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Chapter 3: Life and Death

"Huh ... huh ... huh"

A young boy ran with heavy breaths through the woods. He didn't know where to run to, he just knew that he couldn't stop under any circumstances.

His clothes were torn on many places, more often than not he fell down somewhere or got caught on some branches. But he didn't stop. The danger hovering above his head was just too great.

His body was covered with injuries and deep bites. Blood leaked out of his waist and legs. His movement looked more like stumbling than actual running.

Sweat dripped down his forehead and he had to breath in more and more. Yet he didn't allow himself to take a short break and sit down or else he might not find the strength to stand up again.

His hand palms were skinned sharply because of the stumbling on the ground or supporting himself against the hard tree barks.

However, the adrenalin was still able to distract him from the pain.

"Auuuuuuu!", sounded out the shout of a creature in the near distance. In response a couple of other similar shouts resounded as well:

"Auuuuuuu! Auuuuuuu!"


The boy realized the gravity of the situation and tried to think of a way out. But thinking was getting harder and harder and keeping his eyes open also became increasingly more difficult.

And then, before he could prevent it, he fell down harshly onto the ground. His right arm bore the brunt of the force yet it was also affected the most. His whole body was now coloured with a mix of blood and dirt.

He grit his teeth and tried propping himself up but he couldn't summon the necessary strength to do so.

The howls of the creatures got louder and louder as they got closer to his location.

Inside the shrubs and trees in his 20m surroundings, there were eyes already visible that looked down upon the boy's body. They looked at him the way a predator looked at its prey.

The boy put his left hand into his pocket and brought a round ball to light. It was very rusty, but there were still colours of red and white recognizable. He couldn't stop himself and coughed out blood onto the ball.

Tears formed in his eyes when he saw that. The picture of a man with a broad back came to his mind and the tears fell down his cheeks.

"I am sorry, dad", the tears filled his view and mixed with the blood on his body, "I am so sorry. I couldn't do it. I promised you I would protect them, but I couldn't do it. I have failed them instead."

He wept and let out a sorrowful cry. His face got paler and he struggled to keep his mind clear. He wanted his last memories of this World to be good ones.

The boy was lying at the foot of a larger tree on a big field of grass.

At the border of the field three smaller grey bodies gradually approached him. They walked on their four legs and shortened the distance in a couple of seconds to four meters.

They let out low growls and threatened the person in front of them. They sensed his weakness and wanted to make sure that he didn't have any trump cards or traps left for them.

The boy's eyes were already quite damaged, and he couldn't see anything except for shadows and bright light. He clenched his left fist in a last effort before the last breaths of live left him.

His lifeless body lied there silently. The creatures probed him more to see if he just faked it. But after some tests it seemed like their meal was ready to be devoured. They approached him more and these beasts already anticipated the taste of fresh meat.


At the same time in the sky above

Suddenly a tear formed between the clouds and rays of light in the sky. It grew larger with every passing second and stretched from one side to the other. When the thin line seemed to be too long it opened itself as if a giant was opening its jaws.

Behind the entrance was simply a screen of endless darkness. Yet within the middle a small point of light was visible. It grew bigger and bigger till the whole screen was engulfed in this light.

Then in the next moment something bright shot out from the screen and fell down the earth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A group of pidgey's and pidgeotto's was in the way, but they avoided the foreign object as fast as possible. They somehow knew that a direct confrontation wouldn't end well for them.

The ball of light moved with an incredibe speed through the air and would have turned the night into day and compete with the sun in terms of brightness.

The object dropped in the direction of the forest near the place where the boy's body lied. The small creatures that were about to eat their meal became frightened when they saw the object falling. They thought it was all part of that person's plan, so they escaped into the bushes with their tails between their legs.

The mysterious object as if steered through an unknown force moved into the lifeless body and disappeared therein.

In the beginning nothing happened, but then all of a sudden, the seemingly dead body started shivering like crazy. After a short moment the shivering came to an end but the heart that had stopped beating, resumed its work suddenly:

"Bumb-bumb, bumb-bumb, bumb-bumb ..."

His face gradually regained its colours and some of his worse injuries healed more quickly than before. His breathing was still unstable but calmed down to a rythmic pattern after some time.

Steps could be heard in the surroundings and the bushes rustled a little. An elderly looking man came to light. He wore sunglasses and a straw-hat. His orange-brown hair and a black walking stick by his side were prominent.

Next to him stood a big Arcanine with a mighty mane.

"Your were right Arcanine. There is indeed a heavily wounded boy on the ground. Secure the vicinity and make sure nobody disturbs us! I will take a look at him."

The man approached the boy and bent over to check his pulse.

"He is still alive, huuh, you're fortunate boy. But his injuries are too heavy. His bleedings must be treated immediately."

He took out two small balls out of his pockets. After pressing on their buttons, they got bigger and reached the sizes of matured apples. They sprang open in the middle and masses of red energy poured out. After some seconds they took on clearer shapes and gained more mass till two newly formed bodies stood in front of the man.

One of them looked a giant dinosaur with a big plant on its back. The other was a huge bird-like creature with brown feathers and red-golden feathers on its head and tails.

"Venusaur, patch his body up a little with some vines. Be especially carful with his injured waist and legs. Pidgeot bring him then as fast as possible to the hospital in Viridian City. Be also carful not to move his body too much on the way, or else the injuries could get worse!", he commanded them in a strict tone. The Pokemon growled and twittered in agreement and went to their work.

After some minutes, the pidgeon was already flying in the distance.

"Hang in there, boy!", said the old man and was already on the way back with the rest of his Pokémon when he noticed a small object on the ground. It was round, rusty and covered with fresh blood.

"Does it belong to him?", he wondered and just to be sure he took out a handkerchief and put the object inside.

The woods returned to their usual wild state with some screams and shouts echoing from the distance from time to time.


In a far-way land, in a huge building on the highest floor

The doors burst open and a long brown-haired lady in secretary uniforms stormed into the bureau and called the grey-haired man in his black suit in front of her out:

"Mr.Stone! Mr.Stone! Something happened!"

Mr.Stone sat in his chair in front of his black wooden desk and was immersed in his newspaper when his secretary awoke him. He looked up and a smile appeared on his face when he saw her so urgently calling him out:

"Mrs.Fly, what honour do I have to be able to greet you here. Please calm down first, it's not like time is going to run us out, right?"

Mrs.Fly did as she was told and straightened her back in front of her Boss:

"Mr.Stone, our sensors sent signals that they detected great amounts of Infinity Particles in the vicinity of west Kanto!"

"How great?", he asked back with furrowed eyebrows.

"Thousand times the amount that results in a standard gym battle."

"Thousand times?!"

"That's not all, when I looked at the weather conditions in that sector with our satellites, the data showed that some kind of anomaly must have happened at a certain point in time, but which also disappeared just as fast as it occurred!"

"Hmmm.", Mr.Stone had a contemplating expression on his face. The situation seemed like a mystery and very strange from the beginning to the end.

"Look out for any news reports in that area. Try to further narrow down the location of the occurrence. And send a message to our nearest branch in Kanto to bring a team and scout out the area for further clues. I want a report tomorrow morning at the latest!", he ordered her.

"Yes Sir!", she obeyed and made her way out to accomplish her tasks.

Mr.Stone glanced out of the window, still with a thoughtful look on his face and eyes. He smirked lightly:

"Maybe it's time for some holidays!"


FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy ;)

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