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Chapter 7: Celadon City's Department Store!

The next day, Gan got up and left the hotel to the Celedon's Department store. However, he ate breakfast at the Team Rocket base first before leaving for this place. This place sold just about everything including Evolution Stones, TMs, and Clothes. Once he entered, there was a woman sitting behind the counter wearing a black woman's style suit.

She greeted Gan once he walked through the door with a half bow, and he did so in return. Walking towards the elevator, he saw a poster of what was sold on every floor.

First Floor: Service Center

Second Floor: Trainers' Market

Third Floor: Trainers' Trading Area.

Fourth Floor: Wiseman Gifts

Fifth Floor: Accessory Market

Roof: Relaxation Space & Vending Machines

Gan took the stairs to the second floor. When he arrived he saw many trainers buying items and shopping here. There were 2 men behind the same counter, they were the clerks who checked you out.

Gan walked over and saw what was on sale and wasn't surprised since he played the game already. One of the men sold regular Pokemart items, while the other guy sold TMs!

Dragon Tail: ���20,000

U-Turn: ₱20,000

Iron Tail: ₱50,000

Water Fall: ₱40,000

Tri-Attack: ₱30,000

Bulk Up: ₱12,000

Shadow Ball: ₱60,000

Hyper Beam: ₱120,000

All TMs were one time uses before they would disappear in the chosen Pokemon's train of thought. Gan Bought Bulk Up and left to the Third Floor, he wanted to catch a Machop to add to his team later.

He really wanted to buy Shadow Ball but it was too expensive for him right now. As for the Second Floor, people gathered and traded Pokemon here. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-department-store!_50013374095876769">;s-department-store!_50013374095876769</a> for visiting.

"Trading my Mankey for a Hitmonlee, does anyone have a Hitmonlee?" Some weird guy with drowsy eyes yelled out for all to hear.

Gan looked at him like he was an idiot, he wanted someone to give him a Hitmonlee for his Mankey, what a joke! Gan didn't stay on this floor and went up to the 4th floor to have a look.

Upon arriving, he saw a girl with a Pikachu, she was currently buying a beautiful green stone. The Stone had a yellow bolt of lightning in the middle of it.


The Pikachu stood on her shoulder, staring at the Thunderstone in amazement. As soon as she bought it, she put it into her bag for later use. There were special Backpacks in this world that acted like those storage devices in those fantasies.

However, they were extremely expensive to buy. Gan saw them being advertised in the Magazine he read last night. Apparently, there was a sale going on but it was still pricey even with the sale lowering the price.

Gan analyzed the Pikachu's status.

|Name: Pikachu

|Type: Electric

|Level: 25

|Gender: Female

|Ability: Static

|Potential: ★★★

|Nature: Jolly

|Moves: Thundershock| Growl| Play Nice| Electro Ball| Thunderwave| Double Team|

"Not bad, but sadly it has a minus Special Attack nature." There was a way to change the nature of a pokemon, with these items being sold in stores.

The girl didn't have such a backpack or Gan would have started having thoughts of robbing her when she was alone. The girl turned to Gan as she passed by him before looking away and heading upstairs.

Gan walked towards the counter and saw many Stones for Sell. The typical stones from games, movies, and series were present.

Each Stone cost ₱5,000 to buy. Gan took a deep breath and bought 1 Fire Stone before leaving to the next floor. He now had only ₱10,000 on him, so he had to use the rest for clothes and on a few medicinal potions on his way down.

This floor was luxurious, especially its pink carpet. The clerks were all women in different outlets on this floor.

They sold clothing for certain small pokemon like Pikachu, Eevee, Vuplix, Growlithe, and more. Of course, they had many clothes for humans as well. These people mainly catered to cute pokemon, so a Koffing wasn't included in anything that could be considered cute.

"Hey, boy, are you looking for anything in particular, I have a sale going on right now, so you've come at the right time." As Gan was browsing around, he heard a sweet voice call out.

Gan turned to see a woman with long brown hair and green eyes smiling at him. She gestured him over to have a look at the clothes she had on sale. She looked like a beautiful lass from the games, but better. Next to her was a Meowth that just stood up looking around happily.

'What in the world, this isn't a street vending, why do you need to call me over?' Gan thought to himself. Nevertheless, he walked over anyway to see what she had to offer, he was tight on cash right now.

"So, what is your budget?" The woman asked with a smile. Gan already saw where this was going, he knew this salesman's strategy.

"₱6,000," Gan said with a smile.

"So stingy!" The woman almost fell out of her chair hearing his budget. She looked at Gan strangely, was this kid out of his mind coming here with such a small budget? It wasn't bad in other places, but this was where the rich hung out.

"So, what do you have for me with that budget?" Seeing Gan smiled, she wanted to kick him away. But it was already too late, she had to save face by selling him something around that budget.

"I'll do you one good, I'll sell you these two outfits for ₱6,000!" She displayed two outfits. One was black and appeared to be an expedition outfit. It came with black boots, a Black jacket, Black Pants, and a black t-shirt underneath.

The next one was also all black. There were black jeans, black gym shoes, it came with a hat similar to red's but black, and a black t-shirt with a Pokeball on it.

Gan settled for these and thanked the woman with a wide smile. Her mouth twitched, as she shooed Gan away. He learned that they custom tailored things here, but he could have Team Rocket do that for him.

Afterward, he headed to the 5th floor and bought some Fresh Water, Lemonade, and Soda Pop. On his way down, he bought antidotes, paralyzing Heal, and 1 Super Potion.

Happily, there wasn't a Snorlax hanging around Route 16 this time. Gan walked between the white fences and saw many pokemon running around in the grass. Some were coming out of the forest and eating berries on the bush.

Razz Berries weren't sold in Celedon for some strange reason, so he could only go to another City to buy them.

He saw many bird pokemon over in the area, mainly. There were many Pidgeotto and Doduo, these were the pokemon he needed to add to his catch dex entry. However, when he saw their levels he almost turned run!

Their Levels all ranged from 34 to 36!

Then, suddenly a 3 headed bird jumped out of the forest and scared all of the other pokemon away. This type of Pokemon ruled this area, it could be no other Pokemon but Dodrio!

|Name: Dodrio

|Type: Flying/Normal

|Level: 35

|Gender: Female

|Ability: Early Bird

|Potential: ★★

|Nature: Calm

|Moves: Double Hit| Quick Attack| Agilty| Pluck| Persuit| Fury Attack| Rage|

"Nope!" Gan turned around and left right away. It was time to find Warren and head to Mt. Moon.

Once he returned, it didn't take him long to find Warren. Gan had a radio walky-talky device and he gave Warren his call line and so did Warren.

After taking a mysterious tunnel inside the Team Rocket base, he came to a place filled with all types of weird machinery. Large machines that had arms on them that could subdue people and Pokemon alike.

Warren headed over to his Helicopter, he showed the Team Rocket manager of this area his Card. This also showed that Warren owned this Helicopter but the man in charge already knew this without Warren having to show him. But this was just protocol.

"Alright Agent X, where do we go first?" Suddenly, somewhere in the wild, the ground opened up and the helicopter emerged from it.

"To Mt. Moon!" Looking down, he looked towards the forest they were flying over. This was the first time he has ever been on a helicopter or even seen one in person.

"Mt. Moon? This is a good place, there are a few Team Rocket members stationed there. They don't like it but they're okay with it because of the rumors about fossils." Warren thought this was a perfect place to catch Pokemon, but Zubat were dangerous in groups, so he had to be careful.

"Yeah, I'm trying to catch as many as I can. Speaking of which, how long have you been in Team Rocket?" Gan suddenly asked.

"I was 16 when I joined Team Rocket, I'm 21 now, so 5 years already." Warren grinned strangely, he hadn't really accomplished anything all the while and remained as a senior Grunt.

"I'm 16 myself, but I don't plan to stay as a Grunt forever, just you wait."

"Oh, really? How far do you think you can reach?" Warren was surprised, he once had these dreams but he was too scared to explore any further.


Suddenly, the helicopter went into chaos until Warren finally got things under control.

"W-what the hell! Are you trying to kill us!?" Gan was shocked.

"S-sorry, it's just words were too surprising." Warren wiped the sweat off his forehead, this guy wanted to become an Admin? That was a really big dream!

They flew for about an hour before reaching Mt.Moon. There was a small TeamRocket Base in the forest next to Mt.Moon that they landed at.

This base wasn't lively at all and it wasn't big either, it was more of a small outpost than anything else. There were mostly Grunts here but there was one Team Rocket member here with the Rank of Spy.

Some of the Grunts nodded and greeted Warren and he did the same. They didn't recognize Gan because he was new and he wasn't wearing a Team Rocket outfit like Warren. Gan simply flashed his ID and they went back to what they were doing.

They took a car about the size of a golf course vehicle but slightly bigger, to advance towards Mt.Moon. After reaching a certain distance, they came across a forest, so they would have to walk at this point.

"If you walk through this forest, it will lead you to route 3. Once you get there, you'll encounter a Pokemon Center." Warren still sat in the vehicle and gave Gan some directions.

Gan knew what scene he would be met with, it was the Pokemon Center right before entering MT. Moon.

"Wait, you aren't coming?" Gan thought Warren would come but he didn't seem to have any plans on going.

"No way, forget that it's too dangerous!" Warren Frantically shook his head.

"How do you expect to grow if you don't face dangers, you'll always stay at the bottom with the way you think." Gan shook his head and proceeded to walk through the forest towards route 3.

"...." Warren lowered his head in deep thought.

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