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78% Pokemon Untold / Chapter 39: Potions, Potions and Potions!

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Chapter 39: Potions, Potions and Potions!

Arthur couldn't really understand his mother's sudden change of mood, but well, maybe she got sick or something, she's definitely working too much lately.

He put these things aside and thought back to his talk with Daisy about Sniebel's condition ...


"Good, if that's taken care of we can-", Blue wanted to begin but got interrupted by Daisy, geez, no politeness amongst siblings. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_39766061016468993">!_39766061016468993</a> for visiting.

"Hey, what about Sniebel, don't you want to know how he is?", she asked Arthur without regard for Blue's angry stares.

"Yes, please, I really want to know!", Arthur responded instantly. Even if his memories were a bit fuzzy, he still knew that Sniebel had put up his life at stake to defeat those villains and save him. Arthur would never forget something this critical and he knew that was a debt he might never be able to fully pay up.

"His condition is now stable, but that's a really broad term. He's had a concussion, several broken bones especially in his arms, a huge load of blood loss ... I nearly head to rob a blood bank to get enough blood together!"

"I-I ... I will pay it up, don't worry!", he replied anxiously. The Oaks had already done so much for him and he didn't want to owe them even more, this would be impolite. Even though he didn't have much he would still remember this kindness and pay them back somehow.

"What? No, forget that, hahaha!", Daisy began to chuckle.

"Arthur, you're my friend, and friends don't owe each other! We didn't do this so you could pay us back, don't worry about such small stuff!", Gary rebuked him a little.

"Yes, don't worry Arthur, saving a life for something so worthless as money, I would do it a thousand times more for you and your Pokemon ... but please don't have any thoughts about getting yourselves into more danger, ok? Hahahaha!", Blue also waved him off with his one only arm.

"But didn't she say she had to use up so much blood?", Arthur asked confused.

"Yes, I did say that Arty. But contrary to humans there are a wide variety of Pokemon in the world and much more blood groups to act as donators between each other. Pokemon Hunter's specifically try to conserve as much blood as possible when doing their jobs. You never really have to worry about Pokemon dying because of blood loss, ok?", she told him amused.

"Oh ... so it was like that.", he didn't get embarrassed about this, he simply didn't know about this system.

"You will learn about this later in school, so don't worry too much, haha!"

"What about ... Potions? Do they exist?", somehow he felt like he had seen this before somewhere ...

"Potions?", she had a surprised expression on her face all of a sudden.

"Yeah, like Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Max Potions ... Full Restore?"

"Pff ... HAHAHA!", Daisy couldn't hold herself back and fell into laughter, much heavier then before,

"where, where hahaha, did you get this, hahaha?", she was barely able too ask.

"I-I don't know ...", but now he definitely felt embarrassed, did he say something wrong?

"Oh boy, that was ... I haven't heard something this funny since, since Gary tried to eat Pokemon Berries and had too fart soooo loud, pfff hahahaha!", old memories sprang up in her mind about her dear little brother holding his butt anxiously.

"HEY! Don't bring that up in front of guests!", now it was Gary's turn to feel irritated.

"Hahaha, to get back to the potions, Arty, did you play too many games? They sound like straight from an RPG, srsly Hyper Potion, Super Potion, Max ...pfff, HAAHAHA!", she tried it but couldn't resist when repeating those same words again.

Blue took over for her, while she was incapacitated:

"Yes, Arthur, I guess you're a bit too young, but there are some stores in the city that sell potions. But those are either fake products or extremely highly priced items. When it comes to Pokemon medicine there is a whole slew of medicines similar to the human side, but the term 'Potion' is a bit more special in the professional Pokemon World.

Potions have existed since time immemorial, passed down from one generation to the next according to history, and they have many miraculous abilities like instantly healing up a Pokemon's injuries in but a moment of time! Lost limbs, infections, stress, whatever you could name, 'Health Potions' could heal it probably. Myths say even the dead could be brought back but ... well that's a myth."

"Then, why do we still have Pokemon Centres?", Arthur asked even more confused than before.

"Well, the answer is quite frankly: War! Humanity's history is quite long Arthur, many wars have been fought, many factions rose up and declined. And the spread of informtion wasn't that great in ancient times, lots has been lost or added into over time until nobody was really sure how to create the exact right Potions.

And the last place where historians believe the complete formulas for all possible Potions to have been located at once, was the Great Library of Alexandria ..."

"Oh ...", realisation dawned upon Arthur's face when he heard that name.

"Yes, you know about it I guess. A wealth of information, a marble of humanity's accomplishments ... and all that turned into ashes ...sighhh!"

"Nowadays when people talk about Potions, they mean the products made by certain clans from different parts of the world like e.g. oriental east asia, especially China. It's said, or at least they claim that their version of the 'Health Potion' is based on the most complete formula that currently exists on earth.", Gary continued,

"It could be true, Ancient China has been a similar powerful force as Ancient Greece or Rome, maybe they were indeed able to preserve their information and secrets to a much larger extent and continue doing so until our modern era. Nobody can say that for certain as our neighbour's lips are tightly sealed on this matter."

"And they don't want to share this information because ..."

"Hahaha, Arthur, I love this part of you, reminds me of my myself sometimes. So young, and so naive. It's greed Arthur, one of mankind's most vicious enemies. Greed grew in people's hearts and made them place their own interests above everybody elses. Of course they could share the formulas but what would they gain in return?

Do you think they would be satisfied to hand over their ancient family's inheritances for ... a hand-shake?", Gary said with a rueful smile on his face.

"What about money?"

"Would you really accept a one-time sum of money over a continues business-model that keeps you rich and stays stable for like, humanity's entire time of existence? No, I don't think so. The real problem is that this formula must be highly complex because no other group or organisation has been able to reproduce their products and not make it ... toxic or deadly.", Gary told him about the latest experimentations he had heard about,

"Which doesn't mean that people don't continue trying to find out that secret. By hook or by crook, many many have tried to somehow get in possession of those clan's hidden secrets, using money, extortion or even violence but none have returned successful or even alive! They haven't survived for so long for no reason.,*snort*", he seemed to mock the thieves.

"So, Potions exist but they cost a lot of money?", Arthur tried to sum it up.

"Yes, tons of money. But it depends on the kind of Potion you purchase. And there are highly effective ones with a broad range of possibles usages and less effective ones with a decreased amount of the active substances necessary to do all those miraculous things you heard earlier about."

"Most of times it's just more cost-effective to go the Pokemon Centre and get your Pokemon treated there. It may take a longer time but the results are still good. Only really wealthy families or Trainers can afford regular Health Potion usages. We gave your Sniebel some by the way."

(A/N: No, Pokemon Centres can't instantly heal up your whole Team, in this FanFic at least, it's like a hospital, but Pokemon do recover faster than humans)

"What?!", Arthur was shocked, especially after learning so much about the value of these Potions.

"And before you can say anything, no, you don't need to pay us up! It was a critical situation and a life needed to be saved.", Blue explained resolutely.

"Ok, ... thanks ... for everything I mean.", Arthur felt very warm in his heart, these people had done so much for him, and he couldn't do anything in return.

"Ehem, ", Daisy got back and cleared her throat,

"I am sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but your Sniebel isn't perfectly fine Arty.", she told Arthur in a solemn manner.

"What do you mean? Did the Potion not work?", he asked confused and a bit shaken.

"It did, at least for the damages it was supposed to work on. To be honest, your Sniebel was really on the brink of death, we needed to re-animate it several times and only the Potion kept him from having multiple organ failure.

That wouldn't have been the worst situation, organ transplantion is also much easier when it comes to Pokemon like blood-transfusions but it's better to avoid this situation.

No, the problem is its nerves got cut off in its right claws. It must have really gone all out, and the stacked-up injuries led to severe cell damages and a disconnection of the nerves between its entire right paw and his arm. Right now, when it recovers, it looks like it won't be able to use that limb anymore."

"What? You're saying ... he will never be able to use its ... right claws again?", Arthur asked thunderstruck.

"If we were to talk about natural regeneration then no, that wouldn't be possible, even with the overwhelming regenerative capacities of Pokemon, that shouldn't be possible in a short amount of time. Maybe in several years, or decades, I don't know.", she delivered the final blow.

Arthur was close to falling into a depression, his saviour had to pay too much of a price to save him. It would disable the Sniebel for the rest of its life maybe and it was all Arthur's fault ...

But then he noticed something, a glimmer of hope, in Daisy's explanation:

"You said, natural regeneration ... does that mean, there are other ways?"

"Yes, you noticed right! There are two I could think of that aren't illegal. First is that you get in possession of a Top Grade Potion!"

"Top Grade ... Potion?"

"Yes Arty, Potions can be categorized into two main Types. The first type is the one previously mentioned, passed down in history into our modern era and kept in secret by ancient clans or families with an equally long history: Top Grade Potions or otherwise known as 'Secret Potions'!

Secret Potions are also divided into different grades but very few people come across them so that doesn't matter right now.

The second type is positioned directly under the Secret Potion and is called 'Junior Potion'!

Here people either tried to mimic the effects of Secret Potions or create their own Potions using known ingredients that have been used in the creation of Secret Potions according to old texts, research or maybe through 'dungeon' discoveries.

Junior Potions can then be divided into high tier, mid tier or low tier Junior Potions depending on their origin and performances. High tier potions are usually made by large research institutes/organisations or even by the government, mid tier potions are made by large companies who sell their products on the market and low tier potions ... you should be careful about those or just straight-up avoid them.

Low-tier potions most of times are made by very small groups of people, maybe only a single person, and neither the quality nor the safety can be assessed correctly. It's like russian roulette, you might end up with a huge win but most of times ... your Pokemon will end up in the hospital.

If you don't have enough money to buy mid-tier potions, you should just go the Pokemon Centre, take the regular medicines and let time heal the wounds properly."

"Sadly Arty, we don't have any Top Grade Potions right now. They are usually sold in limited quantities and only under rare occasions. In addition to that or maybe because of the previous point they are extremely pricy!"

"If even the Gym Leader of Viridan City doesn't have access to Top Grade Potions ... then how am I going to do that?", Arthur asked pessimistically.

"You're right, it's very unlikely for that to happen. Sometimes they are won in combination with the lottery but you shouldn't bet your life or your Pokemon's on this. But hey, I said there were two methods, right?", Daisy winked at him,

"The second method lies a bit more in your reach ... it's about becoming a Trainer!"

FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy and leave a comment behind ;)

I know it sounds crazy and I wasn't stoned rly, but I literally dreamed of a character I will introduce in Volume 2 of this Fanfic last night! A rival type character.

When I woke up I was 2afraid 2forget anything and quickly wrote everything down!

Then I was on an inspiration train and thought up another crazy character!

Today is gonna be a good day!

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