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86% Pokemon Untold / Chapter 43: Pokemon Master Rodriguez

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Chapter 43: Pokemon Master Rodriguez

"What? No, I told you Arthur, you have to stay put or else you will endanger your life!", Cecile strongly tried dissuading him.

"But is there really no way? It's really important to me to get there, extremely important!", Arthur pleaded with puppy eyes.

"What could be so important as to risk your life, huh? I mean, it's just some days you'll have to stay here longer, can't this wait?", Cecile could not understand his sudden urgency.

"It's ... I lost something, something important to me, when I had to run in that forest it must have fallen out of my pocket, it belonged to my dad you know?", Arthur felt guilty lying to her, but it was an emergency and this also concerned his life and health to a certain point, right?,

"I'm afraid that it might get burried or swept away somehow. Or there could be wild Pokemon who took it as food! That, I don't want to imagine that ...", Arthur tried putting on a very sorrowful expression on his face.

Cecile realized the importance of this issue and why he was pressing on it so much about this.

She struggled heavily about it on the inside. For one it was too dangerous and life threatening to go out now for him. But then again he had a reason to go there, and she felt sympathetic towards him and his past which was why she struggled to come to a decision.

However, in the end, she knew what was the right thing to do:

"I am sorry Arthur...", she shook her head apologetically,

"... but I am not allowed to do this. Uncle Gary fought very hard to make sure you were ok.

Bringing you out is just too dangerous now. Let's wait for a bit, or you can just tell me how the object looks like and I will go out and do something about it, ok?", she replied with a firm voice.

No matter what he wanted to do, it couldn't be worth trading his life for it...


Arthur felt conflicted about it. He wanted to rush out and not care about any of their concerns, but he wasn't that cold. He knew Cecile meant well for him. Yet that didn't really help him right now anyway.

"Sorry Atiqo ...", he apologised ruefully in his mind.

("Don't lose your hope too quickly Arty!"), a sudden familiar voice sprang up in his head,

("Let me handle this for a sec, ok?"), Atiqo said with a playful tone.

Arthur jumped up in fright, looking around confused he found nobody else nearby.

Cecile looked at him puzzled:

"Are you ok?"

"Y-yeah haha!", Arthur scratched his head embarrassed,

"Its nothing, just some weird feeling, haha!"

("Don't freak out Arty, it's me!"), the voice called him back.



"No, ehh, 'let it go'! Don't worry about it, I understand your reasoning, haha!", Arthur had a slip of his tongue, and thought too loudly.

"Ok, you're quite weird today, but I guess it's understandable considering everything ...", Cecile brushed it off as another sign of Arthur not being back to full health yet.

Arthur heaved a sigh of relief in his mind and walked to the window on the other side of the room while sending a message in his thoughts:

["Atiqo, is it really you?"], Arthur asked unsurely.

("Who else would haunt your mind night and day? Of course it's me!"), Atiqo's voice thundered loudly.

["Please, be a bit more quiet! My head is bursting!"], Arthur complained instantly while his eyes were pressed tighly because of the loud noise in his head.

("AH ... , sorry, got it. This wandering in someone's mind thing, it's a new experience for me you see ...")

["I get it."]

("Look Arty, I don't want to ruin your game with her but I think I could help you out this time, ok?"), Atiqo suggested amused.

["What game? And what's your plan? To be honest, if I were to continue standing here like a tree she will start thinking I am mental anyway..."]

("Hahaha, don't worry, let me handle this, just take a backseat and enjoy the show!"), Atiqo's voice resounded loudly in Arthur's mind again.

["Take a backseat? What do you-"], but before he finish his question, a sudden force grabbed his mind and harshly pulled him away!

His view of that room and the window right before him grew distant very fast and looked far away in his eyes! The edges and corners and sides all stretched infinitely long as if there was no end in sight!

But then, as swift as that weird pull came, his journey stopped and his senses felt a strange transformation happening ...

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Cecile played with Eevette, she had a little ball in her hand and she threw it around while Eevette would always run after it, bringing the ball back to her, ready for another round of play!

"Eerrrrie!", Eevette expressed her happiness and snuggled up to Cecile's knees.

"Nice work Eevette, that's wonderful, you're doing great haha!", Cecile cheered her on and smiled seeing her little Pokemon Partner enjoy the game. She gave her a little pat and was about to continue when ...

"Hahaha, what an adorable little Eevee you have here!", a boy came by their side and smilingly observed the Eevee with curios eyes.

"Yes, I got it from my uncle for my tenth birthday, he said that it would be growing together with me. And ever since then we always stayed together, she's practically family to me.

We wake up, eat, sleep and train together! *Sigh* But lately Uncle Gary has been nagging on me a little, pressuring me to think more about the future or it could be too late ... Though I don't get what he is trying to tell me here. I mean I am already having the best relationship I could have with Eevette, so everything should be alright ..."

"Hehehe ... What a wise man this 'Uncle Gary' seems to be, hehehe!", 'Arthur' let out a chuckle when hearing about Cecile's troubles.

"Huh? Why are saying that Arthur?", Cecile asked puzzled. Of course she agreed her uncle was wise but why did he bring that up now?

'Arthur's smile turned into a wide grin and his sudden change of expression made even the Eevee watching by on the side cautious.

'Arthur's eyes continued scrutinizing the Eevee at this time:

"You know, Cecile right? Cecile, do you know what one of the key aspects in the relationships between Pokemon and Trainers is?"

"Ehh, love and care?"

"*Sighhh*", 'Arthur' as if expecting that answer crossed his arms, shook his head while letting out a disapproving sigh ...

Huh? Cecile felt like she experienced a deja vu, as if she had seen this scene somewhere before ...

"No! The most important component in a relationship is 'Evolution'!", 'Arthur loudly declared.

"Evo ... lution?", Cecile repeated again unsurely.

"Yes, Evolution! Evolutions shape and frame the relationship between a Pokemon and its Trainer! As the Pokemon evolves, so does the Trainer! And as the Trainer evolves, so does the Pokemon!

Both are connected by body and soul and share happiness and sorrow with each other, and evolution is the key to bring this bond onto a higher level!!!", 'Arthur' sounded more and more like a coach giving a motivational speech to his players!

"Cecile, let me ask you a little question, have you ever thought about the future path your Pok-, no, the path that Eevette should take?", 'Arthur' kept up his wide smiling face and asked her in a very trustful tone.

"Future path? I ehh, not sure ehh..." ,Cecile was surprised by that sudden question and couldn't form a clear thought for a moment.

'Arthur' saw his chance and continued his sales pitch form:

"Gary has connected you and Eevette for a specific reason, you see. Eevees in general are a very special kind of Pokemon. They can open up endless possibilities for your future and if guided well their path of evolution is also perfectly attuned to their Pokemon Trainer's needs ...",

"What do mean?", Cecile felt uncertain and asked.

"If you could choose Eevette's evolution right now, which form would you pick?", he asked her while still maintaining his poker-face.

"Ehmm, Glaceon looked quite pretty ...", before she could continue though, Arthur had already let out a disapproving sigh.

"Sigh, oh dear, oh dear. A Glaceon it is ...", Arthur threw some pitiful glances at her and returned to his head shaking and sorrowful sighing, leaving Cecile in a hesitant and shocked state. Did she say something wrong?

"W-what's wrong with that? Glaceon can be quite powerful as well, it's not only pretty ...", she felt the need to defend herself.

"Cecile ...", Arthur finally responded,

"You're a Trainer! You have to think about the strengths and weaknesses of your Pokemon and take their competitive edge into consideration!", why did it feel like a teacher was rebuking his student now?!

"Glaceon and pretty? Who cares about that?! What's important is its stats, attack pool, possible builts and even opposite checks and counters! A true Trainer takes all kinds of factors into account when training their Pokemon!", Arthur told her righteuosly,

"And you picking Glaceon of all possible Eeveelutions tells me a lot about your lacking considerations ..."

"Hey! You don't have the right to tell me that!", Cecile got angry. She might have pitied Arthur a little for his injuries and background, but that didn't give him the right to talk to her like that!

"And what on earth do you mean with Eeveelutions?"

"Yare yare ... *jojo reference ^^*, among us experts, we like to call the group of evolutions Eevees can take like that. It sounds fitting, no?", 'Arthur' answered unperturbed by her little outrage.

"Hahaha, experts? You an expert? Then you might as well call me the Imperial Princess of the 'Hundred Ancient Clans' of China!", she mocked Arthur, payback as for what he did before.

"You haven't entered the Pokemon Trainer Academy and you already call yourself an expert? I am sorry, but this sounds too much like an unfunny joke.", she scoffed at Arthur's remark. It was especially annoying to her, as she was related to a bunch of famous and known experts herself. Anybody who called himself an expert in front of her, first needed to climb over the unsurmountable wall that was her dad! Impossible.

Arthur all the while, kept up his smile and still silently observed Eevette moving on the ground. Seconds trickled by and nobody spoke for some time ... until:

"Glaceons have the Ice-Type.", he broke the silence.

"Huh? Of course they d-"

"They usually have a height of around 0,8 meters and 25,9 kilograms of weight. Glaceon are covered in light-blue fur that can be frozen into sharp quills. They have long, pointed ears, dark eyes, and a small nose. Glaceon have two dark blue, rhombus-shaped markings on their backs, and the tip of their tails and feet are the same shade of blue.

This Pokémon is able to create small ice crystals around it by controlling its body temperature. It is capable of freezing its fur into sharp needle-like icicles, used to tackle its prey. It can drop its body temperature below -75 degrees Fahrenheit.", Arthur quickly let out flood of information regarding Glaceon.

(A/N: Info from

"But let's focus less on the superficial stuff and more about the stats!", he spoke confidently and seemingly being indifferent to Cecile's change of expression he wanted to continue.

"S-stats?", Cecile was overwhelmed by Arthur's elaborate explanations.

"Glaceon has high defensive stats, physical and special but it doesn't help if they aren't backed up by a sufficient amount of health points! It also doesn't have any significant resistances to make proper use of its high defenses! To go further into its weaknesses, its lacking speed stats make it look as slow as a turtle!"


"Ehh, I mean as slow as a Slowpoke!"


"High defenses but no speed, in a competitive battle, we call that a good Punching Bag! Its only remedy is its very high special attack stat, but even that is overshadowed by its pitifully lacking special attack pool ... Amongst all possible Eeveelutions, Glaceon is the worst you could have picked!", 'Arthur' finally concluded his critisism against Glaceon and let the information sink into Cecile's dumbfounded mind.

Finally, when the silence almost felt too unbearing, she asked weakly:

"W-who are you and what have you done with Arthur?!", Cecile's mouth was agape and her eyes looked aghast in 'Arthur's direction.

'Arthur' could barely keep hís grinning face from tearing his face apart when he heard that question come out of her mouth.

"Hehehe, my name is ... Rodriguez! But most people know me as, Pokemon Master Rodriguez!"

FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy and leave a comment behind ;)

sorry for not updating for so long, semester restarted, so I have less focus on the FanFic right now :P

Thanks to all that stoned it with Power though!

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