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57.37% Pokemon - Alex Burns / Chapter 69: Chapter 068

Chapter 068 - Pokemon - Alex Burns - Chapter 69 by RK9 full book limited free

Chapter 69: Chapter 068

Alex waited with bated breath as the Team Rocket member walked out of the room. Alex was ready to be discovered, and was hiding behind Alakazam, clutching Nidoking's Pokeball.

The Team Rocket member walked out, and looked at the sleeping person on the floor. He then proceeded to about at the stone columns at the side of the door, and walked back in.

Alex looked back at Alakazam's glowing eyes and understood what was going on.

Suddenly, a huge boom was heard. The building itself seemed to shake. The Zapdos started stirring.

The two Team Rocket members cursed, and encouraged their Gengar to continue. One of them stood next to the Gengar, while the other 2 started walking out.

"Go further down the hallway to the right. It will get dangerous here." he heard a voice which he recognised as Alakazam's say.

He nodded, and walked in the direction indicated by Alakazam.

He walked for a few minutes, found a relatively hidden room, and walked in.

He decided to hide out here until the battle between Team Rocket and whoever arrived concluded.

Team Rocket was the largest criminal organisation in the world. They had almost total control over both the Kanto and Johto regions' underground markets. They also had branches in all the other discovered regions. But Team Rocket suffered a heavy blow three years ago, when its leader, whom Alex knew as Giovanni, but was unknown here was thoroughly defeated in a Pokemon battle. The leader recognised that he had gotten caught up in his quest for power and authority that he had grown slacker towards his Pokemon training and his battling skills. The leader then went into hiding, and thus the organisation fractured. Each powerful member of Team Rocket that remained thought that he or she was the next leader, and they had done more crazy things over the past 2 years than they had done before when they were united and powerful.

The Zapdos destroying the surrounding region would be just another incident in the long list of misdeeds they were doing.

"The sounds of yelling and battling were becoming more and more apparent. Wild Pokemon, apparently having shaken off their Hypnosis, were fleeing everywhere. Alex saw a few of them pass by the room he was in.

He pulled out the Pokeball of Nidoking and released it.

" There may be a huge fight here. Please protect me from the rampaging Pokemon okay?" asked Alex.

Nidiking snorted and then nodded, and sat by the door.

The sounds of battle continued in the distance. Alex decided to check his Pokedex to see if there was some news about the attack or a message from the Professor.

There was a message from Professor Oak asking him his status and also asking him to identify himself with his Pokedex if asked. He also said that he was on the way over.

"I hope none of the rampaging Pokemon come over here" thought Alex. Just as he finished this thought, a level 60 Magneton started coming towards the room Alex was hiding in.

"Nido!" warned Nidoking to the Magneton, but it kept coming forward. After another warning, Nidoking fired a Flamethrower at the Magneton. The Magneton countered, and they both started engaging in battle. Alex ran in the direction opposite to them, seeking to get out of the range of battle.

He then spotted a room with a mostly intact door and decided to go inside it. He rushed in, and closed the door behind him.

"Magnemite" came a robotic voice behind him. Alex cursed, and slowly turned around, and scanned the lone Pokemon levitating mid air.


Gender - N/A

Lvl - 19

Type - Electric/Steel

Held item - Magnet

Ability - Analytic

Moves - Tackle, Supersonic, Thundershock, Electro Ball, Gyro Ball, Thunder Wave

Nature - Quiet

Training - None

Potential - Blue

"Whew, sighed Alex in relief. While his Charmander was only level 14, with the type advantage, it should be able to handle this Magnemite. It had relatively decent potential and a rare ability Analytic. Alex had the thoughts of subduing it.

" Go Charmander" he said as he released its Pokeball.

"Chaar" cried the Pokemon as it started at Magnemite with its spirits high.

"Use Ember" said Alex, and Charmander obliged.

The Magnemite tried to dodge, but it was too slow. It suffered the hit, and turned red all over. It then threw an Electro Ball.

"Charmander! Use Dargon Tail to deflect the Electro Ball and finish it off with Ember once more" said Alex. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The Electro Ball was smacked to the side by Charmander, which seemed slightly hurt by the shock. The Analytic ability increased the power of the attack as it had just suffered a hit. Charmander then proceeded to use Ember again. Magnetite got hit again, and started wobbling unsteadily.

Alex immediately threw a Pokeball.

The Pokeball sucked in Magnemite and started shaking. After a few shakes, it stopped and made the sound that signified capture. Alex returned Charmander and happily ran towards the Pokeball.


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