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Pocket Hunting Dimension: The Ghoul! original

Pocket Hunting Dimension: The Ghoul!

Author: ForcedToWrite

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

"You're dead." said a woman whose beauty could not be compared, to the ball of light that was currently silent before her eyes.

The ball of light just stood there and didn't know what to say. It was because what that beautiful woman said was sudden and made him not know how to respond.

The beautiful woman patiently waited for the ball of light to accept his current state. According to her prediction, it would take up to several days for the ball of light to accept its current state.

However, far from her prediction, the orb only took five seconds to accept its current state.

"Oh .. Okay, can you tell me your offer?" said the ball of light who did not want further ado and went straight to the subject.

The beautiful woman was shocked and thought, 'Will the souls on earth today be able to make decisions quickly and reduce my work hours?

If that is true, then I will be able to enjoy more free time without telling my subordinates and superiors, ufufu'

Unfortunately, not all souls can accept reality quickly. for example, the soul or the orb that is right in front of her eyes right now.

When he (the ball of light) was alive, he didn't think too much about insignificant things like 'Why did he die' and would rather accept the reality right away if he believed it was [True] instinctively.

Therefore, this woman is very lucky when compared to her subordinates who have to wait several days to finish her job.

Diverting her still flowery thoughts, the woman immediately explained her subject to the orb.

The woman introduces herself as a Goddess who serves on earth and then she tells him that the ball of light can choose to go to heaven, hell or reincarnate to another dimension provided he has no thoughts of destroying the dimension he will live in.

Since she was in a good mood, the woman also made additional wishes for the orb which was originally only 3 to 5.

The ball of light was startled and thought 'Why? Has this woman who claims to be Goddess fall in love with my handsome looks?'

The Goddess who could read his mind now started twitching her mouth and thought, 'Handsome your head! what can be seen from this glowing ball that looks like a dango, which is where I feel hungry and want to eat you!'

Fortunately thanks to the decision making speed of that orb of light, the Goddess could tolerate the shamelessness of that orb of light.

Not finding an answer in his mind, he started thinking about the Goddess's offer and ignored the Goddess for ten minutes.

"I chose to reincarnate!" said the ball of light to the Goddess who was currently looking around while eating strawberry flavored Pocky.

* Cough * * Cough *

The Goddess was coughing because she suddenly heard a voice that was in front of her eyes. She immediately hid her strawberry-flavored Pocky in her seductive cleavage.

* Gulp *

'Is she afraid that I would ask for her Pocky to the point of hiding it in her heavenly cleavage?

By the way, I feel a little hungry and need a MILK.' thought the ball of light as he looked at where Pocky was and swallowed his imagination.

The Goddess burst out red with embarrassment after listened to what the orb was thinking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16002027006751805/chapter-1_48095880863086471">!_16002027006751805/chapter-1_48095880863086471</a> for visiting.

"Swear not to tell anyone about what you saw before. if you swear, I will make additional wishes that I promised!" said the Goddess, whose cheeks were still red with embarrassment.

'Hehe lucky' he thought and then proceeded to swear to the goddess that he wouldn't tell anyone and that it would be a secret between the two of them.

The Goddess finally relieved a little, but the redness in her ears was still obvious for the orb of light to see.

After that, the orb said that he wanted to reincarnate into the dimension of 'Pocket Hunting Dimension' as a Protagonist (Lu Ze). He then listed the six wishes that he had thought through carefully.

First: He wished that his Pocket Hunting Dimensional be upgraded to a better version and when he killed the Beasts in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, it could be Chi Ball, God Arts, Divine Arts and Martial Arts and Meat which could be brought to the real world.

Second: He wished his body to have innate talents namely [Adapt] and [Improve].

Third: He wished for the God Art [Ghoul (Kaneki Ken)] without side effects with the growth of his tail without limits + Divine Art that perfectly matched the God Art he wished.

Fourth: He wish for a cultivation technique that grows without limits, can hide the cultivation level from any realm and can block the destiny / curiosity sight from any realm.

Fifth: He wish for an [Indestructible], [Soul Binding] and [Infinite Space] Storage Ring with AI that has the appearance of a charming woman, a combination of the Elf and Spirit races who has the ability to hack anything and learn everything in the entire Universe in the dimension he lives in, of course she must be 100% loyal to just himself.

Sixth: He wished for the innate skills [Transmute: Basic] and [Dimension: Basic] which is similar to [Observation Haki] but can slow the time by 30% for 3 second and boost his speed force by 50% when this skill activated.

Even though it sounded very OP, Goddess felt that the wish of the light ball was quite simple and more towards Zero To Hero.

Because in every wish he wants, he only chooses wishes that aim to become a Low-key person or a wolf in sheep's clothing.

'Well .. I hope the people who are his enemies can pray that they never become enemies with him!' she thought then nodded in agreement with the request of the ball of light.

"Goodbye" said the Goddess with a smile and then she waved her hand at the orb which disappeared from the place a few moments later.

"Now let's enjoy some free time for a few days before resuming my work, ufufufu" said the Goddess who then took the Pocky she was hiding and then watched Korean dramas on the transparent screen she summoned out.


A / N: If anyone asks why the orb did not wish unlimited access from his Pocket Hunting Dimension, then let me answer it.

It was because he didn't want to get too strong when he just arrived at the PHD Universe. he prefers to live carefree but is getting stronger day by day.

If he gets stronger in such a short time, then Lu Li as well as Alice will feel gloomy and choose to stay away from him because it doesn't deserve to be one of his partners.

By the way, this Fanfic contains a Harem without the R18 scene.

(The MC is not dense, he will make Lu Li admit that she loves him)

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