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Cover not mine
(c) Yushiba Miyabi

This is the story where Urahara Kisuke died after Nel failed to save him inside Askin's Gift Ball Delux and reincarnated in the world of DxD.

I am not sure if I can capture Urahara's character properly so I apologize in advance if you are not satisfied.

Also, English is not my native language.

I don't own any of the characters from the canon.
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FOOLS Trying to look at the Spoilers You really thought I would do it Buy Muhahahahaha Figure it out yourself because spoilers ruin stuff so don't

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tbh its not a bad story but there are a couple of things that are annoying af. first you said you want to keep it as close as possible to the original... well you havent. He doesnt perv on underaged girls or is a perv in general. Not to mention you do this every chapter. second is the harem, ik it says it in a tag but honestly you say you can't write romance and then go the harem route? how contradictory is this? one of the main reasons im dropping. I ship him and yoruchi would have been perfect plus cause you said you can't write romance keeping it at just that pair would have worked out great. Lastly another main reason I dropped is cause I dunno if the author is a sub and likes this sht but I dont.... kis getting beaten up each every other block of writing, him getting verbally abused by every girl he meets. You always play it off as the reaosn he 'lets' them do it is because he takes it too far ???? how is then hitting and making fun of him better? tbh I wouldnt rly mind that much if yoru is the only one who does it now and then as thats an equal relationship but then it just so happens every girl he meets does this. Think you have a good idea but ruined it with going harem route like most ideas tbh. would have been better if they where older and in it before canon and have the shop set up and go from there. The way you did it is just a forced way for the harem and then you even force the shop in to keep the idea of the hat and clogs that we like.

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Writing Quality: Great, very very few errors, if any Stability of Updates: Good Story Development: A realy enjoyable read Character Design: Fan-fic, but aside from that, the characters feel real (as much as they do in the anime/manga) World Background: fan-fic

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Self 5-star review from the author. I already have some plans for future development. Both usual and unusual. English is not my native language so forgive me for grammatical errors and typos. Enjoy the novel. I don't plan to stop anytime soon.

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This eventually becomes a super predictable generic harem novel and I'm still confused on how, why and when it happened the author had all the signs and work done towards a Great harem story and one day every girl in the harem lost their personalitys and took up the copy and paste "Stare at the mc coldly all the time, enjoying seeing him in trouble or suffering and do absolutely nothing on their own." Even worse Kisuke started falling into the generic Mc role more and more each chapter it also feels like he has made absolutely no progress in anything in atleast a 100 chapters. More More problems appear and we have seen absolutely nothing of the mc preparing for it at all we keep hearing mentions of projects we have never seen come to light or even getting clarified in anyway it feel like they are only said as an excuse for the mc's lack of progress "OH it's cause he is working on so much at once in the background." Is so weak and uninteresting. So as I said on Rebirth in Bleach before I will still read this but this has gone from "Must read as soon as it's out." To "Read it if I have nothing else.".

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This story starts out good, but really goes bad as the story progresses. The MC does not grow and becomes increasingly annoying. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

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Expect a lot or errors. A nice story to read if you have nothing else available. From some reason in chapter 280(?) the main character is forced to go to another universe? The writer probably didn't know how to continue the story in the main universe.

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The story starts out good but then gets ****ty when he starts getting verbally and non-verbally abused by the girls around and the girl (Yoruichi) who supposedly loves him and that was when I dropped this.

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I really like this fan fiction. Because usually high school Dxd fun fiction is full of hot scene and similar antics. It's refreshing to see character like Urahara go into this world. And the author is good to not erase his character and keep it that way

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It has a good start but that's it. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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A nice and fun fan friction . If you are fan of DXD than this is for you. And most important , more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more

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Well, this is a league above other DxD fanfics. It has a clear and nice format. allowing you to easily enjoy whatever is written. Some characters seem forcibly dragged around for no clear reason, other than plot device. The amount of spelling errors is practically non-existent within this work, making it a satisfying read.

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Amazing! I love the idea but some part are not logical... ************************************************************************************************************

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I really like this novel. I already reach the newest chapter. So i waiting for new release and see what kind of things Urahara do Next. I love that Yoroichi is here too

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After almost 1200 chapters both Kisuke and Yoroichi don’t really have any major power up and still haven’t reached transcendence, just some random mentions of new useful power systems. The MC goes to Orario but still the author NERFed the whole world’s power system saying that it makes poeople too dependent on gods etc. Instead of taking it as an opportunity to allow MC to power up by going through the levels. Author seems pathalogically averse to powering up the MC

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The story was interesting but it gets boring with how weak the main character is and how he’s a pushover. He always helps others get stronger but why doesn’t he try to get stronger himself? and Volume 4 was by far the worst. He’s even weak in the Danmachi world and he also lost an arm.

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The story is good at beginning...... Character development during childhood friend is good. Until world hopping arc. No many thing to say,but There was nothing to worth until now. If youre fan of dxd which contain insane power level of enemy, various mythology, politic development, a little titty. Please read other dxd fanfic than this one. But if youre danmachi ones, be rejoice. This is yours.... Too long delving into dungeon when there was not many thing worth/too much filler. Mach chapter contain slice of life. Typical danmachi ff. Thats why a little who read this ff,except fan of danmachi

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Its Good at the Start But After 50 Chapters It feels really boring like i have never read the Dxd Novel But Aika with a Sacred Gear and Hollow I skipped Alot of Chapters Because it feels really boring and Did aika just have a hollow and zanpakuto?overall it feels really boring reading it dont get angry

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