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86.36% Please Say, I Love You! / Chapter 19: Chapter 19: The Confused Feelings!

Chapter 19: The Confused Feelings! - Please Say, I Love You! - Chapter 19 by refinnej_iaru93 full book limited free

Chapter 19: Chapter 19: The Confused Feelings!

After that, as soon as my class has over, I straight away headed to the other room where is our history club meeting be held. I rushingly run away and find the place. Unfortunately, I forgot the way to the room meeting.

While I keep looking around the hallway, suddenly, I accidentally hit someone. I quickly turn around and say sorry to him. He just smiles toward me. For a second, I was captivated by his smiles.

Then, I was realized that I was zoned out for a second. I just ask him where are the room and he just told me. After that, I just hurriedly go toward the way he just told me. Luckily, the room was not far from there and I almost arrived.

After a few minutes, I was reached in front of the door. I quickly open the door and come in. All of them were looking at me in a puzzle. I just stood there breathing heavily. I look at them with an awkward smile.

''Err...I'm sorry. I'm late. I just finished...!''

''Just come in,'' Brent said with a serious voice. His face is fierce.

''Okay.'' I slowly walk inside and take my seat.


After an hour, their club meeting has over. When the other students have come out, Lilian quickly comes closer toward Brent. She wants to talk to him but he suddenly ignores her. She feels a little confused to see him like that.

''Senior, are you going back after this?''

''No. I still have a discussion.''

''Oh. Actually...!''

She can't continue her words when he suddenly got a phone call from someone. She just quietly standing beside him and waiting for him to finish his calling. She stood beside him while playing with the ends of her hair.

While he is still on the phone call, his eyes focus on Lilian, who keeps rolling her end hair. When she didn't look at him, he secretly smirked. But, when she looked at his face, he pretended to make a stern face.

Both of them were standing in the hallway near the cafeteria there and suddenly, someone came toward them and approached Lilian. Brent just frowning when he saw the boy approach her.

''Lilian Casey!''

She was startled by that calling. She wonders how he knows her name. Then, she thought for a second that his face seems familiar. '' you know my name?''

''I have my way. By the way, my name is Daniel. We just met earlier.'' He said while giving a wink to her.

''Err...ha! Yeah, you're right. Thank you for your direction. But, are you...senior here?''

He chuckles. ''Did I look like a senior?''

She slowly nods.

''No. I'm not. I'm in the same department as you. I take an accounting too. And...I just know that I was in the same group as you in our accounting assignment.''

''Really?? But, I didnt see you before.''

''I just got transfer here. Recently.''

''Oh, I see...welcome to Blue High Campus!''

''You're welcome. So, I hope we can be a friend because...I don't have anyone here yet.''

''No worries. I'm glad to be a friend with you. After all, I also have my other friends, so I can introduce them to you next time.''

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''Uh? What call me just now?''

''Casey. That is your name too, right?''


During their conversation, Brent just watching them silently with his wild eyes. He can feel that boy has something strange. After he has done with his calling, he moves closer toward them.

He looks at Daniel's face with fierce eyes. Then, he barges into their conversation and grabs Lilian's hands. ''Lilian, let me send you back.''

She was startled. While Daniel just watches them in a puzzle. He wants to politely greet Brent, but he just pulls Lilian with him and walks away just like that.

''Err...Daniel...! Bye, see you again!'' She shouted. Daniel just smiling.


Later on, both Lilian and Brent already arrived at their house. But! The house they have reached is Brent's house. She was shocked. She was confused for a moment. Didnt just now he said that he wants to send me back home, but why he arrived at his house? She thought.

She asking him about that and he just remains silent. Did he forget to send me back or...? She keeps mumbling with herself.

''Senior...? Why are we here? My house at down there...''

''Oh. Sorry. I just missed the way. If you don't mind, you can walk yourself down there.''


He was surprised to see her raised her voice like that. He didnt expect that she was shocked like that. He looks at her with a confused. ''Why are you shocked? It only takes around ten minutes to walk toward your house.'' He said with a poker face.

''Okay! Fine! Thank you, Senior Brent!'' She is really resentful at that moment. She didn't believe that he has that side on him. She really pissed off toward him right now.

Literally, she was confused with him. He suddenly has a strange temper and he becomes colder towards her. Did I have anything wrong with him? Did I make him upset today? Why does he suddenly totally changes?? She murmured.

She just walks away from there and left there with an upset feeling. From the back, he just watches her walking away from there until she disappeared from his sight. Then, he walks inside his house. He was thinking for a moment. He also feels confused about his own feelings.

''Why do I have this strange feeling? Why I can't see any guy closer to her? Did a human always have this feeling inside them?'' He talks to himself.

He was confused and he wondering why he can feel that feeling closely. Every time he saw her or anything that related to Lilian lately...his heart becomes more confused.

After all, he has to meet with Mr.Lawrence soon and wants to tell him about his feelings. he just hopes he can have the answer with all of this.


That night, Lilian was busy with her assignment. She was focus on doing her work inside her room. Then, her father was calling her out for the dinner. After a few minutes, she comes out of her room and went to the kitchen.

''Daddy!!'' She shouted and at the same time, she was shocked. She has widened her eyes as she was surprised to see Brent standing in front of her.

What happened?? Why is he here? Did I dreaming?? She murmured. ''Senior...? Why are''

''I invite him to dinner together with us.'' Mr.Blake answers inside the kitchen while preparing the food.

''Can you excuse me, I have to go put this food.''

''Oh...sorry...!'' She was speechless.

After that, they have eaten dinner together there. While Brent and her dad having a lively conversation, she just sits and eats quietly beside them. Sometimes, she secretly takes glances at him.

''Hmm...did I don't exist between them? Did I look like a stone right now? Why they didnt talk to me too? It looks like I'm the third wheel between them...hmm...'' She murmured.

She just eating whatever the food there with her long face. Suddenly, when she kept eating, she didnt realized that she accidentally ate the fish's bones. She was choking and quickly ask for the water.

Both Brent and Lilian's dad were shocked. When her dad wants to take some water, Brent quickly took a cup of water and gave the water to her directly. He slowly rubs her back with his hands.

Looking at them, Mr.Blake just smiling. Then, he asks Lilian to eat some rice to push the bones inside her throat. After a minute, she has felt better. Anyway, she feels embarrassed about the incident because it happens in front of her senior.

''Err...thank you.''

''Why did you didn't eat carefully?''

''Uhm...I didn't see that bones.''

''There no one will take your favorite dish.'' Her dad casually said that.


Brent just smiling. Then, he helps her to takes some of the fish meat and put it inside her plate. ''Take it. I already remove the bones.''

''Oh...Uhm...thank you.'' She replied and smiles.

''Finally...I have someone to take over to look over you, dear'' Mr.Blake said while teases her daughter.


''Okay-okay. Just continue your eating. Brent, you too.''

''Ah...yes.'' Brent was startled. He didn't realize that he has shown his intention toward her in front of her father.

At that moment, she feels happy because she has two-person she like with her right now. She feels glad that Brent was comfortable with her dad.


Afterward, when their dinner time has over, Brent asks permission to leave. When he wants to leave, Lilian suddenly stops his walk. She has something to give to him. Brent puzzled for a second. Actually, she just remembers about his sweater and she thinks that she has to return it back to him.

''Senior, take this.'' She gives the sweater inside the paper bag.

''What is this?''

''Uhm...your sweater.''

He takes a look inside the paper bag and he sees his sweater. He startled.

''I know that I kept it for too long. I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean to take it, I-I...just forget to return it back to you.'' She explains but Brent remains silent. He just gazes at her eyes.

''Mm...don't worry. I already washed it until clean. I also use a good detergent. It has a nice fragrance. But, If you...!''

'' talk too much. Can you be silent for a moment?'' He leans closer toward her.


Both of them were gaze at each other for a moment. Her heart was beating faster at that time. Even though it was darker, they still clearly see each other faces closely because of the light on the road.

For that moment, both their eyes were fixed into each other. They didn't say anything but...their silence is saying everything. '' Lilian...''


''Next time...don't eat the fish alone!''


''How does your throat feel now? Is that okay?''

She suddenly feels embarrassed and at the same time, she feels angry. It looks like he doesn't have that feelings like her. She made a pout face. ''I'm okay! You may leave now. Bye!''

He chuckles. ''Okay, I leave now. Bye!''

She quickly goes inside and she locks the gate then suddenly...Brent shouted to her, ''Lilian! Good night!''

She makes a deep sighing. She was really confused about him. She wondering if he has that many variations of personality. Anyway...she feels happy inside her heart.

refinnej_iaru93 refinnej_iaru93

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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