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Chapter 27: Swiss Cheese!

Countless thoughts plagued Arthur's mind. His past as a child, his troubles and the stress that had accumulated when taking care of his family's burden, the accident and the aftermath until now. His head felt as if a storm was brewing inside, and everytime he believed he had grasped a thought it would turn into fine dust once more. A headache was coming again.

"Not again ... huh ...", it was yet the second time this happened already. The first time was after he had fought against Rico, the nausea and the pain nearly made him collapse at that time. He supported his head with his hands but it wasn't much better.

He resisted and tried remaining clear-headed, taking one step at a time ahead. He didn't want to make his mum worry again or go back to the hospital. After a couple of seconds passed by he finally shook himself free of the mind attack.

"What the heck is wrong with me ...", he leaned against a tree and sighed out.

Right after leaving Gary behind, which he kind of felt sorry about, his mind got attacked by a sharp pain and a flood of different emotions and memories hit him like a truck. He felt familiar about them but the moment he tried concentrating on them they vanished.

When he was sure of his condition, Arthur checked his surroundings again and found himself lost in a labyrinth of green walls. He couldn't even say which direction he had come from nor where the exit was. A possibility to escape his predicament was to call Gary, but Arthur still felt embarrassed about his quick departure and he didn't want bother him right now.

How difficult could it be to get out of a garden alone? He was a big boy already!

10 minutes later, somewhere in the garden:

"Oh shi1. What a great day. Losing my first Pokemon, endangering mum's safety, being beaten by a snub and then finding out that my talent is garbage. And to top it of with a cherry, I got myself lost outside. Again ... WRAAAAAAA!", he could have destroyed a mountain with his frustration alone! Why was the world so unfair to him?!

Just as he was about to give up and call Gary again to come and rescue him ... he heard a sharp hissing sound coming towards his left! His instincts kicked started by themselves and he unconsciously jumped towards the right and hit the ground! He heard a small *thud* as if something had shot into the mud and when he turned around to see what it was he discovered a couple of leaves stuck inside the brown earth.

"Kyakakaka, you idiot, can't you aim better? He had practically been standing still before you messed up!"

"I messed up? You tellin' me I messed up? I didn't mess up, your stupid laughter just distracted me as fu§$!"

"If you didn't mess it up, then it was your stupid Pokemon that messed up, kyakakaka!"

"If you say one more fu§$ing thing about my Bellsprout I'll make sure you keep that fricking mouth shut for good!"

"Kyakakakaa, I would like to see you trying, kyakakaka!"

Two people appeared in Arthur's line of sight, two boys a bit above his age. The one on the left was much taller, almost 2 meters tall, compared to the person on his right side who looked like 1,50 meters at best. He might have suspected the left guy to be an adult if it wasn't for his childish face, a weak frame and the tattered clothes. He tried making a fierce expression but it looked even funnier because of his baby face.

The right guy looked like a dwarf when standing next to his partner and his plump body shape didn't decrease this impression at all. He had a wide grin on his face and his smile was evil like that of a predator examining its prey. He laughed madly in Arthur's direction and Arthur might have laughed back at this ridiculous sight presented to him if the situation hadn't been so tense.

As the distance between the two parties shrank Arthur also spotted a small little creature next to the left guy. It had a weird thin body and two leaves at its sides but the strangest thing was still its yellow bell-like head. The proportions just didn't match. Somehow Arthur felt that this Pokemon fit quite well into that group of people.

"What are you looking at, bitch! Are you in awe of my homey here!", the giant shouted aggressively, in response to that the little Bellsprout raised its head and watched Arthur with condescending eyes.

"Who are you clowns?", Arthur seemed unperturbed by this menacing lot. He had enough on his plate in the moment so he didn't bother talking politely to someone who already tried attacking him. He wasn't stupid. They had definitely planned to hurt him with that Pokemon attack before.

"Who did you call a clown?!", the left guy got enraged.

"Kyakakaka, it doesn't matter who we are. You should better show more respect towards us! Because right now your life depends on our moods, kyakakaka!", the dwarf threatened without any veil of deception.

"Enough with this shi1! I want to smash that guy's head right now!"

"Hey, hey, I don't even know you guys! It doesn't make sense!", Arthur felt an ominous sensation going through his body. Apprehension and fear of what was to come.

"Kyaa, well, let's just say that you have stepped on some toes, some really really big toes, you shouldn't have stepped little boy", says the right person (pun not intended :))," and we are just here to ..."

"Clean up the trash?", the over-grown guy suggested quizzically.

"No, to clear up any misunderstandings that could have been left behind, kya kyakakakakaak!", and the dwarf fell into his mad laughter again.

Arthur didn't understand what kind of situation he was thrown into but it was enough to form one clear thought: Time to run!

When he was about to step back and turn around, the dwarf shouted amused:

"Not so fast, why the rush? Kyakaka, Chestnut, stop him!"

Arthur didn't care and wanted to get away but after making two steps towards the back region he heard that hissing sound again! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_35713389468636083">!_35713389468636083</a> for visiting.


This time his guts told him that it came from both directions and he had no other choice but to turn back and jump. Right in that moment two leaves hit the ground spot that he wanted to step on. Cold sweat dripped down Arthur's back.

"If you ain't wanna become swiss cheese by my homey, I suggest you crawl on your feet to this king and fricking apologize!", the tall guy declared.

"Chestnut, please, show dignity towards our 'friend'. The client only said to rough him up a little, not puncturing him with holes, kyakaka!"

"Client? What client?", Arthur thought in his mind," and that guy's name is Chestnut?

"Let me guess, he is Chestnut so you're ... Walnut?"

"Pfff, Walnut! Hahahaha!", chestnut couldn't hold himself back.

The dwarf's face took on a red colour and his smile vanished instantly replaced by rage:

"Shut up, you big pest! Well, I tried to show you some kindness, but it seems like you aren't able to listen properly. Chestnut!"


"Swiss cheese!"

"Yes! Hahaha!

FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

I chopped up the last chap into smaller bits. New chaps are following though

Please enjoy ;)

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