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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Chat with God.

November 9th, year 2020. Time of death: 05:10AM

I woke up somewhere white, that's the only way I can describe this place, simply a white room. I think I died due to exhaustion because I've been awake, well actually was awake for 5 days working on a project that could, theoretically, change the world. I'm fucking pissed that I died right when I was close to finishing my time machine. Yes, I was building a time machine and I was very close to finishing it but I died... I was so close to meeting 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮 again... Oh well, destiny likes to play games so what can I do right?

I've been in this white room for what feels like hours but I have no way of checking the time because I am butt naked and there is no clock in here so yeah. I think I'm in heaven or atleast in the void, but that wouldn't make sense because from the novels and mangas I've read the void is a infinite emptiness where literally nothing exists.

I've been here thinking of my current situation for a few hours at least when I suddenly heard a majestic voice, I don't know how to describe it correctly because it's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. (' = thinking, " = talking)

??? "Hello child, sorry for being late. I was playing a game you humans invented called Chess with Jesus. Anyway, to summarize your situation, you are dead and your soul was selected to be reincarnated with a few wishes, any questions?

Cain "Uhh hello? Who are you and why was I selected to be reincarnated?

God "Humans call me God but my real name, well, the name I gave myself eons ago is Adam, you can call me whatever you feel confortable with. Regarding why you were selected, it was done at random, the only filter being that the soul of a bad individual couldn't be selected." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Cain 'Holy shit... oh fuck I'm not supposed to curse in front of God right, at least I cursed in my mind and he didn't hear me..."

God "Actually I did, but relax, I'll let this one pass"

Cain "Oh thanks I guess... but let me see if I heard things right, I'll be reincarnated and get wishes? Like those novels I read back on earth?"

God "Exactly child, now let's get this over with. You will chose what world you will get to reincarnate. You can choose any world you want, including fictions ones like Marvel, DC, Naruto and many more. After you decide what world you want I'll give you 3 wishes and that's it."

Cain "If I may ask God, do these wishes have a limit?"

God "Since I'm in a good mood after beating Jesus in that game, the only limit I'll impose is that you can't ask to be Omnipotent. Other than that anything goes. I'll give you some time to think..."

Cain 'OH MY GOD MY TIME HAS COME TO BE OVERPOWERED. Okay I have a lot of options because one of my favorite things to do when I was not working was read those novels where the protagonist gets wishes and becomes OP right off the bat. There was also a website that I loved reading that described literally every superpower you can think off so I have a lot to think about.'

A long time later...

Cain "God, I think I know what I'll wish for."

God "Go ahead child..."

Cain "For my first wish I'd like to have a power called Meta Ability Creation from that website that has a ton of powers, if you don't know what I mean you can check my memories to see what power I'm talking about"

God "It's alright child, one of the perks of being me is being omniscient so I know exactly what you are talking about. I'll allow this wish but with a limit, this limit being that you cannot create an ability that makes you or others omnipotent."

Cain 'Holy shit he actually allowed me to have that power, I'M SET FOR LIFE BABY. Oh I forgot God can hear my thoughts, sorry God...'

Cain "Thank you God. Now for my second wish I'd like to have a system that helps me on my journey, but I don't want one of those systems that gives quests and stuff because I don't want to become my systems' slave. I want this system to have a powers and abilities list where I can check the powers I've created and the system can rank those powers based on how powerful and useful they are. I would also like for this system to have a status screen."

God "Granted."

Cain "Perfect. For my third wish I would like to ask you to make it impossible for me to meet other people that might have reincarnated or transmigrated to the worlds that I'll visit because I plan on creating an ability that allows me to travel to other worlds and multiverses."

God "I see you are already making plans for your journey, nicely done. Alright, I'll grant your wish. Now that you have stated your wishes you shall tell me what world would you like to be reincarnated in, remember you can choose fictional worlds as well."

Cain 'Well, since l'll create an ability that makes it possible for me to travel to other worlds I don't think I need to think a whole lot on what world I'd like to go first... let's go with that one."

Cain "I'd like to be reincarnated in the world of Naruto 1 year after Naruto became the Hokage."

God "Very well. I hope you live a long and fulfilling life, have fun on your journey child."

Cain "Thank you very much for this opportunity God..."

The second I finished my sentence my vision turned black and I felt like like my insides were spinning, made me wanna throw up so bad...

Naruto world, 26 years after Naruto was born, a man suddenly appears from a wormhole 5 miles outside Konohagakure...

Cain 'Ah fuck, that was NOT a pleasant experience, Jesus Christ... Well it seems that at least my meeting with God wasn't a dream. Seems like im in a forest of some sort, let me see if my system is here with me.'

Cain "Uhh, system? You there?"

{Positive host, I am here. For your information, you do not need to speak out loud to talk to me, you just need to think what you want to say and I will hear you.}

Cain 'Oh great, by the way system, do you have a name? Calling you system everytime sucks ass. And you can call me Cain too, host is a little weird.'

{I do not Cain}

Cain 'Okay, are you a female or male system? I don't even know if systems have a gender but it doesn't hurt to ask...'

{I do not have a gender but I will receive one if you name me}

Cain 'Perfect. Your name from now on will be Rhea. Like it?'

[RENAMING 'System' TO 'Rhea']




[100%... DONE]

{Hello Cain, I would like to thank you for granting me such a beautiful name. I shall always be by your side in case you need me.}

Cain 'Wow your voice really changed from a mechanical voice to a feminine one. Glad you like your name Rhea! Now what do you say we start this adventure?'

{I would be glad to host}


ilovepizza9 ilovepizza9

Hello everyone! Like I said in the synopsis, this is my first time writing a story so any constructive criticism and suggestions are very much appreciated. I would also like to add that english is not my first language so if you see any errors here and there let me know that I will fix it ASAP. I haven't decided on an update schedule yet so I guess I'll decide on one based on the feedback... Hope you enjoy it guys, god bless you all!

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