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Chapter 41: Anger Management

"*Sigh* You sure caused a ruckus, boy ...", Cecile told Arthur while shaking her head disapprovingly, and having her arms crossed and her eyes closed in a mature way. Her red twin-tails swung from one side to other while she was doing that.

Ehhh ... weren't they the same age? Arthur looked strangely at Cecile. Why was she speaking to him like she was an adult scolding a child?

"I can see from the looks on your face that you don't have a single clue about the extent of the crisis you just caused, sighhh!", she shook her head again and looked at him pitifully.

"What would you know about my crisis?", he asked her puzzeled.

"Well, because 'I' am a mature lady and my father trusts me of course!", she told him in a proud manner. Actually she eavesdropped on the grown-ups when they were discussing things while Arthur had been unconscious, but it wasn't necessary for her to tell him that, right?

"Arty, Arty, Arty-", she said but Arthur interrupted her abruptly,

"Don't call me like that!", he got angry.

"Why? My aunt called you like that and you were fine with it.", she argued.

"Well, she is a grown-up, and you are just like me on the other hand.", he didn't back off. It was one thing to be called like that by people he knew or admired, but where would he end up if even children started using that nickname instead of his real name!

"Please, I'm not like you, I have finished school properly and am attending the prestigious Pokemon Academy branch in Viridian City whereas you don't even ...", she wanted to continue but realized she had gone a little too far.

"What? Tell me, what do I not?! Don't attend a snobby school like you because I am too poor?! Because my mum has to work overtime to take care of three children?! Huh, if that academy is full of arrogants like you I wouldn't even consider going there!", Arthur's patience snapped all of a sudden and he lost his reasoning for a moment.

"How dare y-", Cecile was about to lash back at him but then stopped. She stopped because of the reddened eyes on Arthur's face and the pure sadness that was reflected on them.

"Errie?", Eevette didn't understand anything they were talking about and looked confused at both of them.

Cecile noticed something shortly after:

"Your mom works alone? What about ... your dad?"

Arthur didn't want to answer her, he didn't need to ... but for some reason he still told her:

"He died. A couple of years ago ... because of a fire *sigh*", his mood dropped visibly. He couldn't stay angry when talking about his family.

"I-I didn't ... I didn't know. I am sorry ... that I brought it up, Arthur. And that I talked bad about you, I shouldn't have said that.", she apologised troubled. Cecile realised too late she had stirred some things she shouldn't have ...

"You know ... my mum, she is also dead. Those bastards from Team Rocket did it.", she cursed silently,

"It that doesn't make it right but ... I'm just saying I know how it feels, you know?", she whispered at the end ruefully.

Arthur was stunned for a bit. He already knew about this from his Aunty Latia

(A/N: chap 16)

but he felt Cecile's sincerity as he heard this from herself.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter anyway, it's true after all, I don't have any background to speak of.", he forgave her with a smile.

"Thank you.", she said quietly. She suddenly felt stupid for using her wealthy standing to pick on somebody less fortunate. It wasn't his fault after all.

"Errieee!", Eevette felt the mood lightening up again and became happy.

"So, what did you say about a crisis?", Arthur wanted to change the subject quickly or else it could get awkward.

"It has to do with my father, he looked devastated when you got here.", Cecile explained slowly.

"Your father ... you mean Blue?", he asked her.

She nodded and continued:

"You weren't there when my uncle appeared with his Fearow here. You didn't see my father's face.

Usually he keeps his calm and is silent when things get serious but when he saw you lying in Uncle Gary's arms ... You looked almost like a corpse Arthur, blood covered half your body and those wounds didn't make you look nicer.

He was shocked at first, then enraged and completely devastated.

My uncle went to get my aunt, and my father patched you up as best as he could. He's a veteran and knows some things, but the whole time ... his face looked extremely distressed and he always mumbled something ...:

"Please, don't die" ...

Sometimes he would wake up screaming in the middle of the night when he is like that, he has ... troubles with nightmares ...", Cecile looked uncomfortable talking about this and bit on her lips a little.

She looked cute like that, Arthur noticed slightly, but he quickly focused back on the topic.

"And then he would always quickly take his pills, because they calm him down ... and suppress his emotions and memories."

Arthur remembered the pills Blue had used for his PTSD. He didn't know it was that serious though.

"And the crisis you were talking about ..."

"My father, this time ... he didn't take the pills!" she replied anxiously, worry written on her face.


Blue, Gary and Daisy left the room and went into the hallway while Alfred was going to do his own business. Gary looked back and as he saw nobody else nearby he asked Daisy:

"Why did you that? Why did you lie to him?"

"Huh? What lie, what are you talking about?", she played dumb.

"Don't take me as a fool, I'm not a doctor but even I still have eyes in my head. Several years? Decades? My god, that Sniebel's right arm is as good as dead and its left arm will take god knows how long to recuperate fully and only if we support it with intensive therapy!", he talked angrily. He was angry at himself for having been too late to come and save them sooner.

"What? You wanted me to tell that little boy his Sniebel would be disabled for the rest of its short life? Wow, Gary, such sentiments, so much empathic vibes I get from you here, maybe I should have just told him straight away to release that Pokemon and leave it to its own devices, would you have liked that better?!", Daisy shouted back, she clearly felt exasperated.

She had been called on such a short notice and was expected to perform a miracle on an almost dead Pokemon. And a miracle she delivered! That Sniebel would surely survive and keep its arms attached to the body. For now at least. But she wasn't a deity, she couldn't remake cells and revive dead tissue. That's not how doctors worked, they patched up what was left but didn't create something new.

"Tch, damned.", Gary knew she was right but he just needed to vent out his frustration even if it was through pointless talk. He kicked at a wall but that didn't help much either.

Blue didn't comment on their actions and looked stoic. He was heading straight into one specific direction and disappeared around a corner.

"Wait, Blue! That's not where the kitchen is! Where are you going?", Daisy called back at him but it seemed the words just bounced off his body and didn't reach his ears at all.

"That's the ... the Training Area!", Gary realized quickly where his brother was heading towards.

They followed after him but when they reached the entrance, it got already locked down.


Sounds came from the door as it slided to the side, separating Gary and Daisy and the huge hall on the other side. There was a glass window next to the entrance through which they could see their brother still moving forward.

"Damned, what is he trying to do there?!", Daisy was worried seeing her brother act so strange.

Gary was quiet, an omnious feeling grew in his mind.

*Tap Tap Tap Tap*

Blue's steps echoed around the huge metallic hall. The ceiling was maybe around 15 meters high, maybe more. The whole area was as large as a soccer field and the light from above revealed the shining metal plates that covered all the walls on all sides.

This was also the place where sometimes Gym Leader battles took place, but that hadn't for a long time now. The whole room could be shifted and transformed to accomodate its guests needs, creating different styles of fighting environments through the latest technologies available.

Usually it would be either Blue's or Cecile's personal Training area where they could go full out without needing to worry about the outside world.

Everything inside was specifically made to withstand stong powerful attacks enforced by Infinity Energy, most of times they would be from Pokemon attacks. But today wasn't like any other day.

"Gloria, please activate the sound isolation ... I don't want to disturb anyone.", Blue seemingly talked to the air and when he mentioned that name his previously unemotional face changed a little bit. But only for second, before his apathetic look reappeared.

"Yes Darling, will be done immediately!", a warm female voice answered from ... all directions.

"Activate Mark Lance! Shut down all restrictions, no need to lower their power levels ..."

"Yes Darling! Activating Mark Lance: Lance Gregory! Data is being transmitted, set-up initialising, access granted!"


A loud sound came from the side of wall, as if a large amount of steam had been released all at once. The wall opened up from the middle into the opposite directions and revealed a humanoid looking roboter.

*Dumph Dumph Dumph*

The robot walked in Blue's direction and created thumping sounds with everyone of its steps. Suddenly the air around the surface of the roboter changed ... it slowly took on a different colour, it almost looked like a black uniform. The former humanoid robot slowly looked more and more like an actual human being, his head had green hair and its limbs had now realistic looking hands and feet instead of those metal shaped stumps.

"Hehehe, look at you Blue, I heard you were quite a hot cake in the past. What happened?", the robot answered in super realistic fashion with a male voice.

"You scum happened.", Blue gritted his teeth and didn't stop for one second ever since he entered the hall. He walked unhindered towards the robot-human, maybe not even taking account of that robot standing right in his path.

"What a shitty attitude, no wonder Giovanni didn't think you were good enough to join us.", the person mocked him unpolitely.

But Blue didn't take notice of any of that, instead he stretched out his left arm stump and closed his eyes for second, still walking.

Particles of light that hadn't been there before slowly gathered around Blue's left side, taking shape in the form of an ... arm! This light arm fit perfectly with his own arm's end and together they moved so fluently it created the illusion of being just one single whole part.

"Don't listen then, I will teach you with my-", before the man could finished speaking, Blue suddenly disappeared!

The robot looked to its left and not sensing anybody there it turned to its righ-


Blue appeared just in front of the robot and smashed his luminous fist into visage of that man!



That punch had been too powerful for the robot to resist and it just blew up in an explosion after it had been sent flying like a kite with its strings cut loose!

That caring for that robot's end Blue continued while shouting further commands:

"Activate Mark Lambda! Activate Mark Atlas! Activate Mark Athena!"

"Proceeding with commands ... Activation initialised! Mark Lambda: Lambda Tellero; Mark Atlas: Atlas Deimdorf; Mark Athena: Athena Wintrop!"


Three more openings appeared on the walls and three more robots walked out like monsters from their graves.

*Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump*

The whole hall was filled with the cacophony of robotic stamping steps, Blue's own steps were completely overwhelmed in their sound yet his face didn't change from its stoic looks and his sharp aura seemed unperturbed from anything happening in his surroundings.

Gradually the robots also took over different more human like forms. Two man and a woman now stood in front of Blue's path. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Blue, you should have taken the chance when it was offered to you, now it's too late for regrets, hahaha!"

"You are not worthy to be called Giovanni's apprentice, it's time to wipe your face from this earth!"

"You are man far from his prime Blue, just give up, you defeated us once but this time victory shines upon us! It shines upon the glory of TEAM ROC-!", before that particular robot could even finish its sentence it had been blown away!



A bitter fight broke out betwen Blue and the three people. They were clearly outnumbering Blue but instead the situation showed that they were still getting suppressed! Punches, Smashes, Kicks, myriads of colourful lights and sounds of utter destruction filled the entire hall! It was chaos, it was madness, it was state of pure violence! However, Blue wasn't fazed at all, others might have even thought he was taking a small walk in the park!

That doesn't mean that he wasn't hurt or injured, no, several attacks successfully hit his body and damaged him more and more! His left radiating arm had also faded away and just revealed his mutilated stump again. But either he wasn't feeling any pain or he had a good pokerface because nothing changed on his emotionless expressionless face!


Metal parts flew in all kinds of directions, some were legs, some belonged to a head and others were just identifiable as scraps, slowly the dust settled and only one man was still standing on the battle ground!

Blue breathed deeply in and out, he had exhausted quite a lot of his energy to defeat these opponents and they had obviously left some marks on him. His shirt was torn and shredded and some of his wounds started bleeding. Yet after only a small time for a pause he continued advancing with great strides forward! It still hadn't been enough!

"Activate Mark ... G.", Blue spoke through gritted teeth and this time finally a small part on his face, right above his left eye, twitched a little hinting at barely containable emotions, endless amounts of rage that is ...

"Activating Mark G.! Authorization needed, scanning authorization level ... command accepted! Activation initialised, starting Mark G.: Giovan-"

But Blue didn't pay any attention towards any of that, his whole focus lied on the end of the hall, 10 meters in front of him where he stopped his journey a huge wall opened up and ... several more wall got revealed which needed to opened first!

Then after a minute of waiting a gushing amount of steam entered the room and covered the opening area in a veil of fog.

*Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap*

Steps could be heard echoing into the surroundings and gradually a human contour became visible in the never-ending wall of steam. It was still hidden well but the shape made it easy to tell it was from a man's body who stood with his arms behind his body and straight and confident before Blue's line of sight.

A deep male voice then came out from the same direction and got repeated several times by the metallic walls:

"Blue ... did you miss me?"

FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy and leave a comment behind ;)

Sherlock reference at the end ;)

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