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17.85% Pokemon Trainer / Chapter 10: Mt Moon

Mt Moon - Pokemon Trainer - Chapter 10 by EthanKaiser full book limited free

Chapter 10: Mt Moon

Andrew: "That was easy. My pokémon aren't that tired or injured in comparison with my expectations from a gym battle."

Looking up at the starry sky, he began to set camp outside the city. The main reason of him choosing to sleep outside, instead of the softness and warm Pokémon Center, was that it would sharpen both his and his pokémon' senses. It was a long process, but necessary.

Reduction of time reaction, dodge capability, detection of sounds and smells.... were some of the few improvements one would obtain in training his senses. This was especially important in a battle where every second is crucial.

The sun slowly appeared in the distance, vanishing the darkness of the night with it.

Opening and stepping out of his tent, Andrew came upon an Officer Jenny standing right outside, seemingly waiting for him.

Jenny: May I know the reason why you are sleeping and camping outside of the city? When the Pokémon Center allows and helps travelers to pass the night?

Andrew: Did I break any law? If not, can you move out of the way?

Officer Jenny was slightly surprised for a short moment, at the fact of the boy in front of her not blushing from her incredible beauty, it had happened so many times that she got used to it, especially when it was one of Andrew' age.

In fact, the cold and indifferent expression from the boy in front of her was something that she wasn't used to as well.

Nevertheless, he was right. He wasn't breaking any law. What he did/was doing was just looked upon.

Andrew after the first interaction no longer paid any attention to the officer, dismantling his tent together with Pawniard. The two were walking away, when Officer Jenny yelled out to their backs, in frustration.

Jenny: This better be the last time you do such thing. Am I understood!?

No one of the pair composed of a kid and a pokémon flinched or stopped at her yell. Pawniard simply didn't care, while Andrew ignored her existence completely.

Andrew: Pawniard, I think it's time that you begin training in your elements, Dark and Steel. To be completely honest I don't know how to train any of them but we shall try.

The two said nothing as they had been brainstorming for any leads in how to train one's elements. One of the simplest ways was to battle and constantly use moves, after all, if two pokémon, exactly the same in every other attribute, where to clash with the same move, the one that had been using it for years would win.

Nevertheless, there should be others methods to accomplish this objective of theirs, as such, the two of them had been training and honing Pawniard body' toughness and sharpness, in an attempt to better understand it's simpler element, Steel.

Andrew: The problem is the other ones. Bulbasaur and Joltik, and other pokémon that may join us in our journey later on, they won't have the strong foundation you have built over these few years.

Pawniard: 'How about training them in both ways?'

Andrew: Hmmm..... let's see if they can handle it.

A bright smile bloomed on Andrew's face as he thought of the training he was going to put his Pokemons through, scaring Pawniard in the process.

Pawniard: "Sorry guys, but this the best option for you. I hope you survive his hellish training, mentally."

Bringing out his other two pokémon, he used some potions on Joltik', especially it's legs, before putting it on his left shoulder. Since it was still injured do to the gym battle, he wouldn't have it fight for the time being, while he would focus more on Pawniard and Bulbasaur and their train.

The group of four soon stopped in while looking up. Right in front of them stood a mountain, Mt. Moon to be more precise.

Andrew: Pawniad, from here on out you will be the only one battling without any instructions from me.

A strong determination could be seen in Pawniard' eyes as it nodded it's head in response.

Pewter City. Pokémon Center.

Nurse Joy was carrying a tray, with two pokeballs and a Pikachu on top of it, towards a kid.

Joy: Here. They are fully healed. Pidgey' wing still needs some time to rest.

Ash: Thank you very much.

The kid was no other than Ash, as he was taking the pokeballs of the tray, the Pikachu, on it, jumped to his shoulder. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Having his pokémon healed, he made his way towards his first challenge. Pewter city' gym and face the gym leader, Brock.

He was a little unease upon reaching the building, since there was no one to receive him and the door was wide open. Glancing f on the outside to the inside and knocking on the door, he saw that it seemed to be empty.

He was about to leave when he finally noticed a weak light, strolling towards there he found a young man layin on a rocky terrain with two rock pokémon beside him. A Geodude and an Onix.

Ash: Excuse me, I wanted to challenge the gym. Are you the gym leader?

The tall guy laying on the ground slowly stood up.

Brock: Yes I am. I am the gym leader, Brock, a rock pokémon trainer. What is your name?

Ash: I am Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town.

Brock: The rules are simple. The two of us are only allowed to use two pokémon, with you being able to switch between them. Geodude.

Geodude rolled forward upon being called by it's trainer, stopping in the middle of the rocky terrain, that was no longer tattered or with broken pillars. Brock and Onix moved to their side, while Ash went to the opposite one to them.

Ash: "A rock type? They, normally, possess high physical attack and physical defense, but, in counterpart, have terrible special stats, special attack and special defense. There is not a single pokémon that I possess that is suitable for this type.... and taking into consideration what nurse Joy told me, then I should leave Pidgey out of this."

While thinking, he threw a pokeball into the air, with his Charmander coming out and standing in front of Geodude.

Ash: "Brother once told me that everyone will save their best for last. Meaning that the Onix behind him is the strongest of his pokémon."

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