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90% Pokemon Untold / Chapter 45: Truth and Reality

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Chapter 45: Truth and Reality

-"This ... won't be a problem. I see that you are quite a bit impatient, otherwise you could have already known that I had a second point to my revelation!", Atiqo explained with a smirk, no sign of being phased showing on his face.

-"W-what are you calling me?!", Cecile's face flushed red, embarrassmed of the truth and then angered by him pointing it out like that,

-"I already mentioned it before, but Eevette will help me out in this!"

-"She will?", Cecile's attention turned towards her Eevee quizzically.

-"Eeerrie?", Evette's head tilted sideways in a cute manner, not knowing why she had become the center of focus now suddenly.

-"Yes, I will prove to you that I am a real expert by examining Eevette and finding out the type of her Hidden Power! Surely, an amateur or imposter would not be able to reproduce such a feat, right? Hahaha, your father can also try finding out the same thing, and if it matches with my findings there can be only one truth remaining!", he revealed his idea confidently.

-"Hmm ...", Cecile was thinking intensely over his words, but again she didn't find any loopholes he could use. Of course there were only a limited number of types that Hidden Power could take, and Arthur could get the answer by a stroke of good luck right, but that's something for another time to think about.

-"Great, you have planned it out quite meticulously ... your downfall I mean! Hahaha...", Cecile let out a mocking chuckle.

-"Does that mean we have a deal?", Arthur narrowed his eyes but kept his calm smile on.

-"Sure, hmpf, a deal to embarrass yourself. I am looking forward to the face you will make when this play over, and your so called expertise gets exposed as fraud!"

-"Less talking, we can't waste anymore time. Could you please leave the room? I need a couple of minutes alone with Eevette ..."

-"Why??", Cecile questioned him.

-"To work peacefully, obviously. I need a quiet surrounding to make my results as accurate as possible. If you were an expert, you would know that!"

-"Hmpf!", is all Cecile said before slamming the door shut on her way out. She might as well get herself some food, while the brat was busy playing 'expert'.


Seeing that Cecile had left the room, Atiqo finally relaxed the muscles on his face and heaved out a heavy sigh:

-"Siiiighhh, what a difficult customer!", Atiqo shook his head a little and smiled wrly. He hadn't thought it would be this troublesome to convince a young child to believe in his made-up story. They believed in a Santa Claus and Easter bunnies, why couldn't he pretend to be an expert then?!

He had lots of experiences talking to clients and customers back from his days at the Otaku Merchandise Company but a red haired little girl could make him come close to tears so easily!

Atiqo was a young adult and it was a miracle that he could keep up his poker face without rolling his eyes everytime the word 'expert' left Arthur's small mouth. In the end he had to agree to this complicated bet so that he could gain Cecile's recognition and make his escape plan even possible.

The problem was that he had now built up the facade of a Pokemon expert without any experiences as an actual Pokemon Trainer! Neither did he in his World nor Arthur in this world receive any education related to Pokemon Training! Atiqo's gaming knowledge could be full of half-truth or nonsenses, while Arthur had never left the outskirts of Viridian City - except for that one time in the Viridian Forest of course. Sooner or later his lie could get exposed.

Of course that wouldn't matter at all if he couldn't win the bet anyway. His brain had worked overtime to come up with his theories and assumptions regarding Eevette and her move Hidden Power.

He didn't even know if that was true or not though, and if that concept could be applied in this world as well, maybe Hidden Power was completely different to the way it worked in the games!

Blue might put it aside as child's wild imaginations, but Cecile definitely wouldn't believe him anymore no matter what he tried to convince her with.

Atiqo felt a small heart pounding quickly in his chest, it could have been him or even Arthur who witnessed all these things happening in silence. Both of them felt the anxieties of the other, yet neither could do anything to help alleviate them.

-"Swoohhh!", Atiqo sucked in a great amount of air through his lungs and slapped his cheecks.


-"Don't worry Arty, I have everything under control, we will get this done in an awesome way!", Atiqo spoke to Arthur inwardly. He might have tried to encourage himself as well a little ...

-"Eevette!", Atqio called out the little Pokemon that had seated itself on his bed.

-"Eeerrie!", she responded cheerily.

-"Come here to your amigo (friend) Atiqo, I will need your assistance in this ...", Atiqo stretched his hand low and beckoned Eevette to come closer.

-"Eerrie?", Eevette wondered what was going on. She approached Atiqo with questions marks arising in her head but then got suprised as that human child tried to hold her up!

-"Eeriee!", she cried in suprise.

-"Don't worry, I just want to play a little, nothing harmful, everything's alright ...", Atiqo tried to sooth her unease with his gentle voice. It worked.

-"Interesting ...", this was Atiqo's second time coming this close to a Pokemon in his life. He could even pet it with his own sense of touch, thus getting a better grasp of how a Pokemon felt like.

He automatically compared it to a little dog, the fur power was over 9000 with this little one.

The weight seemed so little compared to how much force it had produced during the fight with Khali's Spinarak, where did all that energy come from? Was this that Infinity Energy that Gary had talked about?

Eevette got used to Atiqo's sudden assault on her and now enjoyed his petting. It was a fresh experience to get attention from another human child other than Cecile.

-"It would be cool to have my own Eevee actually ...", thoughts sprang up in his mind suddenly. Eevee was a good starter and really a broad range of possible paths in terms of competitive gameplay- at least in the games. Plus it looked incredibly cute!

But that wasn't important right now.

-"Ok, playtime is over, now we have to pray!", Atiqo let Eevette back onto the ground and took a look at his hand. After confirming his harvest, the first part of his plan was accomplished.

-"Now the second part depends on luck; great Dios (god) above the multiverse, please help these two innocent souls find the right path!", Atiqo squinted his eyes heavily and prayed very strongly in his heart.

As he relaxed again after finishing his prayer, his attention focused on the cupboard next to his bed. And when he opened it up a small sigh escaped his mouth.

The thing he had been looking for was inside the small wooden cupboard. His hands carefully wraped around the red square object as if it was a precious gem. The PokeDex still looked the same as ever!

His insides were tensed to the max as he opened up the PokeDex and a familiar row of texts welcomed him:

[.Beep. Detecting presence of Host: Atiqo Rodriguez .Beep.

.Beep. Does the Host need assistance? .Beep.

.Beep. Detecting Severe energy pollution on Host's body .Beep.

.Beep Reminding Host of marked Energy Signals located at the Green Garden .Beep.

.Beep The System is strongly recommending Host to pursue these signals .Beep.]

.Beep The System suggests to recover from the current state and pursue signals as soon as possible .Beep.]

-"I get it, dammit. I am trying, but I need your help with something different!", Atiqo responded quite annoyed.

-[.Beep. System is obligated to assist Host .Beep. State your request .Beep.], it responded in a row of text, unperturbed by Atiqo's tone.

-"Can you analyse a genetic sample for me ... from a Pokemon?", Atiqo tighly pressed his fingers together and hoped his prayers were heard.


Instead of an answer, a click noise sounded out from the Dex. It took some seconds for Atiqo to realize that a small compartment had opened up above Pokedex. It was square shaped and only offered little space, but it was enough for what Atiqo had in mind.

He held out his right hand over the small compartment and tiny brown strands of hair fell on the cold red surface.


Another click tone came, this time because the compartment closed itself as soon all the strands had gathered inside.

Suddenly loads of rows of text appeared on the PokeDex:

-[.Beep. Sample Received .Beep.

.Beep. Depolymerisation beginning .Beep.

.Beep. Cell structure successfully denaturated .Beep.

.Beep. Begin Analysing components .Beep.

.Beep. Comparing with available protein data banks .Beep.]


Atiqo understood about half of what the text said, he had majored in biology during highschool. But what freaked him out even more was that this little piece of technology was really able to handle all these operations! It felt to him like he was holding a small laboratory in his small hands!

Then his attention got pulled back onto the screen:

-[.Beep. Examination completed .Beep.]


-"So, did you have enough time to rehearse your act? I'm getting bored of this, tell me we can get over this quickly."

Cecile was back in the room and had a sandwhich in her hand while sitting on a chair near Atiqo. Her right leg was resting over her left one, and she pointed at him with her sandwhich in her hand, as if it would threaten him.


Eevette cheerfully munched on some Pokemon food that Cecile had brought with her.

Atiqo unperturbed by her, continued his play.

-"Sure, no problem, haha, the time has come to reveal my secret knowledge! After several profound tests and measurements, I have come to the conclusion that your Evette is ..."


-"Huhh ... huh .... huhh ..."

The hall had been demolished into smithereens, machine parts lied all over the place. Fluids of different colours leaked from those broken pieces of metal while sparks and electricity flickered from time and time, throwing an eerie light onto the battlefield.


Gary and Daisy ran over from now opened gate. They had been watching their eldest brother fight against these weird constructs from afar, though they couldn't exactly make what had taken place in this fight. Their sight had been blocked off by disturbances of the battles.

Both of them couldn't hide their shock seeing all the broken robots and metal parts on the ground. But what freaked them out even more was seeing Blue having this crazed look in his eyes ... as if the battle hadn't ended yet.

-"B-blue, is everything ... alright?"

Daisy dared to ask worriedly.

-"Huhh .... huhh ...."

Blue didn't react and continued staring into the distance with a grim look on his face, while taking in heavy breaths to recover.

-"Blue! Say something, god damn! What is this place?!"

Gary questioned him irritated and scared. He had never known his brother had built up this kind of facility in the gym.

-"Ah ... you are ... here ..."

Colours finally returned on Blue's face and his eyes showed the glint of consciousness again.

-"I-I am fine"

-"No, you are not, look at you ..."

-"I said I'm fine!"

Blue shouted back, but realized his mistake quickly.

-"I am sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you ... I may not be that fine. But it's okay. I have cooled down a little. Fighting helps me calm down, you see."

Gary pointed at the robots and made a roundabout gesture a the hall.

-"Yes, I built them. They are ... for training purposes."

-"Just training?"

-"Yes. But that's not important anyway. We have more important things to look into right now."


-"Later, we can later ok?"

Daisy was still worried but decided to swallow down her words for now. She looked back at the robots painting a picture of destruction.

-"This doesn't look like just training brother ... sigh", she thought to herself.

-"Let's discuss briefly about our next steps. I think that-"

-"Well, first, you should put on some clothes that don't like you were blown up by a lightning bolt. I think we can agree on that, right?", Gary threw in his two cents.




When the three adults had finished their discussions and were leaving the facility, Cecile and her Eevette showed up suddenly and hurriedly ran up to them.

But noticing the heavy mood being emitted by the adults, she asked hesitatingly.

-"Is everything okay?"

Blue saw her expression and immediately put on a smiling face.

-"Of course darling. Everything is fine, we just had a small discussion about ... some things we have to do. I am in a hurry actually, is it urgent?"

-"Ehh, can you take a quick look at Eevette please?"

-"Huh? Why, is something wrong with it?"

Blue picked up Eevette who was enjoing the presence of him. Unlike the others, she didn't care about the serious mood at all. Blue inspected her from all sides but didn't see anything out of place.

-"Could you tell me .. what type affinity ... she has?"

-"Type affinity? What type affinity? Cecile, Eevees don't have a type affinity, they are just Beast Pokemon. At least, not until they have evolved!"

Gary butted in and told her.

-"But he said ... I heard that you could determine a Pokemon's elemental affinity by the move Hidden Power ..."

Blue's eyes shrunk suddenly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Who told you this bullcr- heok!"

When Blue glared at him, Gary couldn't help shrinking back. He knew when to retreat, especially in front of a monster.

Blue showed his daughter his understanding face.

-"Cecile, this sounds quite interesting, could you tell me where you heard about this?"

-"I, ehh ...", she wanted to say, she read it up on the internet but ... somehow she had the feeling her father wouldn't buy it that easily.

-"Arthur ... told me.", she bit her lips because of her guilt.



All three adults had surprised looks on their faces. A small light went up in Blue's eyes and a hearty laughter escaped his mouth.

-"Hahaha, that boy said that? Hahaha, wow, I didn't expect that."

-"So it's wrong? Tch, I knew he played me. I will get back at him for this ...!"

-"I never said it was wrong."

Blue told her.

-"What are you saying? I have never heard about this before!"

Garry argued.

-"Well, you are still young and inexperienced. What? You finished education at the academy and now you think you own the world? Hahaha, my little Garry, there is so much more in this vast world ...sigh ... so much more you have yet to see and understand."

Blue got more quiet at the end.

-"As for Hidden Power, it's a small secret I learned during my younger days. You can really find out a Pokemon's aptitude for elements by observing Hidden Power interact with its surroundings. Only real experts are able to notice these small details though."

-"This... this is amazing! This is groundbreaking! If this is really true and we can verify it scientifically then ...!", excitement was written all over Gary's face but Blue didn't intend to let him enjoy the moment for long.

-"You can't measure it."


-"Hidden Power is too unstable, and our current technology isn't cut out to properly understand and record those split second reactions and undulations."

-"But, how do you know then..."

As if knowing Garry would ask, Blue's eyes started flickering. It was only a second long, Gary still saw those lightning-like sparks and features he knew very well from his brother.

-"Oh ... oh.", Gary's eyes sunk into depression, as if he had gotten an answer he never asked for. And he wasn't able to return it either!

-"Then ... how did Arthur...?"

-"Arthur that boy, I am also wondering where he got to know this kind of ... information.", confusion and amazement crossed Blue's mind.

-"Did he tell you Cecile?"

-"He ... he said he got it from the internet. The dark web.", Cecile was totally confused about this situation. Her father and uncle acted like it was some super secret, but was it really that important?


-"Hehe, hahahaha!"

Blue and Gary couldn't help laughing loudly. That explanation was too unexpected, but exactly the kind of thing a child would say.

-"Hrmph, guys, we have business to attend to.", Daisy interrupted.

She didn't care much about this finding, her interests lied in the medical field anyway.

-"Ah, yes. you're right. Cecile, me and my brother will go out ... clean up his mess ..."


-"...Daisy will take care of you for now. As for your Eevee, I can tell you right now. I have already known it since the first time I saw it performing that move.

A memory from 30 minutes ago flashed across Cecile's mind and overlapped with the current situation unconsiously.

-"It's elemental affinity is ..."

/I have come to the conclusion that your Evette is .../

-"It's affinity is the highest for electric type attacks!"

/... she has the highest affinity for the electric type!/


Blue stared at her proudly, and Daisy exclaimed in a lovely voice.

-"How sweet! Like father like daughter!"

Cecile at this time stood there with her mouth wide agape. The others looked at her weirdly and glanced to each other.

-"Cecile, are you okay?"


No reaction.

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