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94% Pokemon Untold / Chapter 47: Taking a Ride

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Chapter 47: Taking a Ride

Next day, back in the house

-"So we got this all planned out, right?"


-"First I will distract your aunt with my mum when she arrives here, while you go into your dark secret underground lab to get the medicine and..."

-"We don't have a dark secret underground lab!"

-" get the medicine that will keep me alive for a couple of hours during my time outside, right?"

-"Right. But I will go along with you. Got that!"

-"For the last time, you can't go with me, they will get suspicious if none of us were to stay there! One of us has to be here and keep them busy, or at least observe them!

And well, I know where to look for my lost keepsake, you don't. Got that?"


-"Damn, you are endangering the success of our plan!"

-"And you are endangering your life with this mission-bullshit! You know who is gonna kill me, if I were to get you killed because of this stupid idea, your mum and my dad would. btw, I still can't believe I agreed to this.

-"And I can't believe you lied to me about not having any way go get me out of here - alive."

-"I didn't lie, I just didn't tell you the whole truth. I am not allowed to take away stuff from my aunts lab!"

-"Once I have found my keepsake, you and I are quit."

-"Still coming with you."

-"No, you won-"


Both of them looked at each other, and then started moving out.

There wasn't enough time left for arguing.

While Cecile walked into the direction of the secret underground lab, Arthur made himself ready to see his mum again. His face was pale from being nervous.

Walking down the stairs he heard steps drawing near and a woman appeared in his sight.

-"Arthur, my boy are you all right?!", his mum instantly recognized him and went up for a hug.

-"Nah, haha, mum it's okay. No hugging for me now, I have caught a little cold *fake cough*, I don't want to infect you or something...",

he couldn't possibly tell her about his broken ribs and several other injuries he had because of that escapade.

Arthur was still injured and only alive thanks to some magic potions that the Oak family had given to him without strings attached. If it wasn't for them ....

-"Arthur, are you really alright? You look a bit-"

-"Forget about this mum, don't you want to see the house? I also want to introduce you to Miss Daisy, Mr.Oak and Gary..."

His mother's eyes started shining in a mysterious light suddenly.

-"G-Gary...did you just say that... Gary was here?! Where is he?!"

-"Do you know him by any chance?"

-"Know him? Of course I know him! Not personally, b-but Gary is a Superstar! He's been on the front pages of Lux magazine for hottest man alive and he won several awards for his roles in movies...!", her breathing got a bit haggard as she continued talking about Gary.

-"A-alright mum, do you want to meet him? I could introduce you two to each other, and he might sign you an autograph-"

-"KYAAA! That's a perfect idea my son, brilliant! Let's get going, chop chop!"

His mother wanted to drag him by her hands, but luckily he escaped her grasp.

It took some time but in the end they both reached 'the living room', (which was as big as two apartments) and there they found both Daisy and Gary hanging around.

-"Hey guys, here is my mum, she ehh, she really wanted to meet y-"

-"Kyaaaa, Gary!"

The next thing that happened was completely shocking for everyone present, Arthur's mum crossed several meters in but a breath of time and dashed towards Gary.

Gary was so scared, he nearly fell from the sofa as he was afraid he would get bodyslamed otherwise.

-"Gary! I-I-I am your biggest- no, one of your biggest fan- no supporters!

I've watched all of your movies, and also cameo appearances, I am a huge fan of your cosmetics products and..."

Gary threw some urgent glances for help at his sister and Arthur, but while Daisy was suppressing her laughter with all her might, observing this play with glee and schadenfreude, Arthur bowed down apologetically and swiftly made his way out. Arthur was still struggling inside, a flash of pity and guilt crossed his eyes for a second but his mission was still clear in his mind and he forced himself to move forward.

As his figure vanished from the hallway, one could still hear a mixture of laughter, groaning sounds and quick cheerful chatter coming from the living room.


-"Sorry Gary...", Arthur felt bad for using his friend as a bait, but this opportunity, he couldn't let go of it!

He hurried towards their appointed meeting place, taking several steps downwards at once while trying his best not to cause a ruckus. Getting caught by the butler or Blue right now could possibly ruin everything after all.

Arriving at his destination he saw Cecile curling one of her red twin tails around her fingers while keeping a thoughtful expression on her face.

-"You sure took your time, didn't you?"

-"For someone who says she wasn't allowed to get into the secret lab, you sure are quick to get back here so fast." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

-"For someone who argues for honesty, you sure are quick at deceiving your mum!"

-"That's not the same!"

-"Yes it is!"

-"Damned, this is not the right time for this. We have to hurry up, I don't believe my mum can keep them busy forever, do you have the medicine?"

-"Of course or else I wouldn't be standing here duhh.", her face gained a smug look as she opened her fist and revealed a small bottle of green shining liquid.

-"Is it supposed to... radiate like that?"

-"Did you get cold feet now? Haha, of course you did."

-"No, I don't! Just wanted to make sure you aren't trying to poison me. Give it to me."

He tried to snatch it away, but Cecile quickly pulled her hand away. Before he could protest she handed it over with a playful chuckle.

Arthur took the bottle, clearly annoyed by her behaviour, and as he opened the cap and was about to drink the content ...

-"I don't need to poison you, you will do it yourself if you drink it like that, hahaha"

-"Heok!", Arthur barely managed to stop himself from pouring the whole liquid into his mouth.

-"Why didn't you warn me?! Do you think this is a game??"

Arthur was anxious and angry at the same time.

-"You took it without further questions , is it my fault you were so hurried?"

Cecile didn't find any fault in her actions in any way.

And after a moment of reflection Arthur didn't either, he was really a bit to rash. After taking a few seconds to calm down, he asked again, this time more politely.

-"Can you tell me how to apply this? We don't have much time, and I really need to get out quickly."

Cecile was surprised this time, she didn't expect him to get his grip so fast.

-"Y-you put it on your skin. It's a lotion that builds up a membrane around you. It should protect you for some time.", she explained a bit flustered.

"Okay.", as he was about to take of his clothes and put on the lotion...

"W-what are you doing?!"

"I have to apply it on my skin, right? Can't do with my clothes on, duhh."

"Then why do you have to do it here?! Go inside a room, or the toilet, eek, boys!"


Arthur went into a toilet and put on the green liquid all over his body. He prayed that it wasn't radioactive, and that it wouldn't cause any weird diseases on him.

When he got out and was ready to set off, Cecile couldn't be found anywhere nearby.

-"I guess she went back to take care of further distraction. Good, everything is going according to the plan."

("All according to Keikaku, haha!"

-"A-Atiqo, you're here??"

Arthur was surprised to hear Atiqo's voice all of sudden.

("Of course Arty, I'm always here. We are in the same boat so to speak. Like sticky glue stuck on your-")

-"I get it. You are here. But didn't you say something yesterday about two pilots and one seat?"

("Yes, I am not sure why, but somehow the resistance got a bit thinner. It's still straining to keep up this 'co-piloting', but somehow I might have gotten the hang of it! Haha! At least I can communicate a bit more with you now before my spirit juice is out."

-"Spirit Juice, what are you talking about?"

("Huh? You don't feel it? It's this weird liquid juice that flows all around my body, as if I was taking a nice bath, hahaha! But with my spirit body, hahaha!")

-"Is that even possible? I can't feel anything extraordinary."

("Maybe I am more sensitive to it, I don't have that many senses anymore right now - as a haunting ghost I mean. The thing is this juice is making me feel really refreshed and dope, but it does dry right now while I am talking to you. It could be some kind of fuel, some spirit gasoline! Hahaha!"


Arthur couldn't really understand what Atiqo was talking about, it also felt weird now, knowing that a another person was watching from the same view as him -constantly.

It felt like he had only a little privacy left, at least they couldn't read each others mind. Though they were able to grasp the other's emotions a bit, it was more like talking to an invisible person standing right next to you. Still weird btw.

As he exited from the huge door leading to the outside world, he looked into the wide scenery of the Oak territory, a shocking thought crossed his mind.

-"Ehh, Atiqo?"


-"How do we get from here ... to ... that Green Garden?"

("... you didn't plan that far ahead?")


-"Well, I was quite tired and concentrated on my mum and how to not get found out... I didn't realise I wasn't even in the city!"

Arthur lamented his short-sightedness. He wasn't at home anymore but at the property of a rich family that possessed quite a lot of land. How the hell was he supposed to cross that distance or know the directions to his goal?

His eyes wandered off to the right side, a black car was parked their. The same one that the butler had brought him with when he was here with Khali the last time. Sadly he didn't know how to drive car-

("I know how to drive cars!")

-"We aren't going to steal their car!"

("We aren't stealing anything, just borrowing! Haha!)

-"It's the same. I am too young anyway, and my body is too short!"

("I can handle that. As long as the cars work the same way where I am from, it should be as easy as a piece of cake.")

-"Do you know how to break into a car?"

("Hmm, well, that could be a problem...")

While Arthur and Atiqo were still arguing about the feasibility of pulling a quick heist, a loud sound roared all around the place.


("This sound ... I have heard it before ...")

Only a couple of seconds later a huge flying Pokemon in the air above and dove right into their position! It was a large Fearow!


Arthur was scared for a second that this Fearow would pierce his body, but just a moment before the impact the fearow stopped the dive and started landing onto the ground. Its large wings flapped with a strong might thus creating enough updrift to land on its hindlegs, safe and soundly.

Arthur had to shield his eyes from the sweeping dust though.

-"Hahahah! What was that? I thought I heard a baby cry here somewhere, but all I see is you, Arthur. What have I gotten wrong, hmmm?"

Arthur heard a familiar voice coming from the back of the Fearow, and as if to confirm his assumption right, a red haired girl appeared to be the origin of that voice.

-"Cecile? What are you doing here?!"

-"I told you I was coming with you, haha."

-"So you knew ..."

-"That you forgot about a way of transport for your 'Prison Break'? Yes, I got that. Took you long enough to realize it though, hahaha."

Arthur felt embarrassed, but it was true. He might have neglected one of the more important parts of his plan.

("Don't take it to heart Arty, all you need is experience, real experience outside your comfort zone. Every Pokemon Master had to start his journey in Pallet Town but they all....", after a while Arthur ignored him again, but he was still thankful for the gesture.

-"But this Fearow belongs to..."

-"My uncle. And as we are all family here, Fearsome is one of my most trusted aids here. I have been riding his back since I was six!", she announced proudly.


("Fearsome?? Hahaha, what a dumb name for a Pokemon!")

-"Yes, Fear + Handsome! I decided his nickname, it's incredibely cool and fear-inspiring, right?", star dust glittered in her eyes for a second, or so Arthur imagined it at least.

He had a difficult time ignoring Atiqo's roaring laughter in his mind and just nodded weakly with his head.

-"And it's okay that we just fly around with it? What about Gary's consent? And the law and flight regulations?", Arthur cautiously asked. He didn't want to move from one prison to another during his escape.

-"Who cares about that? I am the daughter of the Gym Leader of this city, if someone has a problem he can go to my dad directly, hmph! And I am my uncle's favourite niece ..."

("... only niece ...")

"... which is why I can fly with Fearsome whenever I want. Isn't that right Fearsome?"

*KKkroooarr*, it made a loud roar so as to accentuate Cecile's argument.

There were tons of questions and problems troubling Arthur's mind, but he didn't have time for this. There wasn't an alternative either, so he might as well take this chance and quickly get away from this mansion. Time trickled by every second they spent on the ground, and the others could find out something was going on if they wasted anymore.

The Fearow turned its back towards Arthur, and he managed to somehow climb up his way. It was weird but the skin and muscles seemed sturdy enough for his feet to get some good grip.

-"Are you ready?", Cecile was sensible enough to ask.

She didn't forget that Arthur was severly injured, and that every step and hold must have brought some kind of pain to him, even if he didn't show it.

-"...Yes, I am ready."

-"Good! Fearsome, let's get going! To the Green Garden!"


Fearow's wings spread as much as possible and flapped against the air with a strong power to create enough force to take off. After a couple of seconds hovering above the earth, the Pokemon and its passengers flew into the sky and beyond.


The first couple of minutes were very turbulent for Arthur. Even though the force of the wind didn't hit his face or body directly as Fearow's body protected them quite well, Fearow still needed some time to adjust to the airflow and the wind. These adjustments occured through subtle movements of its joints and muscles on various parts of Fearow's body. Subtle for the Pokemon at least, but not so subtle for the little passengers that went aboard the Express Fearow Flight!

Cecile didn't show any reactions whatsoever, maybe she was accustomed to this part of the flight already, but Arthur had to change his position every couple of moments because it felt really uncomfortable.

("And here I thought it would be cool to have a Flying Type Pokemon in my team. Maybe it's better to just stick to the land though. Why the grimaces Arty? I thought you got used to this mode of travel already, you have had two rides before this already, right?")

-"U-Unconscious, I was unsconscious the whole time."

Arthur spat out through gritted teeth.

-"What did you say?", Cecile shouted back, as she heard Arthur muttering something.

The backspace on Fearow allowed a small space to exist where the wind wasn't disturbing communication too much. But for purposes of safety and caution, both Arthur and Cecile decided to reduce talking as much as possible.

Arthur was startled, he forgot to speak in his mind instead, so for a moment he wasn't sure how to respond.

-"Y-your Eevette! Where is she?"

This time, Cecile heard him correctly and turned around a little. Arthur had already noticed that she was wearing a suit that looked like what those air-pilots usually wore. When he saw her turn-around, he noticed something big bulging in the front part of her suit. Thinking of certain images in his mind, Arthur became flustered all of a sudden and duck his head a litte.

("Naughty Arty! That's not what this is, hehe, she is too young anyway. Look closer a little, and you will be surpised.")

Hearing Atiqo's reply to his actions, Arthur looked back at Cecile's chest area and found something brown being inside the suit. Two pair of eyes and eras slowly grew out of the suit a little, and Arthur finally realized where Eevette had disappeared to.


Back in the mansion

Gary had a difficult time talking with Arthur's mum who was in stuck in her own little bubble. A bubble that just got bigger and bigger because of her meeting with Gary.

Daisy watched her brother suffer with glee. He always put on a smug expression on his face, but this time he showed a look that was a bit more to her taste.

-"Oh, by the way, where is Arthur actually?"

Arthur's mum noticed her son's absence suddenly.

-"I haven't seen Cecile either in a while...", Gary mentioned.

-"I would love to meet that girl, I am sure she and Arthur would become good friends!", Arthur's mum replied.

Daisy threw in some words with a knowing smile:

"Well, I am sure they have become very good friends by now. They must be together somewhere probably, hehe."



Both Gary and Arthur's mum showed suprised expressions but Gary seemed a bit more shocked.

-"What's wrong Gary? She is already in that age you know? And she hasn't come to know that many children her age all this while ..."

-"Do you really think ... that they are ...", Gary wasn't sure how to express himself right now.

-"Who knows? But maybe I am just imagining things ... although she seemed a little too flustered when I asked her about him, hehehe!"

Arthur's mum wasn't sure how to react to this. She was happy her son found a friend his age, but going this far already ... and they only knew each other for a couple of days!

-"No, no, no, no! I am sure you are mistaken. I know Arthur, and my niece much better. They are too young for this kind of stuff. You must have misunderstood something.", Gary tried to find another kind of explanation.

-"I am surprised you are so against this Gary haha. Aren't you known for being a playboy yourself?"

-"This is different! They are too young!"


Gary decided that he had to intervene in this matter and have a serious talk between men with Arthur later. While he was still thinking about this, a small thing tugged at his mind, as if he had forgotten something important. Just as he thought he had grasped that very small thing though ...

-"Gary, your newest fashion line from Prismania City is amazing!"




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