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2.63% Possessing krinshing de morte / Chapter 3: Chapter 2 : Annoying new neighbor

Chapter 2 : Annoying new neighbor - Possessing krinshing de morte - Chapter 3 by Salem_Goodness_20 full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 2 : Annoying new neighbor

Jazlyn p.o.v

I woke up under something but my bed feels cold and hard, wait a minute, last night I remembered clearly that I arranged my bed and mom's bed. So why is my bed hard all of a sudden and why is it tight and dark here? Bad thoughts and feelings began to fill inside my mind, the first question I asked myself was 'have I been kidnapped?'. Panic and fear began to course through me at the thought of been kidnapped.

'I am too flawless to be kidnapped'

I did the first thing anyone in my position would do  'SCREAMED BLOODY HELL!' soon after my first scream, I heard fast footsteps approaching from a corner or so. The door creaked open and I mentally braced myself for whatever might happen, whoever it is, I will not go down without a fight.

The door opened and I heard a familiar voice. "Roxy are you okay, where are you I heard you scream." Mom asked me. She sounded worried, I can't tell if it was because of my screams or because we are in an unknown location. Wait, how did mom get here anyway, her safety and the baby's safety are very important than anything.

"Mom what are you doing here please go before they find you." I tried to wan her.

"What! Who is coming for me and-  " She cut herself. " Roxy are you on drugs?" She asked.

"No mom this is no time to joke save yourself." I urged her, wishing she will just listen to me and stop being stubborn.

"Jazlyn have you been drinking. remember I have forbidden you from alcohol are you crazy. I think I should call a therapist." Mom said.

"Mom I think we have been deceived, and they kidnapped us." I tried again but there was a long pause, my heart began to race fearing something bad had happened to her, I tried lifting myself up but whatever is over me is preventing me from doing so.

"Do you know where you are?" She asked but it sounded like she was mocking me. I ignored her thinking it was her mood swings.

"We have been kidnapped and I am trapped somewhere and I can't get out. Please mom you need to understand." I replied still freaking out. Then she laughed which caused me to frown, she just kept on laughing till she was out of breath.

"So your bed kidnapped you?" She asked in a teasing tone. 


"I don't get it mom why are you laughing, this is a life and death situation." I told her.

"Honey you are under your bed and no one is kidnapping you." Then the lights came on, I shield my eyes from the brightness and looked side by side. Behold I was on the floor and the weight holding me down was my freaking bed, I was actually under my bed. Well done stupid brain that explains why she is laughing, how much more can I embarrass myself? I crawled out and sat on the floor feeling embarrassed.

"Mom." I whined. "I really thought I was kidnapped."

"Yeah under your bed." I really think pregnancy has made my very composed sweet mom more bitchy and annoying. She could sass you in many ways you won't be able to think of.

'How did I even get under the bed I am not a sleepwalker and I don't think I rolled myself under my bed that's impossible' A knock from downstairs interrupted our moment and mom went check, still having that huge grin on her lips. I stood up and freshened up for some grocery shopping. When I got downstairs mom was still at the door, man, I love this house it's beyond what words could say, from the big luxurious kitchen to the fancy living room and my big bedroom though mom and dad beds were fancier than mine but I like mine better.

My room was decorated with modern decorations in purple, gray, and ash, my bed was a queen-size bed and it also had a nice comfy balcony. I lazily strolled out of our new kitchen into the backyard to pass time and wait for mom.

Our backyard and front yard is something you will never forget. There is a big swimming pool in the middle of the garden and it was surrounded with decorative beautiful canopies for resting. I am sure I have used an hour or more to tour around the house I glanced from the sliding door to see mom at the door. I wonder what's taking her so long.

I went back inside to see what was delaying mom for minutes, she isn't supposed to stand for so long. I took a little peek above her shoulder and saw our neighbor engaging mom in a serious conversation. Does this neighbor talk so much? I mean who talks for half an hour, wait I know who the neighbor right next to us.

I decided to pass time by walking around so I can have a good view of this place. From what I could see it is a friendly environment for a family.

I turned around to see my mom's face flushed. She looked seriously pissed and I don't want to face her wrath cause I have seen how terrible she can be when she's angry.

"What happened mom you look pissed." I asked.

"Nothing, just the annoying neighbor, she talks too much and made my feet hurt, you know I was giving her a sign that my feet were getting tired from standing so much, but she did not get it, every time I try to end the conversation she brings up another gosh I hate her already." I let her rant as she wanted then I will intervene later. I have seen worse, her hormones makes her crazy sometimes, I am surprised the neighbor didn't receive the wrath of her hormones.

"Yes mom I wonder how we gonna survive here with that open-mouthed neighbor." I supported her, but thought of ways to keep the lousy neighbor away from us or the other way round.

"Forget it, she ruined my morning." Mom huffed and made her way to the stairs.

"Soo... what can I make for breakfast?" I asked trying to lighten the mood.

"Anything as long as it doesn't contain eggs, alcohol and mints, then I'm cool." Mom said as she made her way upstairs, her mood seems to lighten up a bit.

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"Hey! Mom I don't do that." I complained.

"Whatever you say chica." She sassed.

I smiled happily, her good side was back, the last thing I want is to feed a crying cranky pregnant woman. I got started with the peeling of the Irish potatoes, mom loves potatoes. When I was done I boiled them in a saucepan for 20 minutes, after it was done I mashed them until they looked smooth enough to swallow.

I made the sauce and kebab the previous day to reduce extra stress for me. After I was through I served mom her portion and took it to her room upstairs. I went back to the kitchen to have my breakfast, I was about to put a spoon of potatoes in my mouth when I heard a knock on the door, I groaned and made my way there but when I opened it no one was there. Confused I shrugged and closed the door.

I was about to step away from the door another knock sounded, this time I took my steel bat from a corner, balancing it on my shoulder so I can hit whosoever it is playing tricks on me. I opened the door without caution preparing to attack.

I was shocked to see him outside, I nearly dropped the bat out of shock, the one person I once trusted the one who betrayed me and the one who took everything from me, he stole my heart and dumped it into a canal, like my feelings where nothing and he is the same person who humiliated and disrespected me in front of people.

That one person I detest the most.

Noel Eugene

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