in the last three months without a stop!"

"Yeah, I also heard about it. He's actually pretty attentive during classes, just that in the afternoon… Sigh, it's such a pity for such good talent…"

The teachers opened their mouths, and all felt a bit of regret. For someone with such extraordinary talent like Meng Lei, his cultivation efficiency would be much higher than ordinary people. So long as he could calm down and cultivate hard, his future achievement would be beyond imagination!

But, with Meng Lei's daily "combining of work and rest", it was pretty much a waste of his talent. How could one not sigh for him?

"This bastard!" Dirk Norway's face was so sulky. It was as if water could drip out of it!

The teachers' voices weren't too soft. The students heard it, and all thought differently.

Some kept sneering and waited to see Meng Lei's embarrassment. Some were angry at his idleness, blaming Meng Lei for wasting his talent. Some indifferently looked on, waiting to see Meng Lei's disgraceful performance.

Walking around everywhere? A waste of talent?

The corners of Meng Lei's mouth lifted slightly. He walked to the spiritual tester in strides, and then in front of all of them, released his spiritual power!

The spiritual tester's red line rose madly, like it was connected to a rocket all the way to the top without stopping!

It rose!

It rose!

It rose!

"Damn! So fast!"

Everyone was taken back, shocked by such rising speed.

Finally, after rising to a certain height, the red line stopped!

Senior Jenny immediately approached the spiritual tester and read out the examination's result, "Spiritual Power: 230 times that of peers!"

That statement left everyone shocked, and all kinds of discussions broke out!

"How… much!?"

"2… 230 times!"

"Oh my dragon god! Am I hearing this correctly?"


Sounds of gasps filled the whole venue. Everyone couldn't help but look toward Meng Lei with awe and disbelief in their eyes!

"230 times? How is this possible?"

"Can it be that the spiritual tester is faulty? How can his spiritual power be so high?"

"If I remember correctly, during the admissions exam, his spiritual power was only 100 times that of his peers, right? It's only been three months, and it's improved by so much?"

"Madness! Madness!"

"230 times spiritual power?"

The teachers by the examiners' table all looked at each other with some confusion!

"In only three months, his spiritual power has improved this much?"

"Is this… possible?"

"It's impossible for ordinary people, but ordinary standards cannot judge geniuses!"

Dirk Norway's anger turned into joy. He said slowly, "In a mere three months, there's so much improvement in spiritual power! It's enough to show that Meng Lei has put in a lot of hard work! Mr. Buddy, it's not right to set up a student!"

Upon hearing that, Class 2's head teacher's face darkened.

I set him up?

Unfortunately, facts spoke louder than words, and he couldn't defend himself. Thus, he had to swallow his anger!

"Part Two: Assessment of Magic power reserve!"

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