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97.82% Pokemon - A real story / Chapter 87: Group Battle Commence

Group Battle Commence - Pokemon - A real story - Chapter 87 by TheSilverPrince full book limited free

Chapter 87: Group Battle Commence

After 4 hours,

Axel was now with Mark talking about the rewards that they got. Mark's reward was far less than Axel. He received 4 Billion dollars as a cash reward and some resources which were not as valuable as Axel's. It may be because he was not the head researcher or the league didn't have any expectations from him.

When Mark heard what Axel had got, he was surprised. This was the biggest reward the league had given to any new researcher. But Axel had to give 70% of the rewards to the Venu family.

Axel got 50 billion Pokedollars as a cash reward. 35 billion of them would go to the Venu family as per the agreement.

Angela didn't care about the 3rd and 4th rewards and said that Axel could use them himself. But as for the items and resources, Angela wanted her part.

Axel didn't care about life orb, so he was happy to give it to the Venu family. But as for elemental gems, scope lens and lucky egg, he was hesitant. So, instead of giving 70% of the cash reward, he gave up 90% of it, as a trade for those items.

Axel now had only 5 billion Pokedollars and some change from 50 billion Pokedollars.

Axel was happy with this trade. He didn't care much about the money and 5 billion Pokedollars was still a big amount. He didn't have an immediate use for it now.

2 days were left, before his completion of 3 months. There was a tournament after 2 days and the crazies were supposed to participate in it. This was just one group battle match with the opposition party. It was like a test to see their improvement of 3 months. This battle was held every 3 months. The highest rank Pokemon a trainer could have was a rare rank. If a trainer evolved his/her Pokemon to elemental rank, he/she would graduate from this group training.

Each person in a group could only use 1 Pokemon, so obviously, Axel was going to use Nidorino. He knew that Nidorino had just ranked up to rare ranked Pokemon, so it may not be as powerful as other's main Pokemon.

But it would be a new experience for them. Losing is also a step for success. A, and B, each would use their respective rare ranked Pokemon, and as for K, he would use Pidgeottto. Pidgeotto was the strongest of K's Pokemon for now.

The group had decided that they would think of battle tactics and train their Pokemon together for 2 days. The group had trained together for almost 3 months. So even their Pokemons knew about each other. So, it was not very hard to come up with a good battle strategy.


After 1 day,

Axel woke up at 5 a.m. like usual. Today, he didn't do any training to increase his body stats and allowed his Pokemons to rest. This was because of tomorrow's group battle.

Axel had already completed 2 of his sub-quest given by the system. His body stats had reached the desired amount. He had unlocked his Aura. He also had 2 rare ranked Pokemon now. Gogoat and Nidorino.

Marcus was the one who trained the most with dedication. But the result of it was not as expected. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He didn't know the reason for it. Though its potential was low compared to others, Axel had thought that its hard work would compensate for it. But that was not the case.

Axel knew for the fact that every Pokemon has an advantage and disadvantage. He believed that there is no trash Pokemon, only trash trainers. With this thought, Axel had adopted Shedinja as his Pokemon and trained it.

Everyone had said that he was doing a great mistake. His parents, uncle, Mr. Koga, Mark, elder Adam, everyone. But never gave this thing a second thought. But now, it seemed like he was wrong all along. And he was blaming himself for it. He felt that he was not training Marcus in the correct way.

"Why? Why is Shedinja such a weak Pokemon? I thought that Arceus always treated its children equally. So, why Shedinja had to go through such a fate?" Axel shouted at the sky seemingly angry at Arceus.



Ding! Main-quest has been updated. Shedinja had always been a weak Pokemon. Or has it? For thousands of years, it is the only species of Pokemon that don't even have 1 King ranked to its name. Find out the history of Shedinja and evolve Shedinja to a King ranked Pokemon.

Rewards: Unknown

Time limit: None


Axel had his mouth open for almost a minute when he saw this notification. 'There is a history of Shedinja from ancient times? At least that is what the system meant by the quest. And Damn! It is the main quest, not a sub-quest.' Axel thought

He only had 2 main quests until now. The first was to become a Pokemon champion and the second was to become the Pokemon master. Completion of these 2 quests would affect his life on a grander level. So, he always thought that the main quest holds much importance compared to the sub quest.

So, seeing this main quest of Shedinja, he was shocked. He felt good that he took Marcus into his wings. Otherwise, he would never trigger this quest.

After another day,

There were 9 people in the training field. The 4 crazies, 3 young trainers, Roman the teacher and Smitha, another teacher of the other group.

Normally, a group would have only 3 young trainers. But since Axel was an anomaly, the crazies consisted of 4 of them. Axel noticed that his teacher and their teacher seemed to have a rivalry.

What he didn't know was that based on the group performance, the teacher would get some rewards too.

"Alright all of you, come into your position. Ramon and I would be the referees of this match. Each trainer would send out only 1 Pokemon in this battle. The battle would end if the group surrender or if all the Pokemons on the group faints. Ramon and I would be the judge of that" announced Smitha.

"Send out your Pokemons" said Ramon.

The Pokemons in Axel group were Nidorino, Nidorina, Butterfree and Pidgeotto.

The Pokemons in the opponent's group were Golduck, Golbat and Primeape.

"Let the Battle Begin!"

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