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Elements of Insanity - Ch. 5 A New Pinkie Pie - Ponypastas - Chapter 11 by Vanova full book limited free

Chapter 11: Elements of Insanity - Ch. 5 A New Pinkie Pie

Twilight was heading over to Rarity's boutique. She assumed that she knew what was going on with Applejack and Fluttershy. When she got there, she knocked on the door. Sweetie Belle answered the door.

"Hey Twilight! Did you come to see Rarity?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Hello Sweetie Belle. Yes, I did come to see Rarity. Is she here?" Twilight asked.

"Yes, but she told me that she doesn't want to speak with anypony right now."

"Really? Would you mind telling me why?"

Sweetie Belle shrugged. .

"I don't know, but I think Opulence needs to go to the hospital." 



"Sweetie Belle!" Rarity yelled. "Who's at the door?!"

"It's Twilight!" Sweetie Belle yelled.

Rarity ran to the door and pushed Sweetie Belle out of the way. She opened it half way so Twilight could only see her left eye. 

"Hello Twilight!" Rarity said. 

"Uh, hey Rarity. What's wrong with your eye?" Twilight asked.

"Oh don't worry about that. Opulence and I had a small fight, that's all."

"Is that why Sweetie Belle told me that Opulence needs to go to the hospital?"

Rarity frowned and slammed the door shut, startling Twilight.

"Sweetie Belle! I told you not to tell anypony!" Rarity said.


Pinkie Pie was baking treats in Sugarcube Corner. She wanted to make some cupcakes for her friends. She didn't have much to do today, so she figured why not. Suddenly, she got a phone call on her phone. She hopped over to the phone with a grin and answered it. 

    "Hello?" She asked.

    "Pinkie Pie." A deep voice said.

    "This is her, the one and only! Who are you mister?" Pinkie Pie asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

    "Pinkie Pie."

    "*giggles.*You can't be Pinkie Pie because I'm Pinkie Pie, silly. You sound so funny when you say Pinkie Pie because your voice is deep, and it makes it sound funny. Did you know that-"

    "When you feel it, you will see it."

    "Feel what see what who now?"

    "Basement. Now."

    The phone hung up. Pinkie Pie shrugged and bounced towards the basement. When she got there, she saw nothing but her old stuffed animals and party decorations.

    "Oh, I see. You wanna play hide-and-seek with me!" Pinkie Pie said.

    Pinkie Pie searched all over for the mysterious pony who called her, but eventually gave up and started bouncing towards a garden not too far away in Ponyville. She wanted to pick some flowers and deliver them to her friends with her cupcakes.

While heading towards the garden she knew, she accidentally bumped into another mare. 

"Whoops, sorry-"

"Watch where you're going!" The pony yelled before trotting away.

Pinkie Pie stood up and dusted herself off. 

"Geez, talk about party pooper." Pinkie Pie said. 

Pinkie Pie didn't let it ruin her day. Instead, she simply continued bouncing towards the garden. While going there, a group of ponies was snickering and undetectably walked up to Pinkie Pie. The leader tripped Pinkie Pie, making her fall down. 

"Oops; my bad. Didn't see you there." The leader said. 

They all laughed and walked away. Pinkie Pie stood up and dusted herself off again. She was starting to feel unhappy. She, instead of bouncing, walked towards the secret garden. When she finally got there, she gasped in excitement and stared at the pink flower that stood tall and proud. The pollen was visible and the sunlight beamed down on it.

"It's beautiful!" Pinkie Pie yelled.

Just as she was about to get it, a colt stomped on the flower. Pinkie Pie gasped again and folded her ears back. She slowly looked up at the dark green colt who still had his hoof on the flower. He had a frown plastered on his face and didn't look nice at all. 

"This flower is mine." He said. "Back off Stinky Pie."

Pinkie Pie recognized this colt. She met him on the rock farm when she was a filly, and he was a really big bully. Pinkie Pie gulped and backed away.

"S-Sorry, I didn't know this was your-"

"Of course you didn't!" He yelled. "Your simple brain couldn't process anything!"

"But I-"

"Get lost, Stinky Pie!" 

Pinkie Pie ran back to Sugarcube Corner, regretting that she looked for that garden today. When she got home, she slammed the door and went to her room. She hated that stupid horse. He was always mean to her, and always frowned.

Pinkie Pie thought about all the times he bullied her. It made her wish he was dead. Pinkie Pie never thought about things like that before. So Pinkie Pie decided to visit the attic, thinking a few dolls might cheer her up. 

When she got to the attic, she noticed that all of her dolls were torn and her party decorations were ruined. The attic was dark, and the only thing that wasn't destroyed in the room was a cupcake sitting on a stool. The cupcake was visible and looked like it had just been baked. 

Pinkie Pie hesitantly walked over to the cupcake and took a hold of it. It looked like an ordinary cupcake. It was vanilla flavored (that's what she thought) with pink icing and a plain wrapping. She hesitantly took a bit out of the treat. She immediately spit it out however. 

"This tastes horrible! Ew!" Pinkie Pie yelled.

But after a moment of wiping her tongue with her hoof, she took another bite. This time, it tasted a bit better. It tasted exactly the same, except she liked it this time. She continued eating it until she gobbled the entire thing. 

Why did it suddenly taste so good, and addicting? It tasted evil, yet satisfying. It tasted wrong, yet right at the same time. She licked her hoof ion satisfaction and started to giggle. She suddenly began to change. Her crazy and wild pink hair began to flatten and her pink coat seemed darker. Her blue eyes shrank and her teeth were revealed into an insane smile. She breathed heavily and licked her lips.

She wanted more cupcakes. The one she just ate didn't taste like normal cupcakes, they tasted like...flesh. Pinkie Pie insanely chuckled and heard the Sugarcube corner door open. 

"I want a cupcake! Now!" An angry pony yelled.

Pinkie Pie insanely grinned. Someone wasn't too happy.

"Why so serious?" Pinkie Pie said. "Let's put a smile on that face."

(Did that sound familiar?)

Pinkie Pie bounced towards the front door and towards her first victim.

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