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Chapter 43: Blake

Blake stood up from a barely conscious He Hao, gazing at his twitching body with shock evident on her face. There we many question on her mind right now.

'What the hell just happened? I felt like I was the one doing it but at the same time not...'

Her state was quite complicated, she felt like someone in a dream. She could see everything she was doing, but her mind was foggy and she felt like another person was controlling her body. She felt chills down her spine.

'Unstable Qi is actually so dangerous, I almost became someone else without even realizing it...' She decided to do some meditation to reduce the effects. Still, she wasn't willing to totally get rid of it yet.

The way was behaving early might have been too impulsive, but wasn't it exactly how she always wanted to be? Brave, fearless, strong, someone who didn't care about how others viewed them, someone who was incredibly determined without any doubts about her path, someone who was ruthless to her enemies and kind to friends...

Wasn't that Blake better? The Blake right now was pretty pathetic. A goody two shoes, a hypocrite, someone who lacked the courage to kill her enemies. A weak willed person who relied on those around her to not have a mental breakdown. A loser who completely ran away from her problems in the real world and just indulged herself into games, A coward. Wouldn't it be better for everyone if the other Blake took over...?

Blake immediately shook her head and tossed out all the weird thoughts. She had been standing there dazed for some time already, but the judge didn't seem to want to declare the match over. She looked at him a bit confused, is she seeing things or the Elder seemed to be a bit afraid of her?

The judge maybe understood Blake didn't want to continue with the match, so he lifted his hand and shouted:

"Winner, Disciple Blake!!"

Blake gave one last look to He Hao who was being carried away by servants before walking out of the stage. She didn't pity his current state that much as he slapped Ye Xia in front of her, but she did feel that marking his face permanently with a palm print was really excessive. She took this out of her mind as she walked out.

Blake mind was still a little foggy, and all kinds of turbulent thoughts were going through her head right now. Her were somewhat unfocused and her expression as if she thinking deeply about something.

"Sister Blake, you were really cool there! I didn't know you were also good at unarmed combat. But, did you have any bad blood with the guy? You seemed a little violent..." Zhao Long immediately started chatting with her once she got close to them.

"Kinda..." Blake just did a little nod before walking past them like she wasn't paying attention at all, she seemed to be heading to the exit. Zhao Long was confused, why was she leaving just like that? Her next match was indeed a little far away, but to just leave the arena like this is weird. She also seemed to lost in thought...

Did something happen?

While Zhao Long was left confused, Fang was frowning deeply. He patted Little Xun in the shoulder and started whispering something to him. As Little Xun listened, a expression of surprise appeared on his face.

"Isn't it a little bit too soon to tell her this? This might bring trouble." Said Little Xun.

"I know, but I don't think there's any other time more suitable than now. Besides, we already have a lot of trouble to deal with. A little more won't matter." Fang was slightly smiling.

"*Sigh*, Sure, Whatever. You probably will still talk about it to her even If I don't agree, right? Might as well go along with it."

Fang and Little Xun talked a little bit more before leaving silently, leaving Zhao Long in the Arena alone and deep in thought...


Blake wanted to go somewhere quiet right now. She was thinking about a lot of things and a noisy place like the Arena made her unable to think calmly. In the end she just went to her cavern.

She laid down on the bed and looked at the stone ceiling, supporting her head with her hands. All sorts of memories coming to her mind. Things from her original world, things that, she would rather forget.

"Wouldn't it be better for me to disappear and let the other Blake take over...? Maybe if she reined down her impulsiveness a little bit. She probably won't disappoint anyone, unlike me..." Blake eyes that were gazing at the stone ceiling got more and more unfocused and dull, like her soul was leaving her body.


Suddenly, a pokeball flew out of her pocket and and increased in size, and with white rays of light a Riolu appeared in front of her. He had a heavy look as he gazed at her.

"Riolu..? You got out from the pokeball on your own? This the first time I have seen you do it." Blake keeps her pokeballs on her pocket, because it takes a little too long to take them out of her bag and it would be inconvenient during emergencies.

"Why did you get out like this? Did something happen...? Maybe... Did you feel what I'm thinking?" Did Aura work even when he was in the pokeball?

Riolu nodded, confirming it. He transmitted his emotions with Aura, he was worried about her.

"Riolu, do you think I'm a failure as a trainer?"

"Riolu!!" Riolu shook his head fiercely, and he seemed confused about why Blake would ask such a thing.

"Right.." Blake looked at the ceiling again and slightly smiled. She really was trash. She knows that Riolu wouldn't say something bad about her, yet she still asked him purely for emotional comfort. Trash like her might as well disappear...


Blake touched her right cheek. Riolu just slapped her. His hand was still stretched out and he looked somewhat angry. This is the first time Riolu hit Blake with so little hesitation.

"What was that slap for!? Oh right, you can feel my emotions..." She did a wry smile.

"Riolu, I'm sure you about it at this point. That my personality is changing drastically because of unstable Qi." Blake patted his head.

"You don't need to worry about it. This change is for the better, the person I am right now is a weak coward. She will be a better master for you..."

"RIOLU!!!!!" Riolu loudly shouted, Blake felt his emotions being passed to her with unusually strong intensity. It was almost like he was talking.

'I don't need a better master. My only master is you, my only master is...'


Blake's eyes widened.

"Blake." She felt that echoing in her mind. Wasn't that just now...

"Your first word... Was that your first word using Aura, Riolu?" Riolu smiled and hugged her. Blake turned her head to the side as she felt water covering her eyes.

"Damn it Riolu, don't make me cry at this age..."


Suddenly, another pokeball flew out and a sword shaped figure materialized. Blake realized Honedge also got out from the pokeball. He just silently approached the two and wrapped his blue cloth around Blake, his expression was stoic.

"Seriously, even you Honedge? You know what, I don't care anymore."

Blake hugged both back and loudly cried. They kept like that for nearly ten minutes, Blake sometimes incoherently saying random things. After a lot of crying and confessions, Blake finally calmed down.

"Really, thank you guys. I owe you two a lot for waking me up." Blake smiled wiping a tear out of her eye.

Blake looked to the outside of the cavern where the sun was shining. She smiled.

"Relying on some external thing like unstable Qi to get false courage, isn't that exactly what a coward would do?"

"I might not be brave, but I'm done being a coward."

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