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Chapter 6: Weak

Infuriating and depressing. Two words that perfectly described how Vex felt while he floated about in the endless black depths of his mind. Even though he had been knocked out, for some reason Vex had retained the ability to think clearly, as if he was floating in a sea of darkness rather than unconscious on the floor of the Pokemon Center. Though normally this would intrigue Vex in a number of ways, it wasn't doing him any favors. He had already been floating through the empty space for a while now and had had plenty of time to mentally abuse himself.

Weak. Weak. Weak. This simple word had already been repeated in his head and out loud over and over again nonstop for what seemed like hours. If he had been in reality, Vex no doubt would've been kicking trees and punching brick walls until the skin on his fists were torn and bloody. The feeling of being utterly helpless was truly the worst, especially since it was his first time experiencing such a strong feeling of fear and despair. It had hit him hard and it made him angry to the point of screaming.

Vex had already gone over the situation over and over in his head. In the end, it all came down to the fact that he wasn't strong or smart enough to deal with the situation he had been given. Someone could have died or was probably already dead simply because he couldn't put up enough of a fight or even stall long enough to even be of use. Sure one could make an argument that he was a child against an adult but that didn't erase the feeling of failure or the boiling anger he felt when he thought about how he had basically been nothing but a punching bag.

Now, surrounded by this darkness, Vex mentally cursed himself for his weakness, lamenting his downfall in silence. It took him a while, but eventually his self hatred and anger slowly ebbed away, replaced with a feeling of sadness and and a sort of homesickness. He began to recall his life in his own world. It felt like it had been weeks since he had been back home when in reality it had only been roughly a day, and not even a full one. With so much happening, it was hard to believe that so little time had passed.

Be it a blessing or rotten luck, with the numerous things happening to Vex, he hadn't had the time to stop and truly think about everything. Well, actually he hadn't WANTED to think about it, because he knew the moment he fully accepted the reality of the situation, he most likely wouldn't have been able to handle it. Forcing himself forward was his own way of protecting himself from the emotions he had bottled up, from the overwhelming situation that he found himself in. However, now that he was unable to move forward and had been hit with the harsh reality of being weak, Vex couldn't help but feel the crushing levels of depression.

"It seems I came at the right time," A deep and powerful voice stated, ringing throughout the empty void. "Can't have you breaking down just yet so lets clear up those emotions real quick. I have been waiting for someone like you Vex Masters."

The negative feelings that Vex had been experiencing seconds ago were pushed away as he twisted around, searching the darkness for whatever or whoever had spoken. Eventually Vex spotted a small pinpoint of light located "under" his feet. The light was slowly getting brighter and brighter until Vex couldn't even look at it, instead opting to shut his eyes and avoid becoming blind.

Apart from the light, Vex could feel a sort of warmth flowing through him, cleansing him of all his negative emotions without even leaving a trace. Replacing the negative emotions were feelings like comfort and tranquility. It was definitely an odd thing, sort of like someone forcibly removed his emotions and shoved in totally new ones. However, Vex had little to no time to ponder these new emotions as something along the lines of gravity suddenly kicked and he felt himself enter free fall. This lasted for around three seconds before his whole body hit something hard, knocking the wind out of him.

Gasping for air, Vex opened his eyes, expecting to see nothing but light penetrating the darkness, but instead finding himself on flat ground. Not only that but the black void had all but disappeared, replaced by a large room with neither doors nor windows. A fireplace lay in front of him, the flames dancing happily in various hues of red, orange, and yellow. Behind him in the center of the room was a enormous desk surrounded by large white, cushioned chairs all positioned over a fluffy black carpet that seemed to cover nearly the whole room.

Turning back to face the fire, Vex stood up off the floor and dusted himself off. The pain from landing on the floor had already ebbed considerably before disappearing entirely. Of course the fact that Vex could even feel pain inside of what was supposed to be his mind was quite interesting. Another thing that Vex found intriguing was what this room was and how it got here along with who had spoken to him when he had been back floating in the void.

"That would be me my dear child," A voice said from behind Vex. "I called you here for a little chat."

Vex whirled around, his head spinning so fast that he heard a small crack. Sitting on the couch that had been vacant seconds ago was a man with bright silver hair and a white lab coat, looking to be in his late twenties. He had black eyes and possessed an aura of power that Vex could feel even from the distance separating them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I guess I should introduce myself," the man said as he smiled at Vex. "My name is Arceus. Come and have a seat Vex Masters. We have much to discuss."

//Well, here we are a bit of a pickle 😂😂😂

I quite literally crushed my thumb and broke it earlier in the week and have been struggling to write with one thumb (I write on my phone). Sorry for the chapter out later today though it'll take me all day.

Also, from this point onwards, forget everything you know about the legendary Pokemon!!! I making my own shit up as I absolutely HATE the movies and show.

Lets try and keep an open mind

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