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Chapter 468: Hermes part 2

"It seems that the Sword Princess really trusts you." Hermes smiled and put out his right hand, "It's nice to finally meet the famous Green Crusader: Gigolo Master. I'm Hermes, Hestia's good friend~."

"Pfft...!!" Hephaestus tried to stop herself from laughing but failed. However, after one simple glance from Kisuke, she shuddered and shut her mouth tight. She almost forgot what kind of person he is.

"G-Gigolo Master?" Asfi muttered in shock.

"Oh? You don't know? That's the name he received after the Denatus. I thought it would be big news along with the new record holder, Bell Cranel, but I didn't expect that the Crimson Apocalypse Thieving Group would drown it." Hermes filled her in.

Even Naaza and Takemikazuchi's children knew what that Alias pertains to and it was somehow different from the rest of the Alias' given to everyone. They could only wonder how Kisuke could receive a nickname like that.

However, in that room, one person didn't get it, "Green Crusader: Gigolo Master? What's wrong with it?" Ais asked as she saw the weird expression that everyone was making after hearing that.

Putting her arm around Ais, Yoruichi said with a grin, "You can ask Riveria about it later. Make sure that she explains it properly to you."

Kisuke ignored everyone's reaction and reached out to Hermes' hand, "It's nice to meet you too, Hermes-sama." But deep inside, he was already thinking of ways to mess with him, 'Once I gather more information, I'll use it against you.'

Kuroka, while staying in the corner, could only offer her condolences silently.

Separating from each other, Hermes questioned Kisuke's decision, "Wouldn't it be better if we go together? It'll be safer that way. And frankly speaking, our group still lacks people."

Nodding his head Kisuke answered while looking into his eyes, "That's indeed the case, however, Hermes-sama should have already thought about that even before coming here, right? After all, you weren't expecting help from the Sword Princess and should have already someone else in mind."

Hermes' eyes widened before he chuckled and held down his feather hat, "It's that obvious, huh. Hahaha, that's indeed the case. Let's take our leave. I still have to persuade someone~."

Hermes then proceeded to ask everyone who was coming with him to leave, "See you down there, Kisuke Urahara."

Before they left, Hephaestus passed them a sword covered in white cloth. It was apparently Welf's creation and could help them fight monsters.

The only ones left in the shop were Kisuke, Yoruichi, Kuroka, Ais, Hestia and Hephaestus, "It seems that you already knew how to deal with him." Hephaestus said while looking at their departing backs.

"His aura is similar to mine, after all." Kisuke muttered before facing Ais, "If it's only you who came to the surface, then the rest of the Loki Familia is probably resting somewhere in the Dungeon. What happened?"

Ais nodded and told him what happened on the 59th floor and how the three from the Hestia Familia saved their lives. She also told him about the strange magic that brought them out of the 59th floor and to the 50th floor. Ais tried to look for any strange expressions, but Kisuke's face didn't change and he just kept listening intently.

"On the way back, most of our members got poisoned by the Poison Vermis and we had to stop on the 18th floor to resupply and treat everyone who's affected. Bete came to the surface too, to fetch the only one who can heal the poison and I came to you because of those three."

"Aika, Shirone, and Sona are still unconscious and pale. Their heart rates are slow and their breathing is shallow. Although their condition isn't deteriorating, it still doesn't look very good. However, Line stopped us from giving any further treatment as we don't know why they're still unconscious, and too much potion might actually be detrimental according to her."

Kisuke smiled and stood up, "Good call. More energizing potions might just poison them due to their already weak bodies. Line-chan has a really good sense regarding these kinds of things."

He then faced Kuroka and asked, "Are you coming?"

Kuroka shook her head, "I'll leave Shirone and the others to you. I want to rest and take care of Medusa-chan, nya." She was, after all, already very drained.

Kisuke nodded at her and turned to face Yoruichi and Ais, "Let's go. Let's search for Cranel-san's party while we're at it. I think they'll go to the 18th floor instead of going up since that'll be easier if they're trapped."

Yoruichi and Ais stood up and followed Kisuke. But before they could leave the store, Hestia shouted behind them, "Be careful! I'll be waiting for your return!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kisuke and Yoruichi just waved at her and left while Ais turned to her and bowed down slightly before following.

On the way, Kisuke turned to Ais and said, "Wallenstein-san, please go ahead. We'll follow behind."

Ais looked at them for a moment before nodding and used her wind to boost her speed.

"Hooh~. Her handling is so much better now. As expected of a genius." Kisuke muttered as he watched her taking off into the distance.

"Once she gains more knowledge and has an open mindset, she'll get even better," Yoruichi added.

"Knowledge, that should be easy, however, mindset? It's going to be hard and could be the reason for her fall." Kisuke shook his head.

"...I guess you're right." Yoruichi sighed as she recalled the short time they spent together. Even though Ais was not trying to show it, Yoruichi noticed that she had an unnatural amount of hatred against monsters. Shaking her head, Yoruichi changed the topic, "Enough of that. What do you think that Hermes is planning?"

"I don't know... But I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Bell Cranel. Furthermore, I'm also interested in why he insisted on going to the Dungeon himself, where Deities are supposed to be forbidden. I want to see what kind of reaction the Dungeon would have towards him."

"True... The Dungeon reacted to our Reiatsu-Ki, but it's now ignoring us. If my guesses are correct, the Dungeon mistook us for something else." Yoruichi nodded in agreement.

"I think the same. And if Hermes is planning something, then we should be able to confirm this today. However, make sure not to show anything more than necessary. It's not yet the time for us to reveal ourselves. At least, we should have a way to escape this world before we move in earnest."

"Got it."

The two of them went on their way and before they entered the Dungeon, they felt a scrutinizing stare from the top of the tower, "Did she figure something out?"

"She probably guessed that we're somehow connected to the Crimson Apocalypse Thieving Group, however, she shouldn't have any evidence. Let's just be careful for now."



28th00: REMEMBER TO HAVE SAFEGUARDS FOR BESTIA! Sheesh. Gods are forbidden because the dungeon is for Mortals, ain't it? I have zero clue on canon, or fanon for that matter… But that seems to be consistent. It's made in such a way for mortals to 'Ascend', and since the Falna is evolution of the soul through divine means… Well, that should tell you enough!

Alexander: Aaawh, I am conflicted between the wish to let Ais stay innocent and shouting for someone to seriously give her some lessons in sex education. But, although I am not too sure about the author's intention, I am pretty sure that she would integrate into the church trio in no time. I can imagine, how she and Asia would try to understand the matters between man and woman.

Goyya: The corruption(speech) of Sword Princess will come… And Riveria will be banging her head on the wall.

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