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Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Earth, Two thousand years later.

Humans have warp drives and their footprints are scattered across the Milky Way galaxy. There has even been an attempt outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. At the same time, they found countless universal races. They build diplomatic alliances with friendly races and have interstellar wars with violent races.

It was no different from when Damian Skywalk was on Earth. It's still diplomacy but more focused on violence.

After all, the opponent was no longer human.

During the battles with different races, humans noticed that apart from technology, stronger civilizations also tended to be physically stronger. The human body is like a baby to this stronger civilization.

If you fall behind, you will be beaten. If humans did not seek protection from Elves who had friendly relations with mankind, they would perish in war.

After a period of serious contemplation, humans finally understood the potential that living things possess. Spirit chi spread throughout the universe. It is invisible and cannot be felt. However, it can be felt with one's body and soul. During the Earth age, it was called dark energy.

Devouring the Spirit chi, empowering oneself and the evolution of life has been the most important project for the Human Federation and is written in the curriculum.

Thus, martial arts became prevalent. All talented young people hope to become martial artists and gain strong strength, freedom, and even eternal life.

Lu Ze's previous life was the same.

He had died of despair. He's about to finish his last high school exam. The level of his martial artist had reached what was needed for the test. In order to get into the best federated university in his previous life, he trained non-stop day and night. This caused his chi pathway to go in the wrong direction, resulting in his death.

He's not a useless man nor has a girlfriend broke up with him. He was a martial arts maniac in his past life. With his handsome appearance and good family and intermediate level martial arts talent, quite a number of girls liked him.

However, his only wife is martial arts.

He didn't offend any tycoon and was ambushed; he's not stupid. Plus, in that day and age, security in cities was much better than in ancient Earth times. Why do some tycoons waste their own time getting rid of a child?

He didn't have any deep family feuds nor did he have any desire for revenge.

On the whole, he was just an ordinary member of society, a very ordinary person. He has good parents, a good family, and a cute younger sister…

Ha… He's leaving (Lu Ze), I have to take good care of my parents and younger sister (Damian).

Cough. Not everyone can become a great martial artist. Even though he had high aspirations in his previous life, he didn't have the talent that suited them.

Reality always slaps your face hard.

If you work hard, is talent needed?

Damian Skywalk must be delighted with his identity this time around. He is handsome, has a beautiful family and a cute little sister. This kind of life isn't bad, is it?

That life has passed. Living another life is good enough.

As for whether he could become a strong martial artist… If he became one, then he was lucky, otherwise it would be fate. Damian Skywalk wouldn't obsess over it.

After all, the planet Lan Jiang, the planet he was on, was within the territory within the federation. It is very safe. Even if he couldn't become a strong martial artist who could cross the cosmos, he wouldn't be in any danger.

This is not good. Damian Skywalk was very happy that he was in the world of one of his favorite novels, however... he felt uneasy about the power he currently had.

He was afraid that those who were precious to him would be hurt because of his inability to protect them. Therefore, Damian Skywalk tries its best to get stronger but remains humble and not arrogant.



In a dark room, there was a young man who was in pain and convulsing on the floor. At first the young man was talking alone in his room, but after a few minutes... suddenly he felt excruciating pain in his back and head.

Fortunately, thanks to the AI ​​on his Storage Ring, his family members did not hear the screams of the young man. The young man was none other than Lu Ze, the Protagonist of the Novel [Pocket Hunting Dimension].

However... The current Lu Ze wasn't the previous Lu Ze. Because what is in his body right now is Damian Skywalk or the Orb of Light who previously wished to reincarnate as Lu Ze.

"AAAARRRGGGHH.." cried Lu Ze.

'Shit shit shit.. why does my back hurt so much, as far as I know.. isn't it just my head that feels pain when transmigrating.

Was this the effect of the awakening God Art? if that's true.. then you should have told me first, Lazy Goddess!!' shouted Lu Ze in his mind.

Every ten minutes, from Lu Ze's back will come out a tail or tentacle. This process took an 40 minutes and Lu Ze's hair, which was originally black, is now half white.

Both of Lu Ze's eyes that were originally bright blue the outer parts have now turned blood red. If there are Otaku or [Tokyo Ghoul] fans around Lu Ze, they will shout "Hell no!! that's Sasaki Haise!!"

After getting through the torture for almost an hour, Lu Ze was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and lay on the floor of his room. A few moments later, he started closing his eyes and fell asleep.

Unbeknownst to him, Lu Ze entered his [Pocket Hunting Dimension] and.. Tonight will be a long night for him because he has to survive the hordes of rabbits that are waiting for him.



When Lu Ze opened his eyes again, the sky turned blue and clear. The sun was shining on his face warmly, making him squint his eyes comfortably.

A gentle breeze passed. He smelled grass mixed with earth; it shook his spirits.

Fresh air does make people feel comfortable. Lu Ze smiled.

Then, his smile froze.

Wait, it looks like something's wrong.

He was lying on the ground and looking up at the sky!

Did I accidentally enter my Dimensional Pocket Hunting?

Lu Ze quickly got up and looked around in confusion and then.. he lay back, on the grassy field.

He lay on the grassy field. The fresh grass still had the morning dew on it. When the wind blew, the grassy plains flowed like waves. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16002027006751805/chapter-2_48095966762418288">!_16002027006751805/chapter-2_48095966762418288</a> for visiting.

The view is really good.

Lu Ze looked at the fresh grass and thought speechless.

At this time, Lu Ze suddenly heard a rustling sound from behind his back. The voice grew louder and louder. Lu Ze got goosebumps down his back as he quickly turned around.

"Here we go again!" Lu Ze made a sigh when he realized he still had to follow the script.

What did he find?

White Rabbit!

In fact… the white rabbit is a bit strange. The size is not like a rabbit anymore.

It's a one meter tall rabbit!

Looking at the super sized white rabbit, Lu Ze couldn't help but think. The stepping stone I have been waiting for, has finally arrived.

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