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Chapter 46: Somebody Has to Pay!

-"Cecile are you okay?"

No Reaction.

-"Daisy, take her of her please. We will go and do our 'thing'. Bye sweetie, and please play with Arthur a little, you know he has had it quite rough lately.", Blue reminded her a little and made his way out.

With that, Blue and Gary both left the hallway and went on to do their 'business'.

Daisy looked at their backs with worrisome premonitions about the future but then focused back on her strange acting niece.

Daisy thought of something mieschivous from the old time when she pranked her brothers early in the mornings. She squatted down next to Cecile and closed up her nose, with a devious smile on her face.

It only took a second until Cecile finally reacted.

-"Hey, what are you doing!?"

Cecile waved her arms around and pushed her aunt's hand away.

-"Errrieee!", Eevette thought they were having fun playing a game, and she wanted to play along with them, her front paws patting Cecile's legs.

-"Well, it seems you're still fine, hehe. What was on your mind, you looked like you had seen a ghost Pokemon!"

-"Arthur ... what he said, it was ..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_42227860840171174">!_42227860840171174</a> for visiting.

-"What?! Arthur? Don't tell me ... you are already interested in boys?! OMG, if Blue hears about this-"

-"No! It's not like that!"

Cecile tried to defuse the situation and extinguish any kind of misinterpretation her aunt could have but it seemed to be too late.

-"Tell your little aunt, what did he EXACTLY say, and don't leave anything out, I want to hear the details!"



Cecile entered the door into the patients room, sighing to herself because of all the trouble she had withstood until her aunt finally let go of her.

-"Eerrie?", Eevette tilted her head, wondering what was going in her partners mind.

-"Don't 'errie' at me! Couldn't you have helped me out a bit? Sighhh!"

-"What's wrong ladies? Was it t-too hard to accept the t-truth?"

A little condescending voice sounded out from the other side of the room. If Cecile hadn't been in an exhausted state, she might have noticed the quiver in Atiqo's tone but her thoughts were currently flowing in a different direction.

Atiqo quickly got up from his seat and approached the two of them. Unlike the way he planned it, his balance and steps couldn't help but become a little chaotic.

In reality, Atiqo's pulse was beating like crazy, did he do it? Was his nonsense blabbering about Hidden Power and type moves actually true?? The next few seconds could either shatter his whole worldview, or throw him onto a completely new world-level of Pokemon-conspiracy theories. Either way, his self was about to experience a mind blowing moment of insanity!

-"... itwastrue... hrm.", a quiet mumble escaped Cecile's mouth.

-"What?", Atiqo didn't clearly hear her.

-"I SAID IT WAS TRUE! Now are you satisfied? I got it, you won the bet, happy?", Cecile unleashed her pent up feelings. Anger of being defeated, confusion about Atiqo's story and ... well, her aunt's annoying antics hardly made her feel at ease. And there was another thing.

-"What the fuck....", Atiqo's mouth stood agape. His expression looked just like Cecile's when she got the confirmation from her dad. All kinds of weird ideas befell his mind suddenly. So there is a relationship between the games and this Pokemon World? Right? There has to be? Was he stuck in a game? Didhetransformintothemaincharacterofthisworld?!?! No, wait, was Arthur actually the main character of this Pokemon Game and he just ... invaded his body??? Luckily, Arthur wasn't able to peep into Atiqo's thoughts or else he might have been blown away by Atqio's brainstorm right now!

Cecile still in her flustered state noticed Atiqo's absence of presence, and an idea came to her. Time for revenge.

She walked next to his side, and pinched his nose shut!

A second later ...

-"Hey, what are you doing!"

-"Hahaha, I see, this is so much fun doing it on others, hahaha!"

-"Damn, a loss is a loss, be a sportsman- or woman.!"

Atiqo got back on earth and remembered the situation he was in.

-"So, does that mean you believe me now?"

-"I don't ...", a memory she wanted to rather bury deep down flashed across her eyes, and she swallowed her next words.

-"So you don't, sigh, I thought I could trust-"

-"I believe you."


-"I said I believe you. I didn't expect it, but you were right about the type affinity Eevette has, so I believe ... that you have an expert behind you!"

-"What?!", a second suprise caught Atiqo off guard.

-"You don't seriously expect me to believe you're a young prodigy who learned to become a Pokemon Expert through YouTube videos and the internet ..."

-"The dark web, it was the dark web!", Atiqo reacted strongly, as if it was a world difference.

-"Who cares! I saw you have a PokeDex, I am sure you called that expert while I was away and he told you what you needed to know. And it's fine. A bet is a bet, and I accept my loss."

Atiqo got struck speechless. How did the situation turn out like this?? There wasn't an expert behind him! Well, the PokeDex really did help him out a bit, but it could hardly be considered a living being!!

He didn't know wether to laugh or cry, but hey, in the end, she still accepted it, so why bother about the details?

While Atiqo still had to decide whether he had actually won or not, Cecile was sighing on the inside. She still didn't believe a single cent about Atiqo's nonsense, and even though she couldn't understand how he got to know about this super secret knowledge according to her dad, it just wasn't possible that a boy her age was smarter than her!

She was raised in a gym leader's household! She knew a lot about Pokemon and battling! There couldn't be anyone her age, especially not a boy from a common background who could outmatch her in terms of knowledge. While her pride didn't let her agree with Atiqo even a single inch,... her guilt did.

What troubled her all this time was that she didn't intend to tell her family about Arthur being her source of information, even if it was just nonsense. Yet it slipped her mouth, and unconsciously or not, it hung heavily on her mind.

She owed him, somehow. So she just decided to play along with him for a while longer and 'believe he had an expert behind him'.

-"Errie?", Eevette looked confused, and she still didn't understand what these humans were talking about.

"I got it!", a loud voice shouted out suddenly.

Cecile's focus went back to 'Arthur'.

-"Now that we know what Evette's type affinity is, we can plan accordingly!"

-"Plan what?"

-"Plan her training strategy! Huahuahua! Using Jolteon as our goal, I, the unmatchable Pokemon Master Rodriguez will carve out the most brilliant training regiment for your Eevette! My limitless experience in Pokemon battles will help you create .. the most .. perfect ... path .... *thump*"

Atiqo fell backwards on his behind and his mind pained him like hell!

He felt another entitiy urgently pulling at his consciousness, dragging it into the familiar darkness. He could imagine who that was.

("Well, it was still fun while it lasted, haha. Time for a little ... nap ...*yawn*")

-"Arthur, Arthur! Are you okay!"

Cecile got scared and immediately ran towards Arthur's body. While she was unsure about whether to call for her aunt or not, a weak voice answered her call.

-"I am ... here. I am still here. Everything is .. fine."

Arthur woke up and he blinked with his eyes a little to get used to his surroundings.

-"My god, do you know how scared I was?! What happened just now?! Should I call for aunt Daisy??"

-"No, no, it's fine. I just had a small break hehe, ... on the ground."

Seeing Cecile not believing him, he continued.

-"Well, I might have exhausted myself a little here, don't worry about it. I will just take a nap in but a moment on my bed. It's gotten quite late already haha."

He scratched his back in embarrassment, and finally Cecile let go of it. Arthur was back, but he couldn't tell Cecile the reason he just returned was to make Atiqo shut up! He couldn't do anything while in his observing mode, and it had exhausted him too much to even speak up a little earlier.

But it was just annoying to see Atiqo talk about ... such embarrassing stuff!

It felt like being forced to watch somebody make unfunny jokes! He couldn't let Atiqo ruin his image in other people's minds! When he felt Atiqo's consciousness had opened a gap somewhere, Arthur took a hold of that chance and didn't let go! After some struggles his mind finally re-entered his body!

-"About your super awesome training for Eeve-"

-"Forget I ever said that! It was just a joke, haha, just a funny joke!!"

-"Ehh, sure."

-"Hrmp, now that I am back-"

-"What do you mean with back?"

-"I meant ... now that my back ... could rest up, we can talk about the problem at hand!"

Atiqo quickly corrected himself.

-"What do you mean? Which problem?"

-"The problem of how to break out of this house, and the part where I am still alive while doing that."



Darkness prevailed over the calm night, but soon, this tranquility would meet its end, the curtains would rise and the true darkness that had bubbled up inside the depths of Viridian City would come to light.


At the Nevarez mansion

-"Master Nevarez! Master Nevarez! INTRUDERS ARE UPON US!"

A guard shricked loudly, and his voice echoed inside the huge mansion of the Nevarez household. Actually it wasn't the only mansion in the city that the Nevarez family was in possession of, but this one was probably the most important one because ... the third heir in the line of inheritance over the Nevarez Consortium and also the Vice Principal of the Viridian Pokemon Academy, Fernando Nevarez resided here!

"What's wrong here?! Who is causing this?!!", a huge door in the upper levels of the mansion was opened and a tall man with long black disheveled hair that reached his chest appeared in the hallway. He had a long and fine line of a mustache growing above his lips and his lengthy evening gown accentuated his noble background Fernando emerged from.

At first he was perplexed hearing all the noise that came from the ground level of his mansion, but his years of battle experience instantly told him that they were under attack.

He quickly pulled out a small Pokeball hidden in his pants and activated it.

-"Champ! I need your help!"

A humanoid, even taller figure appeared in the hallway, it was Machamp! Its two pairs of arms moved fluently, two guarded its master, while the other two got into a position to confront incoming hostile attacks!

-"The attacks are coming from below, get ready for sudden projectiles! Whoever dared to attack me will taste death!", Fernando declared with a will that didn't allow defiance.

Both of them hurriedly approached the place that created the most noise. It was the house entrance, the biggest area in the house which led to two wide staircases on either side of the hall. Above was a dome shaped roof and moonlight shined tghrough the glasses revealing the conflict that had taken place in the hall below.

When Fernando entered the scene he couldn't believe his eyes! Two streaks of lightning, one blue and the other yellow were flashing all around the place! And both of these streaks seemed to be the cause of the problems! Numerous guards and countless Pokemon lied on the ground, groaning in pain and completely incapacitated. The furniture wasn't spared at all, vessels, walls and the marble ground, everything that could be shattered was shattered into bits and pieces!

-"NEVAREZ! Finally showing up, aren't you!", a loud unfamiliar voice called out to him.

The yellow streak crossed the entire section between them in but a second and was about to attack him!

-"GRRROMPPP!", Machamp took several steps forwards to create some distance and stood in front of its master, ready to take on the assault!

Machamp now knew where the enemy was and unleashed all its power from its four arms! Veins bulged from its several biceps and a huge fist-hammer was about to destroy its target.

-"Idiot! That's just a feint!", Nevarez scolded his Pokemon for its premature action, but it was already too late.

The yellow streaks momentum stopped suddenly in front of the huge Pokemon and then ... it disappeared from Machamp's sight.

-"Groomp?", it wondered where the yellow enemy had gone, but his confusion quickly dissolved and turned into fear! He felt something gripping its throat with an unshakable force and then his world turned upside down!

The figure clad in yellowish armour had jumped over Machamp's head and midway during its somersault it had grabbed the Machamp by its thick throat! Using the force of momentum and gravity the Machamp's head was pulling down the rest of its body onto the marble ground!

The Machamp desperately tried to get rid of this headlock with two of its arms, while the other two arms were busy with halting the fall to the ground! The arms pressed against the marble floor with all the strength they could muster up while his other arms desperately shook with the foe's force.

But his opponents grip didn't budge at all! No matter how much power the Machamp sent to its muscle packed arms, that tiny shining figure didn't move an inch! And just as it wanted to use a third arm to get the job done ... a sudden mysterious impulse poured into its nervous system shutting everything down!

-"Grr...omp?", Machamp couldn't feel anything anymore, and its body didn't listen to any of his commands!



Two noises sounded out like waves through the entire entrance hall, one after another as if they were twins.

Silence reigned over the place. All the rest of the guards who hadn't been defeated yet looked towards the origin of that powerful blast.

-"Hurgh ... Champ ...", Fernando's face instantly turned pale, and a shock wave assaulted his soul notifying him of the horrible news.

-"It's been some time since I cracked skulls as thick as this like that ... but it seems my skills haven't rusted yet ... right Nevarez?"

-"Who ... are you?!", Fernando weakly let out from his throat. The attack on his soul was sharp and painful, he didn't expect for his Pokemon to die just like that?!! What monstrous human was capable of killing Pokemon barehanded, god damned! And why was that monster after him now ?!

While those thoughts flashed in his mind, his hands slowly moved into his pants but...

-"Don't you dare summon another Pokemon, or your head will be the next one to crack open!", a threatening voice thundered into Fernando's ears. He immediately withdrew his shivering hand from the pocket and held his arms high up in defeat.

-"W-what do you want?! And who are you?! I have never met you, so why are you attacking me?!", Fernando screamed loudly, despair filling his eyes. He would have never dared to mess with someone like this, so why would this monster seek him instead?!

-"Are you sure we have never met, Nevarez?"

Hearing this weird question, Fernando squinted his eyes and took another glance at the enemy.

At the same time, the flickering lights and sparks that covered the figure's body disappeared, now even the facial features were more recognizable. What shocked Fernando the most was that this person's left arm started falling apart into tiny particles of glistering light while only a stump remained behind. Wait, only a stump?!

Fernando's eyes shrunk suddenly as a familiar person's face popped up in his head. He wasn't familiar with that person actually, he only met him once, but the circumstances surrounding their meeting made his memory about this person as clear as the sky.

The person who took part in his commemoration for Fernando's appointment as Vice Principle of the academy, and the person who usually never showed up in public at all ... how could he forget the face of the Gym Leader of Virdian City?!?!

-"Blue ... Oak! What are you doing here???"

-"Tell your guards to lie low for now, then we can talk!"

Fernando could tell from Blue's expression that he was serious, and he even felt a sense of madness being emitted by the Gym Leader, so rather than negotiating, Fernando decided to compromise first.

-"Guards! You heard him! Now get the heck out of my sight!"

The guards gulped down in fear and didn't waste a second standing still. Some of them had witnessed how that person defeated the Master's Machamp! Barehanded! That was just surreal! That Machamp might not have been his main Pokemon, but it was one of his most powerful! Yet it was killed by a human alone. As realisation struck their nerves, their brains finally got the signal to retreat. It took only a second for the space to get cleared.

-"Brave guards indeed, hehe!", the other person that came with the Gym Leader, it turned out to be someone more well-known, it was his little brother Gary Oak.

-"Now, tell me why you broke into my house and killed my Pokemon! I demand some serious explanations, otherwise don't think you will get away with this! Even if you are the Gym Leader of the city, you're not untouchable Oak!"

Fernando tried to scream threateningly but it sounded more like a dog's bark.

-You, of all people, aren't in the position to make demands!", Blue's voice cut in. Before Fernando could even ask, Blue made a signal towards Gary, and the superstar went back towards the entrance and revealed a small person tied in in ropes... whom Fernando didn't recognize at all!

The bruises on that person's face didn't make the task easier, seems like his home hadn't been the first to get targeted by these people!

-"Talk!", Gary kicked the person onto the ground, and when this person was on his knees his voice came back to him.

-"Please! Leave me alive! I didn't do anything! I never meant harm to anyone! Please, spare my life!"

-"Talk, or your life will be considered forfeited right here and now!", the usual kindness and warmth that Blue had on his face was all gone. It was just blank coldness that was left.

-"Hiek! No, no I will talk!"

-"Who is this person?!", Fernando asked shocked. He felt lucky because he still wasn't hurt too much compared to that fellow, though his soul got damaged during the process. But that didn't mean he was already safe from this conflict.

-"Mr.Nevarez, I presume, m-my name is Porter, P-porter Winehouse, I work at the Mercenary Guild a-as a Chief Agent."

-"Tell him what you have told us!", Blue demanded.

-"Sir, please, I didn't know-"


-"Hick! I-I signed and confirmed the mission for two low-star mercernaries. It was ... it was an assassination mission ..."

-"And who applied for this mission?!"

-"It was someone from the Nevarez household! Alfonso Nevarez, that was his name! I swear I didn't know it would be a-"


Porter got kicked even harder this time, hard enough to fall unconscious.

Blue went up towards Nevarez and grabbed him by his collar harshly!

-"I knew you fucking ancient families had shady dealings in the underworld, and I WAS THE LAST PERSON who enjoyed having your family move INTO MY CITY!

B-but I didn't think ...", Blue's arms trembled a little and his voice shook,

-"I-I didn't think you would stoop so low Nevarez, to even involve CHILDREN into YOUR GODDAMN MESS!", Blue lunged at him with his bright shining left fist.


A tear droplet ran down Blue's eyes. But Fernando was currently concentrating on surviving this beating! Every fist that landed on his body felt like a meteor shredding his innards!


-"Ehh, Blue, I think that's...", Gary tried intervening in his brothers onslaught - without success at first.


-"BLUE!", Gary called out to him more urgently now.

Blue's fist came to a halt midair, and he let go of Fernando. His mind had been somewhere else and his fury overwhelmed him too much to grasp the situation correctly. That's why his brother was there luckily.

Fernando's was bruised and battered, but he knew that Blue hadn't given it his all, not even 10 % maybe. It was just a warning. A painful one Otherwise nothing would have remained from his flesh.

-"Hand him over Nevarez. Your butler or whatever he is to you, he is being charged for attempted murder, bribery of personal in charge of public duty, falsification of legal documents, and several other crimes including assault on minors!"

Gary threw some paper towards the man on the ground. As Fernando picked them up one by one, he finally realized the gravity of the situation and why he got into this cursed situation.

-"That damned bastard."

His stupid distantly related cousin had ordered an assassination attempt on a child, while claiming the target was an adult! It was known that the Mercenary Guild also accepted these kinds of missions for a very hefty sum. The targets were always important people of high standing that could protect themselves from such attempts. But it was an iron clad rule that children could never be the objective of such missions. Never. So why did this brain-dead idiot do the exact opposite?!

He bribed the agent in charge and changed the details of the mission! Somehow the Gym Leader of Viridian City got wind of that and now thought that he, Fernando Nevarez the main head of the family at the Viridian branch was involved in this!

Fernando felt like crying all of a sudden! Of course the Gym Leader came to such conclusions, he would do the same knowing these facts and evidences!

Even though Fernando realized that his side had been at complete fault in this matter, he couldn't help give out small remark against his powerful foe. While the Gym Leader might have held a lot of reputation in the past exuding awe and respect wherever he went, it was known that nowadays Blue Oak was just a shell of his former self!

-"Oak, you don't know what you are getting yourself into, what you have done today, my family will never-"

-"I don't give a damn about your family. I want you to hand him over!", Blue interruped him rudely.


-"I-I can't .."

Fernando saw the monsterous face of the infamous Gym Leader Blue Oak up close. This time he finally understood why he was more well known by his underworld monicker 'Demon'. Standing so close to him, Fernando felt his hairs stand on all ends! His heart sunk into his knees and stopped beating too loudly, too afraid to make this demon even angrier!

The vibe that the Gym Leader gave off was full of bloodlust and carnage, only people who had been involved in countless massacres could built up this kind of aura!

But Fernando knew that he might face even more danger by his family if word got out that he had sent that cursed butler behind bars in person! As thin as their blood ties were, he was still part of the family!

Handing out family meant the same as killing your own flesh! His family in spain, their ancestral lands, they would punish him heavily for this kind of act. On the other hand he had to survive this encounter with the demon first to even get punished properly...

-"Tell me ...cough ... what do you want? Money? I can send you 500.000.000 PKD instantly into your account, I can send another 500.000.000 after some time."

-"Money? You seriously think that I am the same kind of garbage as you people???", Blue got pissed even more.

-"What then?? Ancient artifacts?? Secret Potions? Royalty Class Pokemon?? I will get you whatever you want just-"





"I want you to hand that scumbag over and deliver justice! I am the Gym Leader of Viridan City! Maybe it's because I haven't showed up my face for some time in public but don't you ever forget that I WILL GUARD THIS CITY'S SAFETY! Nobody is above the law! No one! So someone has to pay!"

-"Cough ... I get it! I get ... it cough. He ... he is at this address ...", Fernando handed out a card with his shacking arm, the card had an address on it.


Seeing that they got what they came for, Blue and Gary made a turn for the exit.

-"Oak! Cough, could you at least not make this ... public?", Fernando asked weakly.

If people got wind of this, it wouldn't just ruin him but might also have sever repurcussions for his family abroad which in turn would make his fate look even bleaker.


-"Why?", despair groaned out from Fernando's mouth.

-"It's time to let them know."

-"Know what?"

-"That I am back."


The doors closed down.

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