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Chapter 2: Prologue: End of the Beginning

Germany, Frankfurt, somewhere in an Apartment

"I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was

To catch them is my real test

To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land

Searching far and wide

Teach Pokemon to understand

The power that's inside

Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all

It's you and me

I know it's my destiny

Pokemon! Oh, you're my best friend

In a world, we must defend

Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all

A heart so true

Our courage will pull us through

You teach me, and I'll teach you


Gotta catch 'em all, gotta catch 'em all


"Huh, huh, huh, wow, such an intense song. Ahh, but every time I hear it, it feels like a responsibility to sing with the song along!", said a young man to himself while breathing heavily on his chair in front of his computer.

On his desk lied a red classic GameBoy with the original 'Pokemon Red Edition' already set up. His room was full of Pokemon posters in different colours and with different depictions. In a corner was a cabinet with a glass window to look through. Inside standing still were the last evolution forms of every starter Pokemon ever released to date.

"So many new generations, so many new Pokemon, but the first one. It is still the best. Can't beat that."

Many years have passed since the first game editions had been published, and many more have been released in recent years, yet this young man, who immersed himself in nostalgia, didn't really care about those of course.

"The developers must be too exhausted. The game principals haven't changed much since the first one, and some Pokemon don't even look like Pokemon anymore but rather commodities or inanimate objects. Maybe the franchise needs some break for a decade or so. Or they have to break away from their old traditions. I wish I could experience something different than a new game with new Pokemon but the same gameplay every time.", a small sigh escaped his lips,

"Maybe it is time to let go of this wonderful world and move on."

He looked around his room. So many memories were connected to every image and figure and drawing. He had a great collection of all kinds of merchandise that grew bigger and bigger with every passing year. But his discontent with the flow of the franchise also grew more and more. Maybe it was really time to grow up.

"Let's leave this discussion for another time. First I should finish playing this gem lying in front of me.", and after he said that his eyes regained their bright green colours and vitality.

After two hours or so, he yawned a little:

"Playing games is quite tiresome. I should refill my nutrition with some food and snacks."

His apartment was quite luxurious, and he lived his life fully with satisfaction. When his grandfather died, he left his grandson with a huge sum of the money. Of course, his parents manage the money, but this young man decided to spend the rest of his life pursuing his passion. Playing Pokemon and everything that comes with it.

His parents weren't amused in the beginning. He should at least get himself a job and become a little independent, they said. And so he founded an Otaku Merchandise Trading Company, dealing with all kinds of Otaku Merchandise around the globe, but especially Pokemon. He used the capital from his heritage, and some of his senior employees were subordinates to his grandfather who helped him out managing the company.

It must be said that this young man was qualified enough to manage the company himself, it's just that it wasn't his true passion to lead a company but play Pokemon. His grandfather not only heavily doted on him but also imparted his life experiences and business knowledge to him in the hopes that he could lead the family company in the future to new heights.

But as the heavens decided it, this young man did not plan to embrace his grandfather's expectations. And so his parents took care of it, while he enjoyed his Otaku life to the fullest possible.

Sometimes he had to sign some papers, talk with some important people, take part in celebrations and business festivities, but nothing could bring him more joy and excitement than training his Pokemon, fighting against trainers, and exploring dungeons and caves. He found other like-minded people on conventions and chat groups or forums, and they envied him for the relaxed lifestyle that he leads.

As he entered the kitchen, he went to the fridge and opened it.

"What shall it be, Mars? Snickers? Should I order myself a Döner?", while he was deep in thought about his next meal, something in his mind prickled,

"My spidey senses are tickling, but what is wrong? What have I missed?"

It was a weird feeling as if something didn't fit in, and the answer laid just in front of him yet he couldn't really grasp it.

As he was about to close the fridge. He noted a red liquid flowing on the ground. It didn't seem like Ketchup, and he couldn't remember having spilt some on the floor. As he got nearer and touched the liquid with his fingers, a strong stench of iron and flesh penetrated his nose. It was blood! His body shook in response to this discovery.

"Why is there fresh blood in here?", he asked himself. He traced the blood back to its origin. It seemed to have appeared out from nowhere in the corner of the kitchen, and then based on the movement from the patterns, the body from which the blood leaked out must have crawled into the hallway. Big handprints were visible on the second side door of the kitchen.

" Shit!", he was confused about what had happened," What is going on? How did someone get in here? The doors were closed, even if I was in my gaming trance, nobody could have sneaked in without me noticing it. Someone is definitely hurt with so much blood on the ground. Should I call the emergency? The police? But what if it is a criminal during his escape? Should I hide in some locker and wait out this situation?"

But before he could take any action, he heard a deep groaning sound coming from the hallway, followed by the dull sound of a body falling on the ground.

He saw it as his chance to at least get an overview of the general situation, as the person should be incapacitated for some time now. But just to be safe he took a sharp knife from the kitchen shelves with him.

Sticking his head out from the door, the first thing he saw, was a man lying on the ground with a grievous wound in his chest. To be more exact, he looked like a knight. The view was worse than a horror splatter movie, though he tried not to focus on the wound, he could still see remains of organs and dried up blood.

"How was he even able to walk like that???!?? He is a walking corpse, dammit! Is this the walking dead? Shit, I am not prepared for this!", the young man cursed silently in his thoughts. His breathing got heavier, and his expression changed several times per second. While he was still analysing the body, he saw something on the man's breast. On his breastplate. Something familia:

"Wait, isn't this ... isn't that Magi...", before he could finish his thoughts, the body moved slightly to the side and revealed a bearded middle-aged man with silver hair and many wounds on his face.

The man coughed blood on the ground and looked into the young man's direction after which he said with a weak voice:

"I can see you lad. No need to hide from me. Ha, ha, ha, hurgh!", another mouthful of blood came out.

"He is still alive!", exclaimed the young man at this sight.

In the beginning, his mind was still full of shock which was reflected on his face, but after some seconds, he realized that the man in front of him didn't seem hostile or harboured any bad intentions.

After some hesitation, the young man showed himself out of the door and asked:

"Mister are you ok?", he immediately regretted this question as the man in front of him was obviously not okay,

"Can I do something for you maybe?", and he had to scold himself again. Obviously, he had to do something. He couldn't possibly expect the wounded man to accomplish anything.

"Sir, in your current injured state I think it is definitely necessary not to move or make any unnecessary movements. Don't worry, Sir, I will call the emergency right away and they will definitely save you. Please, Sir, don't try to speak or move anymore or else it will get only worse ..."

"Lad, it is fine. Don't think of doing anything stupid, hurgh. You see the state of my body. Do you think I can be saved, cough cough! I have arranged myself with my fate already. But I do wonder why I have arrived here of all places possible. You, could you maybe tell me who you are and where I am right now, hurgh," interrupted him the knight.

"My name is Atiqo, Sir. Atiqo Rodriguez. This is my Apartment in downtown Frankfurt", he answered. When he was honest with himself, he also didn't think that this man could survive. Heck, it was even a miracle that he could move and talk till now. With this huge loss of blood, if he wasn't treated right this instant, there wouldn't be a speck of hope left to save him or keep him alive till the ambulance even arrived. Still, he felt frustrated that he could do nothing to help him.

"Atiqo, ahh, what a nice name. Nice to meet you lad, this old man goes by the name of Cornelius, cough! Frankfurt, so Germany it is ... haven't been here in a long time. The Pokemon were peaceful and beautiful the last time I was here.

Don't look so sad. I also don't want to be stuck here any longer in this state than necessary, hurgh. Listen to me well, kid! I don't have enough time left. What is important is that there must be a reason why I landed here, I think, huh. I initially wanted to land in our Headquarters, but someone must have interfered with the transmission of the coordinates thereby affecting the teleportation destination.

I don't really believe in destiny. I only believe in my Lord, hurgh.", the more he spoke, the more blood leaked out, and with every passing second his face got paler and paler. He didn't have much time left.

But what did he just say? Pokemon in Germany? Lord? HQ? Teleportation? If the situation wasn't so serious, Atiqo might have either burst out from laughing or become angry with speaking so much chuunibyo rubbish in a single breath.

"Is he serious? Or did he get crazy from the wounds and start having hallucinations? Where does he think he is? Star Wars? Or Kanto?", asked Atiqo himself in his mind.

"I know lad. I can see it in your eyes, you don't believe me. But our World is at stake here, so please listen carefully. From the pictures in this hallway, I assume you are familiar with our Home World. The Pokemon World.

But what I am about to tell you is shocking yet true as well. Someone is going to destroy our home! No, he is going to destroy the very fabric of space and time and reality. He wants to destroy everything that our Lord has accomplished. I failed our Lord, I couldn't stop his nemesis. But he is not allowed to claim victory! We have to stop him till it is too late!"

It might have been a little embarrassing but even the hallway was filled with cover pictures of several Pokemon Games and the regions within the games as well as many Pokemon landscape sceneries. Actually, his whole apartment was full of them, but the hallway was like his personal 'Hall of Fame'.

When Atiqo heard the word Time and Space and associated them with Pokemon, his favourite topic, he couldn't help but ask curiously:

"But shouldn't there be someone to stop them, the enemies I mean? If we are talking about time and space, what is with Dialga and Palkia? There shouldn't be anyone on their power level to meddle with their businesses.", he realised what he had just blabbered out and didn't know what got into him to talk about it and he also didn't expect an answer but then...

Cornelius tired eyes brightened up, and he managed a weak smile on him:

"You are indeed quite a knowledgable young lad, Atiqo. I knew I wasn't wrong about you. To even know about the legendary existences and their territorial specialities", but just as he got to this point his face darkened again," they sealed them. They fu@#ing sealed them, those bastards!

And it wasn't only those two. Many legendary existences got sealed or disappeared from one moment to the next. The Ancient Order tried contacting them, but we couldn't reach any at all. And these bastards took advantage of this opportunity. If we don't stop them, hurgh."

"Do you mean Cyrus, did Team Galactic plan this all again?", again he couldn't stop his thoughts from being spoken out loud, and so he spoke about the plot of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl,

"and what about Arceus, the big boss, one snap, and everything in his way should disappear from existence, no?"

Cornelius' eyes widened a little:

"You even know about the second ancestor! Truly astonishing, indeed! If he had been here, nothing would have gone out of control, but since time immemorial, no one has seen him again. Some ancient rumours say he was slumbering in his eternal sleep. We couldn't find him at least till now. And as for that Cyrus, you spoke of, he is but a small fry compared to Milord's Nemesis, cough!"

Right now he looked more like a dead corpse than a human being. And Cornelius felt as well how he was nearing his end. He spoke heavily and more slowly than before:

"I really have not much time left in this wonderful world. Atiqo, you must help me. You must help me save the world. Our world.

There is no one else who is more fitting for this job than you. That is most probably the reason why my Lord has sent me here. I can see it in your eyes. The bearings from a true Pokemon Trainer. You may not be an expert right now, but I can look into your heart, Atiqo. You love Pokemon just as much as I do. You are the only One who can do this right now. But don't worry. You will not be alone. Here take this."

Cornelius beckoned Atiqo to come closer and handed him a wristband.

When Cornelius' hands touched Atiqo's hands, he let out a long sigh as if he was released from a huge burden on his shoulders:


In the next moment something incredible happened. Cornelius body broke apart into countless particles of light. Even the organs on the ground and the bloodstains turned into wisps of light. The next thing was even more shocking. The particles moved in an orderly line into the wristband in Atiqos hands.

He was so shocked from the scene occurring in front of him that he couldn't react at all. The remains of the man in the whole apartment turned into light and after some moments everything got sucked into the wristband.

Then a sound appeared from the wristband:

[Beep ... beep ... beep ... The system is initiating ... please wait for the transfiguration process to be completed ... beep ... protocol omega has been ordered beep. teleportation starts in .]

"What? Protocol omega? Teleportation? What is going on?", but before his shock could fade away and he could ask further questions the countdown had ended and ... Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

All of a sudden black portals opened up on all sides of him. They spread out gradually till they connected with each other to a sphere and devoured his body whole.

The room seemed frozen for a single moment and every particle stood still in its position. Yet in the blink of an eye the sphere disappeared just as fast as it appeared and the world returned to its own flow.

FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy ;)

this is no system novel, but I will include a Pokedex sort of later on :)

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