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Chapter 5: Forgotten

"You have weird dreams at night, you say?"

"Yes Doc. It appears every couple of nights. I wake up and find two unknown people in the mirror. And then everything turns black and I just disappear into nothingness. Untill I fall down the sky.", an awkward silence followed after which he added:

"I know it sounds crazy. Sigh!"

"Hmmm. Could you describe those two people in more detail maybe?"

"No. It's ... It's as if there is a blur. But it's just everywhere. I can't remember much actually, but the feeling, it was so real!"

"Of course it was, I can imagine that. Don't worry about it, Arthur is your name? Don't worry Arthur. I've seen hundreds of similar cases to yours. Hallucinations caused by post traumatic memories. Do you remember about what happened that day?"

Arthur wanted to refute him. It was more than just some hallucinations. It felt like reliving his memories. Though he couldn't recall when these events could have ever happened to him, there was definitely more to it.

But he didn't want to be seen as mentally damaged because of the accident so that he had to stay longer hospitalised than necessary. Somehow a deep fear creeped into his mind when he thought about being transferred to a mental hospital. He shouldn't have touched that game, Arkham Asylum, but too late for regrets now.

"I-I was outside, working on the berry fields as usual. And the forest was very close by and I-I", Arthur answered with a slightly stuttering voice. His breathing quickened and his hands started shivering a little.

The doctor quickly realised the situation and calmed him down:

"It's okay Arthur, you are safe here! Just relax and forget it. We can talk about it when you are ready.", he said to him with a kind smile,

"Anything else, about this dream of yours that you want to share?"

"There ... there was this game, I don't remember how it's called, or what it's about but, it was fun. It was really fun."

The doctor let out a chuckle:

"A game you say? So you're a gamer? Hahaha, my children also spent most of their time on their PokePhones nowadays. Well Let me show you some pictures. Here, do you recognize this young boy? Or this young girl?"

The first picture showed a chubby brown skinned boy. His blond hair was tied behind his back. He was having troubles with something on his back. It was the size of a bag, with green colours and some sticks on the side. They looked like ... claws?

On the other picture was a girl with tied purple hair. She was wearing martial clothes and had a fighting stance. Opposite was a small creature, with a light violet upper and brown lower body, equally ready to fight.

They looked a little younger than himself but there was slight familiar feeling when looking at their faces, however other than that he didn't find any connected memories in his mind. He shook his head and told the doctor:

"No, sorry, I can't really remember them. They just look a little familiar."

"Hmmm, is that so. What about these people, how do you feel when looking at them?"

He showed another picture to him and when Arthur saw it, a warm sensation flowed through his body. His mother and his little siblings, Brandon and Alicia were on that picture. They were outside on a flower field and some flower Pokemon could be seen here and there. The memories were still fresh as if he was right there at this moment. The scent of the pollen, the delicious green grass fields. Oddishs and Sunflora jumping from place to place.

"Yes, I can recognize them. This is my family. It was a sunny day and we visited a park near our home."

"Good, now tell me what or who you see in this picture."

It was a young middle aged man, with short brown hair and broad shoulders. He had a black and orange uniform and an orange hat on. A pained expression filled Arthur's face, and streaks of tears poured down his eyes:

"I failed him ..."

"Pardon?", the doctor didn't hear it clearly and asked.

"Nothing.", Arthur shook his head and cleared his eyes,

"It's my dad. He died when I was eight because of a fire."

"I've heard of it from your mother. I am sorry for your loss. But you should know that he died as a hero!"

"Yes, I know..."

"It's okay, Arthur. We can stop the session now. You've already been here for almost two weeks now and most of your serious injuries have healed up. You can be released today but you should come back for some check ups every week from now on."

"Thanks doctor!", he was delighted to hear this.

"And before I forget it again, here is your Pokedex."


"Yes, it was in your pockets when you arrived here, I just forgot to give it back to you haha. You should let someone repair it. Either it's too old or it might have caught a virus, the texts on the display are kinda cryptic."

Arthur received a red flat rectangular object. It had a blue bulb on the upper left corner and it seemed to be openable like a book. A sudden rush of reminiscence and nostalgia poured through every pore of his body and he couldn't help but let out a small smile:

"Ah, 1.Generation, it is still the best. Can't beat that!"


Arthur awoke from his daze and asked confused:


"What is the best, you said?"

"Ehh, I-I don't know. It was nothing, just forget it please." He had slipped out again without knowing. This had already happened a couple of times in recent days, and he didn't have any control over it. It was as if another person took control over his body ...

"Kids these days ...", the doctor mumbled quietly but just shrugged it off as another weird child behavior and exited the room.

Arthur further examined the Pokedex and found the mechanism to open it. A bunch of buttons and a small screen came into his sight:

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The Pokedex seemed to react to him and the bulb flickered with a light blue light. A row of texts appeared:

[Emergency ... energy reserves running low ... system transformation to low energy device recommended ... host currently in unstable condition ... system overwrites authority ... Delta Protocol activated ... transformation initiated ... transformation completed ...]

[System detects host in immediate presence ... biosensors detect irregularities in host's body condition ... information need to be updated ... host please provide organic sample ...], and just when the last sentence was finished a small needle sprang out of the device, exactly where Arthur's thumb lied and stabbed into it. It didn't hurt but Arthur let go of the Pokedex out of reflex. When he picked it up again, the row of texts had changed:

[Host's organic sample taken in ... analysis completed ... host's current body injured ... host recommended to rest ... temporary memory loss incurred by transfusion of souls ... recommended to rest ... conclusion ... probable increase in soul energy after completed transfusion ... ]

Arthur didn't know what all of this meant but when he looked at the corner of the screen, something in his heart trembled for a moment when he read the line written out:"Host: Atiqo Rodriguez"

Something inside him was telling him he knew this person very well ...


Outside the room

When the doctor went out of the room he was greeted by the sight of two people talking together.

"Thank you so much Mister Stone, I-I don't know how to repay you for taking care of the hospital bills. I wouldn't have been able to pay it all up if you didn't help me. I will definitely repay ..."

"It's fine, everything is fine. My company is fully supporting the health and growth of the future generation. It is our duty to nurture them! You don't need to pay me a single Pokedollar for this!", the man said in kind tone and a friendly smile,

"When I heard that your son went through such dangerous experiences, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by his bravery. Of course it was reckless as well but he reminded me of my youth! I think it would be good if I had a talk with him about this matter, you know, a talk between men."

"I don't think that would be a good idea!", the doctor came in and joined their conversation,

"Arthur is still recuperating from his injuries and his mental state is barely good enough to have him released."

"What-what do you mean with that doctor?! Is my son going to be ok?!"

"He is fine as of yet. But his traumatic experiences made him lose most of his memories. The ones he attached the most importance to, especially his family remained undamaged. I would suggest letting him naturally return to his previous life. I think that this way his memories could be reawakened.

But also don't expect for him to be same person like he was before the accident. I have heard of cases where some memories were lost forever and entirely new personas were created to cope with that. It's also for the best now to avoid touching the topic of his accident. He isn't ready yet. I hope you can respect this, Mr.Stone, I assume."

"Of course, the health of this young man is of the utmost importance!", he exclaimed yet inwardly he was slightly frowning.

"Excuse me for now madam. If there is anything that you or Arthur may need my help with, don't hesitate to contact me!", he told her and gave her his contact information,

"Goodbye doctor!", he said and left with a thoughtful expression on his face.

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