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89.13% Pokemon - A real story / Chapter 79: Fighting with Eevee

Fighting with Eevee - Pokemon - A real story - Chapter 79 by TheSilverPrince full book limited free

Chapter 79: Fighting with Eevee

Charmeleon had calmed down after it woke up. Axel gave it a long lecture on how badly it battled without thinking and what should it do to improve it. But its nature was not like when it was Charmander. Its pride was hurt because of the loss and it had planned to work hard from now

'At least I am better than Nidorino' It thought. How very wrong it was. If it had challenged Nidorino, it would have lot terribly. Charmeleon, though evolved was the weakest Pokemon in the team now. Except for Kakuna. But even Axel didn't know how powerful it would become after it completes its final evolution to Beedrill.

Axel finally looked at Charmeleon's stats



Pokemon's name: Charmeleon (Age- 3 months)

Pokemon Nickname: None

Ability: Blaze

Hidden ability: Solar Power (Locked)

Potential: Black

Health: 300/300 Attack: F

Agility: F Defense: F

Sp. Atk: F Sp. Def: F

Moves :- Dragon dance (Egg move) (Lvl 9)*, Dragon rush (Egg move) (Lvl 13)*, Dragon Energy (Egg move), Scratch (Lvl 12)*, Ember (Lvl 10 max)*, Dragon claw (Lvl 8)*, Flamethrower (Lvl 2)*


All of its stats were F-ranked. But Axel already expected it. The four moves, 'dragon dance', 'dragon rush', 'ember' and 'dragon claw' had leveled up quite a bit. 'Flamethrower' had also leveled up to 2. It seemed that fire energy of Charmeleon had increased

Charmeleon's behavior said that it was now in its puberty stage. It didn't act frankly with Axel like before. It didn't have a good relationship with the team like in the past. But it started training hard. The lecture that Axel gave was like a holy grail for Charmeleon.

Axel had expected its nature to change but he still missed that gullible, cute, and pranky Charmander. Maybe this is how parents feel when their children grew up. Happy and sad at the same time

The group didn't have the energy to train today. So, Axel went to Mark for research purposes and the 3 brothers went their own ways.


"So, how is our cute little Eevee today? Is there any progress"

Axel was doing the daily report from the 2 trainers about their Eevees.

"Eeveeee" "Eeev" the 2 Eevee said with a cute voice. They seemed happy with their training.

"Well, Eevee is getting stronger and we are having quite a good time. I think it is trying to learn 'Psybeam'. So we are concentrating on that."

Axel noted all the progress. The research was going well, but Eevee needed a push to evolve.

As they were talking, Charmeleon pointed its claws towards Eevee. It wanted to challenge it. Eevee was shocked by Charmeleon. Eevee and Charmeleon had been good friends in the past. Charmeleon had also taught its trademark 'prank techniques' to it. Since Charmeleon evolved, Eevee wanted to congratulate it but seeing such a look and arrogant words of Charmeleon, it was shocked

Axel just put his hands over his head. The changed nature of Charmeleon was affecting everybody.

Pokemon POV

"You see Eevee, how powerful I have become. I don't think you can't stand a single minute with me now. You and your trainer were just stepping stone for me. You should bow down when you see me. Hahaha" said Charmeleon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Shut your mouth!!. I will show you" said Eevee (the one who was prepared to evolve into Espeon)

"Show me what? Just walk away with your tail behind your legs." Said Charmeleon.

Pokemon POV end

If Charmeleon was going to shit on every trainer's Pokemon, then Axel would have a huge problem. They were already starting to fight.

"Let our Pokemon settle their differences. I would stop the fight if something bad is going to happen" said Axel and the trainer also calmed down.

With its anger, Eevee used 'quick attack'. This time Charmeleon didn't start with 'dragon dance' as Eevee was coming in fast. Charmeleon dodged the attack and fired with 'flamethrower'. Eevee could not control its speed and was hit with it. 'Flamethrower' may be the move that Charmeleon just learned, but it was powerful nonetheless.

Eevee again used 'quick attack' and Charmeleon dodged it again. At least it think it did. Just as Charmeleon dodged that attack, Eevee turned its body to the left side and hit Charmeleon with 'quick attack'. The move connected and as Charmeleon was gaining its bearings, Eevee used 'bite' on Charmeleon's hand.

Charmeleon cried in pain. But it had already learned its lesson from Marcus. It concentrated on the battle, used 'dragon claw' from the unbitten hand and tried to smash it on Eevee's head. Thankfully, Eevee dodged it and backed up in time.

Charmeleon didn't let it rest and used 'flamethrower' again. Eevee tried to dodge it but was unsuccessful. The move hit the same part of the body again and now, Eevee was injured.

Comparing to body stats, Charmeleon was way above Eevee but its speed was slower.

They continued their little fight for about 3 minutes. Charmeleon had been hit by a couple of 'quick attacks' but the battle was not in Eevee's favour. Charmeleon now had a smug look on its face because he knew that Eevee was going to lose.

Eevee's trainer was scared. The look of fear could be seen in his eyes. Just a day ago, Eevee was stronger than Charmeleon. They had never fought but he also knew how powerful Charmander was.

Eevee had never lost a fight till now. So, seeing all those injuries pile up on Eevee's body, he was worried. He said, "Eevee, just give up. You are very hurt now. I don't want you to be seriously injured."

Eevee could feel that its trainer was worried about it. But it could still feel that its trainer wanted it to win cause that was what they had planned. To be the strongest.

Finally, a 'flamethrower' connected and Eevee was hit. It was now down on the ground. Charmeleon knew that it had won.

Suddenly, a purple glow started to surround Eevee.

"Huh! Is it evolving?"

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