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46% Pokemon Untold / Chapter 23: Help! A Pervert!

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Chapter 23: Help! A Pervert!

After a sumptuous meal, Arthur was satisfied and his sudden hunger was gone.

While eating he had been thinking about this so called Infinity Force and what connection it could have with him and his memories:

"Gary, could I ask you to teach me how to control Infinity Force? I need to learn it as quickly as possible!", that was the only thing that made sense to him. If he had a better grasp over this power it might really bring out his memories from his sub-consciousness.

But Gary just looked at him amused and said:

"Hehe, if learning to control Infinity Force were this easy why bother studying at the Pokemon Trainer Academy? Listen Arty, children start learning the foundations at the age of ten but even when they become adults some struggle to control this power, so do you still think it was easy and you had to learn it as 'quickly' as possible?"

Arthur got struck speechless when he heard this. He didn't think at all about how difficult it could be and what he needed to do to learn this mysterious power. He actually knew nothing at all. The desire and the urge just got to his head and he blabbered out the first thing that came to his mind.

"I-I am sorry. I guess it wouldn't be possible to do it ...", he sighed out dismayed.

"That's not what I said, haha. Just don't hold your expectation too high or you will fall flat on your nose and I promise you it will hurt! Hahahha!", he told him brashly, but Arthur didn't take it to heart. He saw it as an advice instead.

"So you mean you can ...", the hidden meaning didn't go unnoticed from Arthur.

"Well, it will mostly depend on you. You see I don't have the time and leisure to personally tutor someone without any sort of talent.

In the worst case you will have to wait until the academy term starts again and learn the basics there, got it?"

"Sure!", he responded readily. This was already the best that he could hope for. Gary seemed to be quite a famous and knowledgable person. If even he thought it to be difficult to grasp this power in the short term then Arthur might as well give up on it for now.

"And don't tell my brother, kay? He would get mad as hell, if he found out I taught you stuff you weren't ready for."

"No problem. My lips are sealed!"

"Good ...", he smirked lightly and started ... taking off his clothes!

"Ehh, what ... are you ... exactly doing?", Arthur asked him suspiciously.

After he threw several more glances at Gary, he gave in and rebuked Arthur while laughing:

"I am not a pervert if that's what you think right now. There are specific steps I need to show you bare so you really understand how to execute the technique properly. If you don't understand it, wrong implementation may bring harm to your body and limit your potential in the long-term! My Grandpa taught it to me the same way."

"You mean Professor Oak?"

"Yeah ...", he looked down onto the table, his thoughts seemingly somewhere far away for a moment, reminiscing about the past.

A couple of seconds later he looked back at Arthur and told him loudly while smiling:

"Now bask in the light of this adonis-like physique, hahaha!"

He threw away his clothes to the side and made several more postures to show off his well-built and muscular body.

He stood there only wearing his boxer-shorts. They were lucky to have taken a private dining room. He didn't know what other customers might have thought otherwise.

After Gary was finished posing, he began stretching and explained to Arthur at the same time:

"Most people actually already possess a certain amount of control over 'Infinity Force'. After all it's the basic requirement to form pacts with Pokemon.

It's a natural occurring process over time and it doesn't require further practice if you aren't walking on the path of a Trainer.

Though people who aren't trained in using Infinity Force shouldn't form too many pacts in a short amount of time as it can deplete the reserves and damage your inner core. Health issues with varying degrees would be unavoidable.

For a child to form a pact with only one Pokémon is basically already its limit in the short term. It would either need to wait a long time until its reserves had achieved a bigger capacity or use special methods to accelerate this process. The timeframe necessary for full natural regeneration depends on factors like the individual age, mental state and training progress and can be as short as a couple of days or even in some rare cases take several years."

"What? What do you mean with natural process? Can people learn using Infinity Force by doing nothing?"

"Hmmm, I think it's easier to understand if I showed it you. Look at my body and tell me if you notice something."

After that Gary closed his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. For a moment nothing extraordinary seemed to be happening at all. The room was silent except for Gary's in and exhaling.

Arthur started wondering if this was another one of his jokes when suddenly ... the lights in the room began to flicker. At first only lightly but as time passed it got more and erratic! Arthur suddenly felt a breeze touching his skin and whirling around the room, the water in Gary's glass quaked more and more, in the beginning only slight ripples were appearing but it shook wilder and wilder before it finally tilted to one side and dropped its contents onto the table.

Arthur caught the glass before it could shatter on the ground but the water dripped onto the floor already. No, it dripped onto the floor ... and then gathered and moved further in a direction! It began moving towards where Gary was!

Now that he took a closer look at him Arthur saw how he was practically attracting all these anomalies towards himself!

"G-gary, I think something weird is ... happen ...", before he could finish his sentence though the next strange phenomenon had already appeared.

Gary's skin ... it started glowing! Only for a bit, but Arthur's eyes could clearly see it happen right in front of him!

And then it stopped. From one moment to the next the lights above went back to normal, the wind in the room disappeared and the water on the ground ceased to move. But Gary's skin ... was still giving off a luminous glow!

Gary exhaled for the last time and then opened his eyes again and asked relaxed:

"So, did you notice something?"

"Ehh, is that a rhetorical question?", he absolutely didn't have any idea about what had happened just mere seconds ago.

"Haha, yes, I guess it went a bit too wild. What did you see, can you describe it? Scientists like us need to be able to put any kind of phenomena into words Arty."

"Well the lights started fluctuating and ... suddenly a wind flow appeared in this room ...", it sounded almost impossible as the room was totally closed off. They could look through a window into the city outside but it had been closed all the time,

"and either there was an earthquake nearby or your water glass was possessed by a ghost. And your skin ... I hope you are not sick."

Gary listened to his observations all the while and laughed at the end at his concern:

"Haha, don't worry, it's totally normal. And no earthquake alarm. Do you have any ideas why this could have happened? Any hypothesis maybe?"

"Is it something related to Infinity Force? Did you do this?", he asked hesitatingly but with a hint of shock.

Instead of answering his question Gary asked back:

"Do you remember when I talked about infinity energy and how it existed everywhere around us?"

"Yes?", Arthur said while nodding his head.

"Well, the control over Infinity Force and the power behind infinity energy are closely related to each other. This is why all these weird things happened all of a sudden. I exerted influence on the infinity energy around us."

"And your skin ...", Arthur looked at him quizzically.

"Started glowing because I absorbed it into my body. Listen closely Arthur because what I am about to tell you is very important. We humans aren't meant to contain infinity energy within our bodies, we aren't Pokemon after all.

Even in this very moment my body is actively trying to expel this dangerous energy and I have to concentrate and stay focused to keep it inside! You can never allow it to remain too long within your system or it will leave long-lasting effects on your body, your cells and your DNA! Understood?"

"O-ok! But why do you do this if it's this dangerous to you?"

"Good question, and this is where our bodies comes into play and does something very interesting and mysterious.

What we do know or strongly assume is that at a certain concentration of Infinity Energy our bodies convert this powerful yet threatening energy into a less dangerous form, something that we humans can handle at least, a more natural form for us. That's why this form was named as 'Natural Energy'!

"Natural energy ...", Arthur exclaimed under his breath. All this sounded surreal, impossible but it also made him feel very excited.

"And the manipulation of Natural energy is what you know as Infinity force. So to answer your question, no, learning Infinity Force without practice isn't possible. But the accumulation of Infinity Energy and the conversion into Natural Energy does happen naturally inside us, although very slowly.

As for the glow, it's just a result of a flawed absorption. Emittance of radiation is an energy loss.

If you were to measure the temperature of my skin you would also see a slight increase in the values compared to before. This is also an energy loss.

True experts wouldn't show any form of leakages. You wouldn't be able to tell wether they were 'breathing' or not."


"Yes, breathing. This is the whole point Arthur. To be able to control Infinity force you need to incorporate this energy into your body, more than you usually take in. Several different steps are necessary to achieve this and they are all summarized in something we refer to as 'breathing methods'.

"Why would I need to learn how breathe?", he thought to himself.

"I can imagine what's going through your mind right now haha. 'Why should I need to learn how to breath?', right? Hahaha!", Arthur smiled wryly at that,

"You don't actually need to really breathe in. Experts don't. It's something you do with your inner body, your mind so to say, not with your lungs after all haha! But it helps as an image for children and can support your progress tremendously!

This is also a very important point Arthur! A good image in your mind can make your cultivation much easier!"

"Like a ... vacuum cleaner?", Arthur asked hesitatingly.

"Pfff-, hahahaha!", Gary was surprised by that response and couldn't help but laugh out loudly.

Suddenly the glow also vanished from his skin and his face took on a relaxed state again: Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-a-pervert!_33163093722853901">!-a-pervert!_33163093722853901</a> for visiting.

"A vacuum cleaner, haha, a good image, yeah. If it helps you understand the process, sure why not. You remember that brat Rico? I think he used a whirl as an image maybe. Whatever fits to you."

"Good, you have eaten your fill now so you should be in a good condition to train already."

Gary then looked earnestly into Arthur's eyes and told him:

"Now, take off your clothes!"

At the same time the door at the side opened suddenly and a waitress entered halfway through the door:

"Hello! Was the food satisfying? Do you ... need to ... order some...", she didn't manage to finish the sentence though and her eyes widened when she finally realized the situation inside the room.

A boy around 12 years old, a guy almost naked, the room in a chaotic state and did she just hear the guy tell the kid to take off its clothes?

Before Gary or Arthur could react and do anything, a loud high-pitched scream sounded out throughout the entire building:


FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy ;)

Haven't written much, so I can't do a mass release. But I will try weekly chaps again for the moment now.

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