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859 - pillar - Chapter 859 by Marven123 full book limited free

Chapter 859: 859

Chapter 859: The Incubus King Daily Life

Epic of Caterpillar


Well, although it might have been just a few days outside, it has been more than a week in here since I joined Kireina-sama and became a citizen of her Empire.

Recalling the past, things within my mind become dizzy.

I do recall that I was fighting against the corrupted politicians and aristocrats of my former Kingdom.

After the death of the Greedy Queen, I was finally given the right to exert my authority as a King, and I was really looking forward to reforming my country into a better place for all demons.

However, things changed and were completely thrown upside down when Lady Kireina appeared.

She used her special powers to change all of us… for the best or the worst.

Using such powers, we were charmed and brainwashed by her momentarily, and then, we were enlightened by her divine grace.

After that, she quickly rescued us from our own Gods who would make of our Kingdom their battlefield against her.

Since then that things became a bit dizzy, but I believe I have completely recovered at this point for a few days.

Now, we live within her Divine Realm, in a vast world where there are no more problems.

Truly, I am saying the truth.

This place is wondrous in every aspect.

I had never thought it possible for a place such as this to ever exists.

This resembles the utopia I always dreamed of, but even better, perhaps multiplied by one thousand times, no, a billion times.

There is no shortage of food, yet people are inspired to keep working hard to earn their bread, there is no shortage of living places, yet people keep working hard to get even better living places, it is a place where everyone lives comfortably but also chose to work hard to get an even better style of life or simply to entertain themselves, a concept that never existed in the outside world.

My people had been slightly mutated after Lady Kireina's powers seeped into our bodies and souls, and we became Chaos Demons, our strength surged tenfold and our minds became more intelligent and sharper, and we were able to grow strong incredibly quickly as well.

Aside from this, we developed new capabilities and more, and when we joined this place, we were given homes, food, and more completely for free, or anything else, really.

The only thing they asked us for a little pray to Lady Kireina every day, it was the single thing they asked for giving us so much in exchange.

It was baffling.

In the old Thanatos, you were forced to pray to the Gods, who never gave you anything at all.

In this place, you are given everything you want, and the only thing Lady Kireina asks is a little prayer every day.

The prayer does not even have to be big, long, or anything, by simply thinking her name and feeling grateful for her, it would count as a "pray".

In this way, it really does not even matter, you do not even need to pray at all, by simply having her in your mind once a day, it was done.

I sometimes feel like I do not deserve all of this.

But now, I have felt emptied as my position as a King has been revoked, but it was obvious, our Gods were defeated by Lady Kireina, and she took over us as her children.

And this place… the Dark Moon Empire, is wondrous in every sense of the word.

There are many technological artifacts spread all around, buildings that reach the skies and flying carriages, people can buy delicious food everywhere they want, there are beautiful clothes and items of all kinds available to the entire public…

There is digital entertainment produced through artifacts named "mobile phones", other artifacts that show images that move constantly named "televisions", and even televisions that can delve into the "internet", which is a center of digital information where people from all around the divine realm can interact with one another!

And the wonders never stop, in fact, there is a wide array of magical items of all types and functions that are for everyone to buy at any time!

They are available through a special artifact named "credit card" which accumulates the monetary value of this Empire, which is earned through work, or even free every day through what is named "log-in bonus". If you log in for many days, you begin earning bonus items and coupons that you can exchange for various services.

I am honestly baffled by the number of advanced systems within this entire Empire.

However, my desire to lead my people had not stopped even after being showered in so many wonders, and Lady Kireina comprehended this very well.

You may wonder how I am aware of the brainwashing? Well, because it was revoked already long ago.

Lady Kireina explained to us what had happened to the Kingdom and even apologized to us, offering all of this new life in exchange for nothing, hoping to one day be forgiven by us.

She apologized for brainwashing us and more, but I believe it was justified to her could easily move us to safety, and if she revoked it rather quickly, then it was not as bad.

Of course, I felt offended and angered at first, but after getting to know everything in here… My mind changed at the end.

A few days ago, one of Lady Kireina's True Body Clones gave me the title of "Tribe Leader", which made me in charge of all the former citizens of Thanatos, administrating their lives, where they lived, in what they worked, and more.

Honestly, it is a lot of paperwork, but I feel like I am finally helping my people, and also this Empire.

This place, which is peaceful and filled with wonders everywhere, is truly a place worth protecting and helping.

However, it has come to my mind that now that I have all of such things, that perhaps I should find a partner.

But there has been a problem, ever since I became a Chaos Species, becoming a Chaos Incubus that my body has slightly changed… well, not so slightly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

My body had turned more feminine, my hips had become wide, my thighs plump and my slim body emanates femininity, despite still being the male I have always been.

To make things worse, my already delicate face features became completely feminine after evolving, which makes things even harder… and my hair had grown long too, making me look like a flat-chested mature female woman.

…This, I do not know what to think of my new body appearance, although I had become particularly stronger.

I do wonder, through my entire life I had never actually considered having a partner, should I find a man or a woman?

As I am a man, I should seek a female, but the Greedy Queen was never considered my lover and I had never done anything with her, nor she had tried either.

Due to other things, I believe I have… not developed a sexual attraction to a gender.

Perhaps finding a man would be easier now with my effeminate appearance… Although there could also be the woman that fancy my appearance. Well, I might as well try to find someone to love.

For now, there seems to be a big festival outside, and many people are gathering all around, there are many food stalls, and I was forced by some of my peers to wear a yukata, which seems to be a dress that people is wearing in this festivity.

I might as well keep enjoying this simple life which is filled with wonders every day.

As I wander through the busy streets, I suddenly meet with Lady Kireina, who is with her entire family.

As an Empress, she has an exorbitant amount of wives and children, which make by themselves an enormous army.

It was said that she and her family defeated the Gods, and I can clearly sense within them the divine presence of Gods… Perhaps all of them had become one now.

It has been some time since I have spoken with her, so I feel rather shy, but I try to approach and greet her.

Unlike many of the people around, who are simply glancing at her and her family in awe, I decided to walk straight to her, trying to give her a bright smile.

"Lady Kireina, it has been some time," I said, trying to sound as polite as possible.

"Hm? Who is this cutie guu?" asked one of Lady Kireina's wives, the Slime Woman Rimuru, who has a gentle and motherly personality.

She extends her tentacles over my face and stretches my cheeks. I would try to resist but she exudes the aura of a demigoddess, so I let her do as she pleases. Resisting would be futile.

"Oh! You are the Incubi King, aren't you? I remember you, of course. I have been quite well, I have decided to enjoy the festival with my family. What about you? You are such a beautiful man I thought you were a lost demoness, fufu. Are you alone by yourself?" asked Lady Kireina with a gentle chuckle, her entire presence is charming, she is simply an overwhelming existence that I barely can resist the impulse to kneel before her.

Perhaps due to my boldness, she has taken a liking to me, as she acts quite playful, which I do not mind, as I have been rather charmed by her beauty and gentleness.

"W-Well, I don't really have close friends, so I decided to come here alone… Lady Kireina, would you mind if I accompanied you?" I asked, trying to be as bold as I possibly could.

Lady Kireina is surprised by my boldness, which is answered by a sweet smile that only makes my heart race faster with every second I admire her beauty.

"Fufu, sure thing, come with us. As the representative of the Demons, we should grow close together," she said, extending her hand towards me and petting my silky pink hair, I instinctively blush in embarrassment, as she smiles warmly at me.

Lady Kireina had grown rather tall after becoming a goddess, surpassing me by about a meter. She has indeed become a beautiful giantess, and most of her family is also as tall as three meters, although there are exceptions.

"Oh, who's she?" asked Lady Amiphossia, another of Lady Kireina's wives, a giant lamia woman with four arms, her beauty is also outstanding. Although she had once more confused by gender due to my appearance.

"He's the demon king, and he's a male, despite that look, fufu," said Lady Kireina while chuckling, as she guided me near her and was given the privilege to enjoy a day with her family, something I never imagined I could do when I woke up, I feel like I had been blessed with great Luck.

Lady Kireina's family seems greatly varied, some of them are gentler than others, while some are playful and others… well, are rather rude, but Lady Kireina says that they are all good people deep down, which I do not doubt if it comes out of her mouth.

Through the trip around, I have been teased by many of her wives, being called a "pretty man" or even a "femboy" by some, which I did not know what it truly meant… Others were curious about me, such as Lady Kireina's son, Aarae, who seemed to also be a naturally feminine man, although he had now learned the ability to change his gender at will, and was now a hermaphrodite.

He was incredibly gentle and even gave me his number, desiring to make me his friend, which I value a lot. He already has a husband, and I had not thought about anything romantically with him, just friendship would already make me happy.

As I ate a banana covered in chocolate and enjoyed the fireworks, Lady Kireina gently petted my head once more.

"Did you enjoyed my Empire's festivity?" she asked warmly.

"A-Ah, yes, it was an entertaining experience. I have managed to relax from the intense paperwork of my everyday life," I said.

"I see. You work hard, make sure to keep working hard," she said, gently petting my shoulders.

I think I have fallen in love with someone that might never reciprocate…

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