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Chapter 38: Oak Family Part 2

"I-I will drop dead ... the moment I step out of the gates?!", he asked bewildered back, was that a death sentence on him?!

"Hahahaha, look at your face, hahaha!!!", Daisy fell into a small fit of laughter and couldn't stay still anymore.

"S-so that was a Joke, ha...ha?", why did all grown-ups he met make such jokes when the situation was so serious!

"No, haha, huh, I didn't lie.", she got herself back together.

"Daisy, please, could you be a bit more considerate ..."

"Be quiet Blue! You're one to talk, always making fun of me for not wanting to become a 'real Trainer' when we were small ..."

"What does that have to do with the situation now ..."

"Guys, please, could we not argue for a moment ...", Gary tried to calm them down.

"You have the nerves to ..."

"Do you think you have any right to ...", both talked back at him annoyed for butting in.

"Ehem ...", Arthur cleared his throat a little,

"Could we come back to the 'I am gonna die'-topic just for a second please?", Arthur asked the siblings timidly.

"Ehh, yeah, sure!", Daisy took the chance to change the subject,

"Well, you see Arty, huh, how do I start ... You were involved in a battle right?", she asked him.

"Yes.", he answered unsurely. Actually he only had memories regarding the fight against the Bellsprout ... everything that came after it, the moment the Zubat and that Houndour appeared they were ... they weren't erased, but seeing those images flashing in his mind they didn't feel like 'his' memories or 'his' actions at all but felt like from somebody else instead ... it was like watching a movie happening from the perspective of the spectator ... but that was too weird for him to explain them right now.

"And you got injured by several attacks from the Pokemon, right?

You see Arty, usually Pokemon don't only deal physical damages to our bodies. There is an energy called ..."

"Dizzy, he knows what Infinity Energy is, I already explained it to him", Gary butted in again.

"Me too.", Blue said.

(A/N: Infinity Energy mentioned in chapter 15, 22, 23 ...)

"Don't call me like that in front of guests!", Daisy got a bit red and angry at his interruption.

"It's just Arthur, no big deal, right?", Gary winked at him.

"So, well, if you already know about Infinity Energy that will save us some time.", she got back on track and became serious,

"Infinity Energy is highly volatile and very reactive towards all kinds of matter, some might even go so far and call it 'corrosive'. Strange things happen around this energy that science can't always explain.

Luckily for us humans, we have several mechanisms to prevent this type of energy to harm our bodies.

Have you known that there is a very thin acidic layer on our skins that prevents bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from invading our bodies? It's called the 'acid mantle' ", she asked him, though it was just a rethorical question.

Arthur was about to shake his head, when suddenly a flash of information passed through his mind, and he started mumbling to himself absent-mindedly:

"The pH of our skins is between 4,5 and 6,2 which makes it slightly acidic. Our blood is alkaline on the other hand. Once bacteria that grew accustomed to our skins enter more internal tissues ..."

(A/N: Credits go to Wikipedia *bow*)

"... they encounter an environment which they are less adapted to! Oh my god, how did you know that Arty?", Daisy was really amazed hearing this from the mouth of a 12 year old child.

"He is smart, didn't I tell you, haha, that's why I chose him to replace you Dizzy!", Gary was also astounded but grew a little used to this unassuming little boy surprising him time and time again.

"Hmpf, don't get cocky Gary, seems like you still didn't learn your lessons yet!", she responded with a challenging tone in her voice.

" Hahaha, I ehh... I learned it from the internet ...", that excuse grew a bit old now he thought, but the rest seemingly accepted it as curiosity from a smart kid. He himself wasn't sure what the heck just happened to him!

"Daisy, please continue.", Blue asked her.

"Fine. The point I was trying to make Arty is that we humans have a similar protective layer against Infinity Energy! It's invisible and covers every one of ours cells. I can't really tell you how it's done ...", she looked sideways at Blue who shook his head,

" ... but it's there. Or it should be there at least ... in your case Arty, it disappeared!"

"What?! So, do I really die now?!"

"No, not anymore ... for now. Disappeared might not be the perfect expression. A more fitting term would be ... 'exhausted'!

You somehow exhausted so much of the 'Natural Energy' in your body that there wasn't enough for maintaining this safe layer around you anymore!

This by itself is quite an impossible feat but I get side-tracked here.

The problem was that during the whole course of the battle you sustained a lot of Infinity Energy- infused attacks!

The corrosive energy penetrated your body and without that invisible layer the situation was completely helpless for you. Falling unconscious is the smallest problem you could have gotten ...

You're lucky my brother was quick to react and bring you here, our Mansion is built on top of an Energy Vein. It permeates this whole building with rich Natural Energy that currently acts as a counterforce towards the imbalance inside your body.

So long as you stay here, the corrosive properties won't harm you and after some time your protective layer will be re-established again.

Otherwise, any step outside our territory could make those energy residues go wild again and lead to accelerated cell apoptosis which means ..."

"Nothing good I guess ...", Arthur said with a grave expression on his face.

"Nope, nothing good at all.", she smiled while shaking her head,

"The good news is that the rest of your body seems fine ... considering your circumstances. You have some cuts, bruises, some broken ribs, you lost a lot of blood, it's a miracle that you didn't pass out earlier actually when reading all these details haha!", her weird humour sparked out again,

"But it's nothing that can't be fixed with time and rest, and lots of food."

Blue spoke out again:

"There are several things that we need to discuss Arthur. Some are more important than others, but the most urgent thing right now is calling your family!"

"My, family?"

"Yes, I talked to your mum earlier on the phone and if it hadn't been for a certain someone who convinced me otherwise ..." Blue glanced back at Gary,

"... then your mum would be standing here right in front of you already."

"Oh, shit!", Arthur cursed to himself,

"How long have I ... passed out?"

"Language young man!", the butler repriminded him,

"And it has been 8 hours since young Master Gary brought you back on his Fearow."

Arthur looked at Gary and nodded at him as a gesture of gratitude, which Gary just waved off.

"She has been calling several times in the last hours, she is getting worried Arthur and we can't keep lying to her.", Blue had an uneasy expression on his face.

Arthur realised he felt bad using his status and authority as a Gym Leader to lie to his mother and abuse her trust.

"Then what should I tell her?"

"No, Arthur, you misunderstood my brother here! We can't keep lying to your mum, it would make her too suspicous, but that doesn't mean that you can't ...", Gary's smile widened into a grin.

"Of course we aren't telling you to lie to her ... but just bend the truth a little, hehe.

Look Arthur, it's not a problem that you're here staying with us, not at all! But as long as we don't know who is after your life and for what reason, it's just too dangerous to tell your family. They might get involved involuntarily."

Arthur gulped heavily, when it came to his family there was nothing he would prioritise more.

Imagining his family to become endangered because he got too careless ... no, he absolutely couldn't allow that to happen!

"I understand, I know what to do then ...", Arthur responded with firm resolve burning in his eyes.



"Yes, hello?", a female voice answered on the phone.

"Hi mum, it's ehh, it's me ..."

"Arthur! What happened, don't tell me you got yourself back into some trouble! I trust Mr.Oak, but I was already starting to feel worried something might have happened ..."

"It's fine mum ...", Arthur closed his eyes, remembering what he wanted to say,

"It's just ... that I found the Sniebel!"

"What?! Really?! That's amazing Arthur!", his mother hadn't actually believed her son would be able to catch that cunning Pokemon, especially this quickly.

"Yeah, well, during my ... attempt to catch it back we kind of got into an accident, and the Sniebel got hurt really bad ...", a depressing feeling soaked his heart again when thinking back to the talk he had with Daisy about his Sniebel ... Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What, this, I am sorry, but what about you Arthur?", she asked worriedly.

"I told you I am fine, I got a bit hurt, but ... nothing serious. But I would like to stay here for the time being in Blue's house, they are currently taking care of the Sniebel ..."

"Are you sure you can do this ..."

"I asked him and Gary and they both said I could ..."

"-wait, did you just say Gary?!", his mum's voice faltered suddenly.

"Huh? Yeah, Blue and Gary are here, Gary helped me quite a lot with the S-", but he was interrupted again before he could finish his sentence.

"You are saying Gary Oak is currently in that mansion?!", was it just his imagination or did her voice go up a few pitches ...

"Yes, they are brothers ..."

"Oh my god Arthur, why didn't you tell me before! Why didn't you call earlier?!", she suddenly also got a bit angrier,

"You know what, it's fine if you stay there until your Pokemon is back to health, but I will have to come over and take a look at Gar-, I mean I have to confirm you are alright and you are behaving like a good child. I will be there tomorrow then!", she instantly transformed from a worried mother into a ... Arthur couldn't find the right words.

"It's ok mum, I am already 12 years old, I can take care of m-"

"No, Arthur McNeal, don't talk back to me like that after doing another one of your dangerous stunts again! I will be coming tomorrow and meet that famous friend of yours, bye-bye!", and so she broke the call.


"... famous? When did I say that?"

FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy and leave a comment behind ;)

I will try and do chaps every day now (got a bit more freetime) , but this won't be a regular thing sadly, so enjoy it as long as possible :)

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