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66.66% Predatory evolution / Chapter 4: 'Factions'

'Factions' - Predatory evolution - Chapter 4 by simple_god full book limited free

Chapter 4: 'Factions'

Hearing the commotion at a place like this, Ji Lei's interest piqued up. The steps he took to go towards coffee shop suddenly turned towards the place where commotion is happening.

Lin Ming also followed him without a question, as his interest also piqued. By the time they reached there, they saw two burly middle aged men standing on a stage giving speech to the below people.

"We Wang brothers are creating a faction for our Kunming city. Whoever going to that place can join us in this faction. As said by our ancestors, unity is what we need at a time like this. Let us Unify into a team and help each other. Out there we don't know, what we are going to face. From the words of that 'Nice Oldman' yesterday, he seems to be the leader of entire world of theirs. That means they will definitely work harmoniously than us."

Hearing the word 'Nice Oldman' from the burly oldman, all the faces people below the stage twitched. Even Ji Lei, who always looks calm couldn't help but twitch his mouth into an unsightly grin.

"We don't know about other cities, but here in kunming we can unify as one and work towards survival as one. Even though we can't guarantee 100 % survival not 100% even 50% is not guaranteed. But we can atleast try our best with unified strength, instead of single strength. We Still have 1 hr time, whoever wants to join kunming faction can hold the badges in your hand that we will distribute when you join the faction."

Saying that he looked at the excited people with a satisfied look on his face and said,

"Whoever wants to join can form into line and receive badges. We will note down your names and mobile number, so that if we survive we can atleast join hands again, as veterans for our next game."

Hearing this some people's face twitched, just thinking that they may not be able to come back.

Almost all the people near that stage started forming into a line, so that they can join the so called 'Kunming Faction'.

"What now!! Do you also want to join this shitty faction or whatever?"

Asked Lin Ming with perplexed emotion on his face. He doesn't believe that it will work at all.

"Did I say that i will join this faction?"

Ji Lei asked with a glare on his face, while Lin Ming shook his head.

"Let's go!! We are just wasting time here. We should atleast taste some coffee before we head out for the 'Hell'."

Saying that Ji Lei started moving towards the coffee shop. Lin Ming also took a final look towards the neatly formed line of people and shook's head, before following Ji Lei.

As they reached the restaurant, They saw people who are gloomily looking outside where commotion is going.

"Looks like these people are relatives of some of them."

Ji Lei said with calm face to Lin Ming. He also nodded his head and looked for a table to sit, but couldn't help frown as almost all of the table have people.

Just when they were about to leave, they heard a voice calling for them. Ji Lei looked for the voice and found out that its a young girl who is around 21 or 22 years old. She looks like she is a worker of this restaurant, but she occupies a table enough for four and drinking coffee.

Ji Lei moved towards her table and sat on one of the empty seats, Lin Ming also followed his course. Seeing this young woman surprised by their lack of courtesy and frowned. But soon it was replace with smile and asked,

"What do you want to drink?"

She asked with courtesy. Lin Ming ordered Coffee and Biscuits for him and Ji Lei. She didn't take the order, instead called other workers and told them our order. Soon, the get a hot coffee with some biscuit servings.

"Tell me!! Is someone from your family also going to that 'Place'?"

She asked with a bit of sorrow on her face.

"First!! You should introduce yourselves before asking someone about anything right?"

Ji Lei asked her with a smile and at the same time a bit flirt on his voice. He looked at the beauty, she looked absolutely beautiful and her looks may be able to match a heroine, if she put up some make up. He took this liberty, so that can atleast relive from the tension before heading that 'Place'.

"I am Xiao Mei!! I work here as a waitress. Today my father is also going to that 'Place'. I thought you people are good, but from the looks of it, you didn't even care about the people who is going inside that place for you huh?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";factions&apos;_38436508524409285">;factions&apos;_38436508524409285</a> for visiting.

She introduced herself and at the same time, she flared up noticing the flirting in Ji Lei's Voice. Hearing this all the people in the restaurant looked at their table, making her shrink a bit and said,

"How can you guys be like this? You look older than me but looks like your intelligence is eaten by a mosquito. You can drink your coffee and leave, just looking at people like you can make me want to puke."

Hearing this Ji Lei and Lin Ming started laughing out loud. After some time they calmed down and looked at Xiao Mei who was looking at them furiously.

"We both graduated from Peking university in Computer Science Engineering. Now tell us whether we have brain or not Ms. Xiao Mei?"

Asked Lin Ming with a bit of ridicule in his voice. Hearing this, Xiao Mei flustered and didn't know how to answer at first. But soon her eyes again flared up.

"What if you graduate from Peking university? That university can even take a trash like you and couldn't even teach you with some good manners,Huh?."

Hearing this both Ji Lei and Lin Ming got dumbfounded and didn't know what to do anymore. Looks like they messed up with this girl, she even started cursing Peking university.

"Miss Xiao Mei!! Don't get angry anymore. I am Ji Lei and this is my friend Lin Ming, we are not bad people. We are just messing with you."

Hearing this, Xiao Mei calmed down a 'little' and looked at them with disdain.

"You guys even dare to mess at a situation like this huh? Please finish your coffee and leave our shop and don't come here anymore, we won't welcome people like you."

Hearing this, their continence stiffened a bit and looked at each other, sighing. After that they just concentrated on their drinking, without even glancing at Xiao Mei.

Looking at them, she also thinks she went overboard and sighed a bit.

"Just don't do such things like this anymore in the future. People are already suffering from this shock and from looking at you guys, you do not look like a bad people. So, just don't take whatever i said to your heart. But i still suggest you, that you don't do such things in the future."

She said with a bit of melancholy in her voice. She felt a bit of dejection from them and thought she hurt them.

When the clock turned to 8:45 am. Both Ji Lei and Lin Ming stood up from their spots and gave courtesy bow towards Xiao Mei.

"Miss Xiao Mei!! You really is the type my friend likes, that is the only reason that he tried to took liberties with you. We are sorry for the inconvenience we have caused."

After saying that, he looked at Ji Lei, who was looking at Xiao Mei Intentionally. Xiao Mei also looked at Ji Lei and sighed thinking,

"Looks like this guy won't change his behavior. If its normal times, it was really funny, but all the people are suffering from heavy trauma. How can he behave like this?"

Thinking upto this point, a bit of furiousness again appeared on her eyes. When she was about to scold him again, Ji Lei opened his mouth and said.

"Ms. Xiao Mei!! What's your father name? If we can help him we will definitely will give him a helping hand."

Hearing this!! She was first baffled and subconsciously answered,

"Xiao Sen"

Ji Lei and nodded his head and turned towards door, before he walked out of the door, he looked at Xiao Mei who was dazed and said,

"Xiao Mei!! If There is a chance, i will definitely will come to this shop and will court you with all my heart."

Saying that, he left the coffee shop and walked towards the system building. By the time he reached building, he was asked to enter inside. So, both Ji Lei and Lin Ming took their first step towards their greatness..

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