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Chapter 24: Undercurrents


"Miss, you misunderstand something here ...", Gary tried to calm her down but it was useless.

"D-don't c-come any closer to me! M-molester! P-pervert! What did you do to that poor child?!", she stammered and took some steps back as she saw him approaching her.

"Shit.", Gary cursed silently. It seemed futile to try and reason with her so he turned back to Arthur:

"I think the situation is getting out of hand. Let's split up first, I need to hide and ... put on my clothes again. Let's meet up at the Green Garden. It should be more quiet there.", and as he finished saying that he picked up his clothes and ... started dissipating from his feet upwards! He just turned invisible!

The last Arthur saw of him was a pair of eyes casually giving him a wink before they had disappeared as well. The clothes now looked like they were floating in space ...

"Shit.", he heard someone curse for a moment and then the clothes quickly 'flew' out of the room.

The face of the waitress had turned pale and she looked frightened around the room and back to the hallway:

"A ghost ... was that a ghost?", she whispered and then fell unconscious onto the ground.

"Ehhh ...", was the only thing that Arthur could bring out at the moment. He saw the women in the restaurant uniform lying on the ground. She looked ok ...

He went towards the door and look around the hallway, no signs of floating clothes ... but he heard steps and some approaching voices coming. Better get away now.

He quickly found a staircase, left the building and disappeared into the masses of people.

What would the people inside the restaurant think about this incident?

A police call would be sent out and a patrol would come by and further investigate the case. But based on the testimony of the only witness the police officer would just scoff:

"Ghosts haha ... if ghosts are real then I am a secret millionaire, pff.", and let the case rest in the basements of the police station.

"It was probably just a prank played by some immature youths.", the people would say.

Later on a newspaper article would appear in the 'Viridian Day' showcasing an interview with a distressed young waitress who would speak about her contact with the 'other side'. Of course nobody would pay much attention to it and quickly flip to the next pages and focus on more important news or gossip.


Back on the street

Arthur had troubles finding this Green Garden at first. He wasn't really knowledgable about anything in his current state and most people he talked to were either tourists or expats or just didn't know. His luck finding locals seemed abysmally low.

Then the idea popped up in his mind to just ask the Pokedex again and it worked! The GPS pointed him the way towards the place but when he was about to walk forward he bumped into someone else accidentally. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He looked up and saw an angry thick square face shooting daggers at him. He even saw some tatoos at that guy's neck but what stood out even more was his shiny bald head. Arthur sensed goosebumps on his skin and quickly apologized to the man:

"I-I am sorry, my fault.", he didn't want to start a conflict with this grim looking guy and quickly fled the scene.

"Glupyy mal'chik (stupid boy)!", the man spit out through gritted teeth and killing intent flared up in his eyes, but a hand on his shoulders stopped him from doing anything stupid.

"Comrade, now is not the time to create a scene. Remember, our mission. The Tsar's orders were to remain undetected for now and gather information. We can't have you go around and cause a ruckus at every single fly crossing our paths. Understood?", the deep voice of a hooded man on the side asked.

"Ponimat' (understood)."


And they then sunk further in the deep sea of people.


Inside a mansion

"What did you say?!", Rico shouted upset.

"I am sorry young master, but it's what the Dojo Master decided on. He even left his own signature on it, so there is no way it could be a fake.", the humble servant replied while keeping his head low.

"How dare this son of a bitch kick me out from the dojo! Did he forget that I am a Nevarrez?!"

"Surely not young master, he explicitly stated that he intended no ill will with the house of Nevarrez. But due to some alleged misconduct on young master's side, a claim without any base of course, he saw himself forced to cancel the membership ... for an indefinite time."

"I know that Alfonso, I have read that damned letter myself! This is unfair! I did nothing but teach that idiot a small lesson ... AH! It's him!!!", Rico's face took on an expression of enlightenment but it quickly turned ugly instead and then finally transformed into rage!

In a fit of anger he hit the desk behind him with all his might! The legs couldn't resist the sudden force and some broke down upon the impact. The surface of the table burst apart and cracks formed like spider webs.

"Young master, please calm down!", the old servant tried to appease him.

"I am fine.", Rico spoke through gritted teeth,

"How was his name again? Ar ... Arthur, yeah. There is no way Underwood could have known otherwise. That boy must have asked Zoe to meet her dad and then snitched on me with his very first sentence that ran through his despicable lips!", as he talked Rico's hands clenched back into fists,


"Yes young master!", the old servant responded, ready for any orders.

"Go find Arthur and ... take care of him a little. Just a little, I think he's been to the hospital only recently and it would be a tragedy if ... he had to go back this soon hehehe!"

"Yes of course young master. I will find some people for this task.", he knew better than to dissuade his young master from any reckless actions while in his current state. That boy Arthur could only curse his luck for offending the scion of the house of Nevarrez.


FleetingClouds FleetingClouds

Please enjoy :),

Check out the new CN Monster Pet Evolution, it's interesting, and also inspiring for this FanFic that I intend to right.

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