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Chapter 44: Hidden Power

"... Pokemon Master ... Rodriguez ...? Pff, HAHAHAHA!", Cecile couldn't hold herself back and fell into a slightly mad laughter.

"Errriee!", Eevette thought they were playing a game and she wanted to play along as well, so she was moving her front paws to Cecile's knees and looked at her with curiosity in her eyes.

Atiqo's smile stuck frozen still on his face at this time and he thought to himself:

"Was it too much, that last part? I thought I acted quite well ..."

It took a minute or two until Cecile was back to normal and she asked a little ridiculed:

"Pokemon Master Rodriguez? Who or what is that supposed to be? Did you watch too many cartoons or what?"

"What?!", Atiqo's mind got blank for a moment, no even longer because that tiny bit of information was just too shocking for him!

"Y-you don't have a Pokemon Master in this world ...?", he looked at her with a pale face.

"? What's that? Who could possibly become a Master of Pokemon? This doesn't make any sense, haha.", she told him him.

"What?! No, Pokemon Master?! Then ... does that mean ... Ash lied to us all this time ...", Atiqo's world just broke down, or at least a big chunk of it.

The TV Show that moved the hearts of millions of children around the globe was all based on a ... lie?

This was the real Pokemon World after all, if there wasn't a Pokemon Master here, where else could there be one?!

Wait a sec ...

"Ash! He must be real right? Do you know Ash Ketchum?", he asked Cecile with an almost pleading voice now. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Huh, Ash Ketchum? Sure I know him.", that response made Atiqo let out a huge sigh of relieve. His childhood dreams were saved for now.

"Who doesn't know him anyway? He's the next best candidate to become the new Champ and he is my uncle's best friend. Of course I know him!", she answered with matter of fact-kind of tone.

"This girl ...", Atiqo realised whom he was talking to again.

Cecile Oak, the daughter of Blue Oak. Blue exists, so does Red, Red Foster to be exact according to what he remembered. The current champ of the Kanto Pokemon region. And Gary exists, but as the little brother of Blue ... was this really a new World? Or the reflection of the game World in some form? Taking all these things into account, it kinda made sense for Ash to exist as well. Suddenly a different random thought crossed Atiqo's mind, random but just as important!

He had a hesitating expression on his face when glancing over to Cecile:

"Is ... is it true? The rumour about Ash?"

"What rumour?", Cecile asked uncertain.

"Well, ... is Ash Ketchum really ... is he really an Immortal?", Atiqo gathered his courage and asked the question all fans of the Pokemon franchise wondered about.

But Cecile's reaction left him again confused.

"H-he he, hahaha, he, Ash Ketchum, hgahahaha, an Immortal, kkkiiihihihihi ...", Cecile was caught again in another fit of laughter and trouble speaking or laughing correctly. She was having a hard time deciding to laugh about 'Arthur's ridiculousness or seriously give him an answer to that equally ridiculous answer.

["Atiqo!"], an angry youthful voice could be heard in Atiqo's mind,

["Are you trying to ruin my image and my life?"], the real Arthur questioned Atiqo's dubios behaviour.

("Oh, Arty!"), Atiqo responded in his mind cheerfully,

("You managed to come see the show, how did you like it so far ?)"

["Not! Funny! And don't try changing the subject! "], Arthur replied angrily but with a strained voice as if he he had to speak under a lot of pressure.

("Hmm, so you're feeling it to ..."), Atiqo's face changed from his previous amused expression and took a more solmn tone.

["Yes, urgh ... what is this ... pressure?"], Arthur asked, this time more frugal with his words,

["It feels like ... I'm being pushed ... by a fricking plane ... !"]

("... I am not sure Arty. I told you, we can't be there at the same time. Either you're the pilot and I have to shut up, or I take the fron seat and you go ... into the trunk, haha, you understand?")

["I repeat ... Not. Funny.", Arthur responded with a big irritated underlying tone in his voice,

["You ... should have ... warned me ... at least ..."]

("Ehh ... yeah, sorry about that. If you just held back, I am sure the pressure would disappear-")

["So I can continue ... watching you destroy ... my image, urgh?!"], Arthur stated with imaginary gritted teeth.

("I guess, I went a bit too far, haha ... ha ... ehm. But I do have a plan, just relax and enjoy the rest. By the end of this, she will voluntarily hand over the solution to our problem."), Atiqo realized his mistake and assured Arthur of their success.

[Be quick .... then ... ...."), by the end Arthur seemed to have 'logged out' of the conversation, at least that's how Atiqo saw it.

*Sigh*, Atiqo let out a huge sigh and wanted to rest for a little. Arthur's appearance caused a slight literal heachache on his part. Sadly he didn't have anyone to consult about problems related to souls or possessed bodies ... he actually didn't want to have anything to do with people related to these fields. But reality quickly pulled him back on his feet and left him no more time to consider.

"Haha ... ha, haaaaaa. Ok, I am good again. Arthur, I don't know wether you're pranking me, or I should call my aunt again to have you checked up a second time.", Cecile recovered from her paralysed state. (^^)

"No, Ash is not an Immortal. He got into lots of troubles and adventures, my uncle told me. Sometimes he was also wounded and well, Immortals should be invincible, no?", Cecile asked with an unsure sweet smile on her face. Inwardly, she thought he had been joking with her all this time.

"Oh ...", Atiqo got disappointed,

"Well, I haven't met him personaly yet. Maybe he just covered his tracks very well. I will found out one day."

"Sure, hehe."

"And to your information, I am really an expert when it comes to Pokemon.", Atiqo puffed up his chest, as if to further consolidate his so-called position as an expert.

"Yeah, Pokemon Master ... Rom .. dego?"

"Rodriguez! It's Pokemon Master Rodriguez!", Atiqo stressed out,

"I am known quite well in the ... underworld!"

"You're a criminal, haha?", Cecile had an obvious unbelieving opinion about this.

"No, of course not. I am talking about the ...Dark Web!", Atiqo revealed dramatically, but inwardly he was sweating a little,

"But you are still just a child, I don't expect you to know about the Dark Web and the darker side of the internet..."

"Who are you calling a child?! Of course I know about it, I am not a baby who still believes in fairy tales and immortals!", she retaliated verbally,

"That's where the bad guys sell stolen goods, Pokemon and illegal stuff, right?"

"Oh, so you do know about it!", Atiqo acted suprised, but deep inside he was relieved. At least this part was still similar to his own world.

"Of course!", Cecile thought she had won.

"Well, I am known as Pokemon Master Rodriguez in the Dark Web! There are sections within the Dark Web that have profound and educational value that no one else seems to have taken advantage of.

I have studied countless webpages full of complex theoretical strategies and mysterious knowledges that could shake the foundations of our society as a whole! And after a long time, I acquired the acknowledgment from a deeply hidden Ancient Order!", Atiqo raised his voice a bit by the end to sound more powerful. That last part, he made up on the spot as he remembered Cornelius that old man, how he talked about an ancient order. Whatever, as long as it fulfilled Atiqo's needs right now.

"And ... you expect me to believe all this ... bunch of nonsense right now because ...?", she looked at him, waiting for a confirmation that the joke was over.

"Oh, the unbeliever needs evidence, experts would recognize one another on the first sight, sighhhh!", Atiqo shook his head,

"Well, if you need proof, I will deliver! I will prove to you that I am an expert!"

"And how do you want to accomplish it?", Cecile asked with a mocking tone.

"Me ...", Arthur's gaze turned towards an assuming little creature that stuck close to Cecile's side,

"Me and Eevette will prove it to you!"

"Eevette? What do you want to do with her?", Cecile look down to her Pokemon Partner, wondering why she was now suddenly involved.

"She will help me prove you something that only true experts could be aware of!", Atiqo announced self-confidently.

"And what could that be? Hmph!", Cecile didn't believe him at all, but decided to play along with his 'game'.

An image crossed Atiqo's mind, a surge of power that shook a lamp post and almost caused public destruction in the city. And Eevette ... was the reason for that surge!

"Do you remember your fight with Khali?"

"How could I forget that stupid idiot! He embarassed me in front of my dad and dared to fight against me in a Pokemon battle! Grrrr, I still have to pay him back for that ...", her face turned darker by the second, an unsightly chapter of her life that little conflict seemed to be for her.

"Well, haha, forget about him then ...", Atiqo quickly tried changing the subject,

"My focus actually lied on Eevette. The attack she used by the end, it was Hidden Power, right?", Atiqo was quite sure of it but asked anyway to confirm it.

"Yes it is. My Eevette is super smart just like me. She was able to comprehend Hidden Power after only a year of training!", she explained extremely proudly,

"Hidden Power is an offensive move not any Pokemon can learn! I don't really understand it but my uncle told me it's related to the intelligence of Pokemon. That means Eevette is super smart, able to learn it this soon!", she pulled her Eevee up in her arms and gave it thorough hugging.

"Eeerieee!", Eevette shouted happily, feeling the warmth from her partners hug.

"Intelligence??", question marks arose in Atiqo's mind. Hidden Power wasn't a TM? Whatever, he couldn't go back now, he needed to play by his luck this time around.

"Yes of course I know, I am an expert as I have told you before!", 'Arthur' proclaimed without batting an eyelid.

"Sure, hmpf.", Cecile remarked still holding Eeevette tight in her arms.

"You will believe me sooner than you think. Let me ask you a simple question, what is the secret behind Hidden Power?", a mysterious smile appeared on 'Arthur's face.

"Secret? There is a secret?", Cecile's eyebrows furrowed.

"Oh sorry, I forgot, only experts know of this secret.", Atiqo replied shamelessly.

"Please, don't take me for a toddler! What hidden secret, you are making this up, I can tell!", Cecile believed 'Arthur' was trying to pull her deeper into his scheme, but she was smarter than that.

"I told you I am an expert, it's natural I know stuff you don't. But just so that I can prove to you that I am not a liar, let's make a bet!"

"What kind of bet?"

"I will tell you about this secret and you will then ask your father wether what I told you is real or fake! I mean, he is the gym leader after all, he can definitely tell right?", Atiqo kept up a playful smile,

"This should be enough to prove my status."

"Hmmm ...", Cecile was truly considering his bet, tried to see if he was tricking her or not, but she couldn't see a problem with his conditions so ...,

"Deal! If your secret isn't some stupid childish prank and my father confirms its validity I will ... I will reconsider my initial thoughts about your conspiracy theories and lame expert-pretenses.", she agreed to his little 'game',

"If, that is. Otherwise your impression will sink even further in my mind, don't expect any pity from me by then!"

"Not a problem, haha!", Atiqo sighed in relief inwardly. The first part of this challenge was over, now the next was on.

"Now tell me about this super mega secret of yours. Even if you made it up, please don't make it boring!", Cecile told him.

"Don't worry, it's pretty interesting. You know that even within Pokemon species, not all Pokemon are the same right? One Eevee can be stronger than the other, can be faster, more sturdy and resistent. All these properties are determined during their birth, it's hidden within their genes! Can you follow me?"

"Yes, sure, this is basic Pokemon biology.", she still couldn't see the point of his explanations.

"Yeah well ... did you know that depending on the Pokemon ... Hidden Power takes on different properties?", Atiqo finally unveiled the secret.

"What? What do you mean? Hidden Power is a typeless move-"

"No it's not!", Atiqo interrupted her,

"That's the secret! Depending on the genetics of each Pokemon, Hidden Power can be expressed in different ways, sometimes one Eevee with Hidden Power has properties of the fire type, another Eevee's Hidden Power could have properties of the water type!

And this knowledge about the 'hidden' type of your Hidden Power can be used to set up a trap for your opponents, confuse them and mislead them. The options are endless, but of course, only experts could handle this kind of strategy!", Atiqo elaborated in depth his revelation.

It was a gamble. He gambled that the information from the games in his world still contained some truths that could be applied in this Pokemon World. Here in this case, it was the relationship between the TM Hidden Power and the IV/DV's each Pokemon generated upon encounter, in the games that is.

The IV or DV's, the hidden base stats each Pokemon had which could be seen as their genetics. Stats that couldn't be changed, like how some people had physiques that made them inherently stronger and faster than others.

And Hidden Power had different types depending on the IV/DV values of each Pokemon. In the competetive gameplay, players usally tried to get a specific type of Hidden Power for their Pokemon, so they attempted to breed that Pokemon in various ways to get the right values the moment it hatched from its egg or they used complicated math to calculate them.

The problem was that Atiqo wasn't knowledgable about the math involved in the determination of values, nor was he an expert in breeding.

"That's not enough!", Cecile suddenly began arguing.

"What do you mean?", Atiqo asked uncertain,

"You could have read this up somewhere, just because you read a good book about this you aren't an expert yourself now. If you want me to buy your story, it's not enough!", she said unsatisfied.

"This ..."

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