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3.2% Possessing krinshing de morte / Chapter 4: Chapter 3: New guy

Chapter 3: New guy - Possessing krinshing de morte - Chapter 4 by Salem_Goodness_20 full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 3: New guy

I just stared at him not knowing how to feel or what to do. And the idiot was smiling at me, does he have a death wish, cause I would gladly give him one.

"What do you want?" I asked him my voice sounding cold and blunt and his smile dropped.

"Can I at least come in?" He asked in hopes of me accepting him back 'hell no!' I gave him a disgusted look and regain my posture.

"Hell no, you prick! You think you can just come into my life anytime you want and I will welcome you with open arms or-" That's when a thought hit me. "Wait a minute, how did you know I left the country and how did you get my address?" I folded my hands under my breasts waiting for him to answer. He scratched his neck and laughed nervously.

"I- umm... Sadie told me." I mentally slapped myself for being stupid.. I totally forgot I should have known, Sadie Hathaway my busybody cousin who can't stay out people's business, I could have sworn she was not around when we discussed our travel at her parents house. Anyways she's a Hathaway news tend to get in their hands first.

"That doesn't explain your visit." I tried to stay calm so as not to attract nearby neighbors especially the one in front of us.

"I wanted to say I'm sorry, I really am it was my fault, everything that happened shouldn't have. But can you forgive me?" He asked.

"I Will think about it." I told him flatly ending the conversation. I tried closing the door but he put his foot at the edge of the door preventing me from doing so.

"Please." He begged.

"Whatever I need time." I grumbled and with that I stepped hard on his foot with my boot heels, he winced and toppled over resulting in the door slamming straight on his head as I closed it.

I heard a painful groan and a thud outside which made me feel satisfied the dick deserved it after all.

I went back to the kitchen to finish my food then I realized it must have been cold. I sighed in frustration it won't have been cold and I would have had a peaceful breakfast if not for the unplanned event that showed up at my door. One day just one day I will hurt that piece of shit. I microwaved the cold food anyways since mom hate food wastage and ate silently while scrolling through my phone mom. After I was done I washed the dishes and clean up the house before taking my bag and keys heading to the grocery store.


I was at the grocery store looking for as many foodstuffs and supplies I could find, I walked to the candy section debating on how many packet I should get, the ones that won't land me in trouble with mom, I looked around but found none that match my interest I soon became fed up and turned around to check the shelf behind me only to bump into someone I held myself up from falling on the person.

"Forgive me please" We said in unison.

"Sorry." We said again. I was surprised.

"You go first" We said again and I blushed at this coincidence. Then he gestured I should go first.

"I...umm, I was- I wasn't watching where I was going sorry." I apologized nervous all of the sudden. I have never been nervous around guys before since when did this happen 'since your failed date with Noel' my subconscious told me and I mentally slapped the bitch if it was possible.

"It's ok neither was I Davin Rex Javier by the way." He said stretching his hand to me.

"Jazlyn Roxanne Engelbert, nice to meet you too." I replied shyly and nervously shook his hand. I have never been this nervous around a guy maybe because he's cute.

"Shall we?" He gestured for me to move I laughed at his silly act. For the next 20 minutes we spent it picking junks and raw food items we also had a little chit-chat for and made some jokes about the grumpy cashier it was hilariously funny. And we got to the grumpy cashier's desk to pay, Davin and I had a little argument about me paying for myself at the end he lets me pay for myself.

We left the store together laughing about his skateboard accident although I was the one doing most of the laughing while he laughed a little and sulked most of the time pouting like a spoiled child, I called a cab since I will only have access to my car when I start school according to my father who consider me a dangerous driver.

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"Today was fun." I spoke.

"Indeed it was. Are you new around here." He asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"Cool, I live about a mile from here." He pointed to road opposite the grocery store. "Twenty five minutes walk from Chasity noble University. Just ask for Javi everyone knows me there." He told me, I just nod my head. "As much as I'd love to stay I really need to go, you know school resumes on Monday and I don't want to be late. Again." He huffed like the idea of school wasn't appealing. "Can I have your number?" He asked.

"Erm sure." I gave him my number and he gave me his number.

"See you then." He told me and made his way home taking the route opposite the grocery store. I smiled as the cab parked in front of me, I put my shopping bags inside first then entered.

" lI am baaaaack!!!" I yelled as I entered the house excited about today. "And if you want to ask how my day has been I can gladly tell you it has been more than wonderful." I said to no one in particular.

"Whoooo someone looks happy." Mom said appearing from the kitchen.

"Yeah mom take a guess."

"What? l" She asked eyeing me up and down.

"Just guess." I pushed impatiently.

"You beat the crap out of someone."  I shook my head no.

"Master Lee is on his way here because of something you did?" She pauses. "Oh my God you did not beat up the black belters did you?" She asked me eyes widen.

"No mom I haven't practiced martial arts in years and I haven't hurt anyone physically" I said she gave me a look and I know she isn't buying it. "Really mom I am serious it has nothing to do with any of that."

"You cried in Public and everyone was staring." She asked and I grimaced.

"No mom seriously try again." I told her.

"Well I am not good at guessing if you did nothing embarrassing or cause trouble l." I nearly rolled my eyes.

"No, I met a guy today at the grocery store." Mom gave me a look.

"Ok I don't think I have time for this, guy's with long hair are not gay Jay Period." She said and stood up to leave but I stopped her.

"That's not the case mom." I said a little upset.

"Then what is it?" She asked. "And please don't tell me you saw girls with short hair and you think they are lesbians." I shook my head.

"No mom that isn't the case either. I was shopping and I accidentally bumped into a cute guy his name is Davin Rex Javier we connected really well and he lives a mile away from the grocery store 25 minutes walk from Chasity noble University." I said.

"Okay, but you still don't know this guy so don't get your hopes up that you like him already." Mom said then I remembered something thing.

"Mom you haven't told me the name the university I have been enrolled to."

"Oh it must have slipped my mind, it's Chasity noble University." I stilled does that means I get to see Blair I squealed with joy and dash upstairs to my room happily preparing for school tomorrow.

I checked through my closet looking for what I would wear tomorrow, I picked up two choices, a deep purple short sleeve flare blouse and black skinny jeans and a grey hood knee length jumpsuit.

My shoe choice a black wedge boot heels and gladiator sandals.

'Tommorow is my day, am gonna met cutie boy, meet cute boy, meet cute boy.

Tomorrow's my day gonna met cute boy and we gonna hangout. Yeah!!!'

I continued my singing until I was done, deep inside me I hoped Blair schooled there so I didn't have to feel lonely on my first day.

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