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Chapter 9: Hot Pursuit

Arthur hurried quickly and ran down the way he last saw the Sniebel at. Mr.Nyao by his side easily kept up with his pace and looked a bit bored. Its long curly tail jumped up and down with every step it took but every one of its movements was done gracefully and beautifully.

Arthur on the other hand felt like approaching the limits of his stamina very soon, sweat building up on his face and his breathing getting heavier over time.

"I should train more *huh huh*, I am too slow damned!", he cursed to himself for his lacking physique.

In the beginning right after he left the house, he realised he wasn't sure where to even begin with searching for that Sniebel. Maybe his mother foresaw he would be unsuccessful either way and that's why she gave in so lightly.

Dammit, what could I do to find it as fast as possible!'' he asked himself and went up and down on the road. Mr Nayao took the time to stretch comfortably and clean its paws.

The problem was that there were a lot of ways and branched streets the Sniebel could have taken during its escape. Which path should he take? He needed some kind of clue or indication otherwise time would be wasted, time he didn't have.

He might have been too hurried with his plan. But just sitting around and watch his mother take care of another problem he was involved in. Again

Arthur tried asking the people walking down the streets they may have seen the somehow or at least noticed the direction it took.

''I am sorry but I haven't seen one, my dear.''

''What? A wild Sniebel in Viridian City? Kids and their fantasies hahahaha!"

"Instead of annoying strangers why don't you go and grab a book? Sniebel originate from mountain regions and snowy landscapes! Why the heck is a Sniebel supposed to be here? They are listed as endangered species and relatively rare. Next time think of a better joke!"

''*Sigh*, why doesn't anyone believe me here? Is it so weird to meet a Sniebel in a city?'' Arthur wondered silently.

Until now he hadn't spent any thoughts on the diversity of the Pokemon, the composition or the frequency in which they appeared. Though it seemed to make sense that certain Pokemon from far away reagions and less dense places would be rarer as opposed to Pidgeys and Rattatas.

However this was something he would consider later and shook his head dejectedly.

His mind was empty and he didn't want to ask anymore. It would be impossible to find the right trail now without a miracle occuring.

''Maybe I should really look into more books, maybe then I would find ...AHHH!'', a wild thought shot through Arthur's head just in that moment.

His hand moved towards his right pocket and fumbled around a little. What came to light was a little portable encyclopedia, a wondrous tool from the 20th century... the PokeDex!

He wasn't familiar with the Pokedex and hadn't tried to find out more about it. There was just so much else on his plate to do he couldn't find enough time for this item.

It didn't belong to him in the first place either, yet Arthur didn't really know anyone named Atiqo and he couldn't remember how he got his hands on that person's PokeDex at all.

"Well, it can't be helped, right? Whoever finds lost stuff can keep that stuff, isn't that the rule?", he asked himself innocently.

When he was still going to school most of his classmates already had PokePhones and played around with them during and outside class all the time. His parents promised him his own Phone on his tenth birthday but then ... his dad passed away and their finances were strained to their limits. He pushed down his inner desires and put his family's well-being above all else. Now that he got his hands on an 'ownerless' device, even if it was quite old, not comparable to the newest PokePhones people usually used, he couldn't help himself but get a little bit greedy. Of course, he promised to return the Dex if he ever came across its rightful owner. If, that is.

''There is surely something inside that could help me. Definitely!''.

He was proud about his brilliant idea and conviced to have finally found a solution.

He looked at his last entries related to the Sniebel :

Name: Sniebel

Realm of Beasts

Species: Mustela glacies

Type affinity: Ice

Highest Class Recorded: Chieftain

Background information:

- Snow and mountain regions ...

-According to history, they were involved with many assassinations ...

- Were worshiped as incarnations of the god of murder in ancient times ...

- Loves warm and sweet candies, shouldn't be fed too much or else ...

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Tents minutes later

"Urgh, so many information, so much endless text ...", he wasn't a lazy person but he wasn't a friend of useless long rows of sentences that didn't make any sense either. After another small tip regarding its eating habits and favourite drinks Arthur couldn't hold on anymore.

"I give up! Until I find the clue that Sniebel will be gone and hidden god knows where. *Sigh* It's a waste of time ... maybe I should leave that to the pros ..."

He turned towards the Glameow of his mother with resignation, and thanked him silently for putting up him and sacrificing its time for him. If Pokemon even had a sense of time.

Arthur would thank him later on, maybe his favourite Snack? What did Glameow like eating the most?

He quickly looked it up in the Pokedex:

Name: Glameow

Realm of Beasts

Species: Felis catus tripudis

Type affinity: none

Highest Class Recorded: Warrior

Background Information:

-Likes rythmic movements and dancing ...

-Favourite Snacks: salty gummy meat ...

-Has a highly sensitive sense of smell and an extraordinary olfactoric memory. Even after a brief contact with scents, they can be memorised and traced back to their origin for a certain period of time ...


"WHAT?!", Arthur suddenly went into an uproar. Mr.Nayo got scraed a little und jumped to the side.

It bent its back into an arc and heightened its senses, ready for any incoming enemies.

But he was only confronted with Arthur's weird glances at him instead.

"Nayoo?", it asked back confused.

"This thing here says your sense of smell is quite strong, could you trace back ... that Siebel?", Arthur asked. He didn't even consider wether Mr.Nyao could understand him or not, the idea that they could have saved tons of time suppressed all his rational thoughts in that moment.

""Nyao!", Mr.Nyao told him confidently and started looking for trails on the ground with its little nose.

Surprisingly, it seemed to have gotten the message right.

But what was even more upsetting and irritating for Arthur in his current state of was a completely different question:

"WHY didn't you tell me in the first place then?! You could have at least tried man!"

Mr.Nyao raised his head and his response was only an expression that looked like saying:

"Kiddo, I am just a Pokemon and you didn't even ask me once before, duhh."

After that it continued with its work and sniffed around concentratedly, looking for that one scent of that Pokemon they had met before.


"Ahh, well, you're right. I am sorry, my fault ... I guess." Arthur said unnerved and accepted his mistake. Argueing with a Pokemon wouldn't bring any results either way.

But those rewards he wanted to give Mr.Nyao earlier on ... nevermind them.

The scent was deeply ingrained in thee Glamemeows memories. It might just hve been a couple of minutes, maybe even less time the had had contact with it. But this exotic odor that smelled like wild pines, pitiful confusion and the breakfast from yesterday ... it was already caught within its system and wouldn't vanish for the next hour or so.

The difficult things was differentiating it from all the other smells lingering in the air, constantly produced by the moving constructs and building on the side road. Humans and living beings weren't that much of an issue.

It felt like an eternity for Arthur as the clock was ticking and time waa running out with every passing second. Hoewver, his patience finally bore some fruits at least.

Glameow suddenly sprinted forwards and Arthur didn't have time left to ask any qudstik questions!

Luckily, Mr.Nyao was considerate and didn't leave to far away from Arthu's side, otherwise he might have never caught up to the Pokemon's speed.

He was fully recovered anyway and could continue his pursuit!

"Hopefully it's still there! This time, we will get you!"

He managed to follow the Glameow through the jungle of streets and buildings and even quickened the pace a little, the situation urged him to do so. He didn't know wether the scent could run dry and the ended up in the middle of nowhere. The earlier they caught up with the Sniebel theb better.

On the way he saw a lot of Pokemon without any Trainers roaming the streets and parks or flying in the sky.

It puzzled Arthur how there were stray Pokemon without any form of control or supervision. He didn't see them as dangerous creatures and they only looked curiously back at him but what if they got into any accidents or were the cause of them?

The city itself was built like a big circle, divided into several ring spreading out from the city center. In addition, there were two main streets, the Azure Oak Boulevard and the Scarlet Foster Boulevard that crossed in the middle and parted the city into four equal sections.

They were currently in the southeastern district known as Green Guardian but as they continued to run they slowly approached the central square Arthur and his mother had passed by before.

More and more shops and stores came into his view that triggered his memory further.

Suddenly something red was caught in the corner of his eyes, a small detail his brain unconsciously processed and redirected his attention to.

It was difficult to concentrate and search for such details while running on the pavement, trying not to dash into any people or Pokemon and create any accidents. The many sights and noises dampened his senses even more, but this red feather. This long red feather, that stuck out from the sea of figures roaming the streets, was still fresh in his minds.

"Sniebel! There you are!", Arthur shouted excitedly.

"Nyao-Nyao!", Mr.Nyao confirmed to him confidently. They had truly found their target after a hopeless odysse.

As they closed in on their target, They saw the Sniebel looking around like a small child, seemingly dazzled by all the different attractions.

It sneaked towards a small fruit and berry grocery and grabbed a couple colourful berries with each of its clawy hands.

The incredible thing was that nobody in the surroundings noticed a thing, just as it had accomplished its criminal mission the Sniebel vanished from plain sight!

It took Arthur a couple of seconds and his full focus to rediscover its location.

"Again, that Vanishing-Move! It's too fast for my eyes to track!", Arthur determined.

The Sniebel hid amongst the masses and cheerily ate the goods it just stole, shoving the food into its small mouth without any reservations or a guilty look.

Arthur apologized silently to the store owner and put his focus back on to the task at hand.

"What should I do? If I rush to aggressively it will notice me and maybe use that vanishing move again! But if I just continue following it like this, it will do even more bad deeds or escape from my sight sooner or later, sigh ...", Arthur was in a dilemma and couldn't decide on what to do.

He looked to the side towards Mr.Nyao, but like the situation before, it was just a Pokemon.

He couldn't expect from it to throw out a perfect bullet proof capture-strategy.

But reality didn't give him that time anyway. Maybe they got too close to the Sniebel, maybe they behaved to conspicuously or maybe that Sniebel had supernatural Pokemon senses that warned from danger, who knows. As if a lightning bolt had struck its body, the Snibel stopped moving all of sudden and turned its head sharply in the direction Arthur and Mr.Nyao were coming from.

Their gazes met for a moment, if Arthur needed to guess he would say that a slight shock followed by a derisive sneer appeared on that Snibel's face telling him:

"Wow, so you found me, huh? Don't think you're that great!"

FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy ;)

Reminder: I don't know latin, I tried saying Jumping/Dancing house cat lol

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