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26.38% Picking Up Attributes From Today / Chapter 19: Superb Talent, Hundred Times of Shock

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Chapter 19: Superb Talent, Hundred Times of Shock

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Spiritual Power: 23!

4 times that of same-age peers!

Barely meeting the standard!

Elemental Affinity: Medium-Grade Earth Element, Low-Grade Wind Element

Overall evaluation: Has magic talent, qualified to become a Magician!


The excited Porter started shouting as though he had heard the most beautiful language in the world. His tears of joy ran down his face like a fountain, wetting his clothes.

"Oh my dragon god!"

"A peasant can actually become a Magician? Are there heavenly principles left in this world?"


Everyone started discussing with great envy.

Meng Lei also looked at Porter and felt quite emotional. Although Porter was plainly dressed right now, he had the magical talent that countless people couldn't even dream of!

Predictably, so long as he graduated from a magic academy, he would become a prestigious Magician. By then, he would be powerful and have a high position. Beautiful women, money, and so on, would come to his door!

As of that moment, his fate had completely changed!


Finally, my turn!

Meng Lei took a deep breath and walked up slowly!

"Another peasant!"

"What an offense to the eye!"

"This guy certainly doesn't have magical talent!"

"The possibility of these peasants having magical talent is much lower than we nobles, with barely 1 in 100,000. The bumpkin just now already had dumb luck. It must be tricky for this guy now!

"I'll bet a pack of sausages that he has no magical talent!"

"I'll bet two…"

A group of nobility youths discussed in low voices, with much disdain in their tone. In the Dragon God Empire, the chasm of class division was too big!

Jonah, Joseph, and Andrew looked at Meng Lei, their eyes full of hope, though they also didn't have much hope in their hearts!

"Go for it, Brother Meng Lei!"

"It should be able to detect it, right?"

Meng Lei took a deep breath and pressed both his hands on the crystal ball!

At that moment, he actually got nervous. Although he had picked up the Saint Domain Magician's Thunder-Element magic talent and had succeeded in meditation, Meng Lei still felt a bit uncertain!

After all, his magic talent was acquired after his birth. What if this thing couldn't detect it?"


Meng Lei was overconcerned!

At the moment his hands came into contact with the crystal ball, dazzling silver light suddenly burst out of the crystal ball, rendering the crystal ball as bright as the sun!

Tiny and brilliant silver arcs coursed throughout the crystal ball, as though they were about to break the crystal ball and get out!


Behind the three youths in charge of the assessment, the drowsy middle-aged man lying in a chair suddenly opened his eyes and stood up with a swoosh. He stared intently at the crystal ball, his face excited!

"Elemental Affinity: Thunder-Element… Superior-Grade!" The middle-aged man slowly uttered that sentence, his eyes shining!

After that statement, the surroundings burst into an uproar! The nobility youths that had been mocking Meng Lei with disdain previously were instantly rendered speechless!

"Super- Superior-Grade?"

"Oh my dragon god! Am I hearing this correctly?"

"How is this possible!? Superior-Grade Elemental Affinity, isn't that too much?"

The three youths in charge of the assessment were also astonished. Generally, the vast majority of people with magic talent were of Low-Grade Elemental Affinity, which was the bottom line, and also the minimum standard to sense magic elements!

Above low-grade was medium-grade!

When people with Medium-Grade Elemental Affinity meditated, the magic elements they sensed were… 10 times clearer than that of a person with Low-Grade Elemental Affinity!

Above medium-grade was… upper grade, which is 100 times clearer!

This meant that while others required 100 hours to refine a certain amount of magic power, a person with Upper-Grade Elemental Affinity only needed 1 hour. It was a total of 100 times difference in efficiency!

Was there a big difference?

It was like the distance between two poles!

Therefore, under the premise of similar mental strength, however hard people with Low-Grade Elemental Affinity practiced, they could only become Low-Level Magicians!

What was considered low-level?

First, second, and third grade, that's all!

In the meantime, people with High-Level Elemental Affinity could become Low-Level Magicians effortlessly. If they put in a bit more effort, they could become Medium-Level Magicians. If they worked a bit harder, it was not difficult for them to become High-Level Magicians!

This was the difference between low-grade and high-grade!

As for superior-grade, that was even more extraordinarily rare. Even among Dragon People who had inherited the dragons' magic talent and had super-strong Elemental Affinity at birth, Superior-Grade Elemental Affinity was very rare!

After all, this was 1,000 times the sensing clarity!

The middle-aged man directly pushed aside the young man in charge of the assessment and personally took charge of the process. "Quickly! Quickly test his spiritual power!" His voice was trembling!

For people with this kind of talent, even if they didn't meditate, magic elements would rush to squeeze into his body. They were almost like the bastard sons of the God of Magic!

Meng Lei walked to the spiritual tester with an unprecedentedly relaxed expression. His spiritual attribute was as high as 215, comparable to Second-Grade Magicians. What did he have to worry about?

"This guy simply has such dumb luck!"

The nobility youths looked at Meng Lei, feeling envious. "With such a strong magic talent, his spiritual power must be very poor. After all, it's impossible for all the good things to happen to him!"

It was a pity that these people were destined to be disappointed!

Their eyes were fixed on Meng Lei and the red dot!

The spiritual tester's red line rapidly rose like it was tied on a rocket. In the blink of an eye, it had climbed past half of the scale and continued rushing upward!

"What the hell!?"

"So fast?"

All who witnessed this scene were so surprised that their eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets!

When others tested their spiritual power, the red line would rise slowly, one line by one line. Yet for him…

"A… A genius! This is a real genius!"

The middle-aged man stuttered while his body started trembling due to excitement. His group had finally unearthed a genius!


Soon, before everyone's shocked eyes, the line reached the top of the spiritual tester and filled up the entire scale, before stopping!

However, everyone could see that the "full value" wasn't the limit of Meng Lei's spiritual power. If the spiritual tester scale was longer, the red line representing Meng Lei's spiritual power would definitely… be even higher!

"Full… Full value! Spiritual power, 100 times that of same-age peers!"

The middle-aged man announced the results with a shaking voice.

"Elemental Affinity: Superior-Grade Thunder Element!

"Spiritual Power: 100 times that of same-age peers!

"Overall evaluation: magic talent… super-excellent!"

The entire venue burst into an uproar again!

"100… 100 times!?"


"Is this still human?"

"He's just a monster!"

"Superior-Grade Elemental Affinity, and his spiritual power is actually also so wild? How is this reasonable?"

"A peasant who came out of nowhere actually has such mad talent? Has the God of Magic gotten blind?"

"This guy is not bad even compared to Ordos, right?"


"Psst! Ordos is actually a second-generation Dragon Man with the blood of Golden Colossal Dragon…"

The looks everyone gave Meng Lei were full of envy and jealousy. Some nobles and Dragon People had especially shiny eyes, full of shock and awe!

"Sir, I am Fred from the Admissions Office of Douglas Magic Academy!"

At that moment, an old man in a magic robe squeezed through the crowd and walked over. "I sincerely invite you to join our Douglas Magic Academy. So long as you join…"

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