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100% President Daddy Super Awesome / Chapter 7: Chapter 81 - Being In His Care

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Chapter 7: Chapter 81 - Being In His Care

Cheng Liyue realized that this man was not as tyrannical as she thought. Since she couldn't struggle, she might as well just stay there!

However, he was too close. Her breath was filled with the clear and pleasant fragrance of this man's body, causing her to not even dare to breathe deeply.

Gong Yexiao's car was parked at the exit, the bodyguard saw his boss and came over, so he opened the door considerately. Gong Yexiao carried the woman in his arms inside, and after he sat down, he closed the door.

After Cheng Liyue sat properly, she turned on the led light inside the car and saw a few shocking red lumps on her white jade legs.

Gong Yexiao pressed on the shield in front of him, and said to the bodyguard in front of him, "Go and buy some mosquito medicine to stop the itch."

"There's no need for that. Let's go home, after taking a shower it will be okay!" Cheng Liyue felt that it was embarrassing to let the bodyguards buy it themselves.

Neither Gong Yexiao nor the bodyguard gave any thought to Cheng Liyue's words. The bodyguard immediately pushed open the door and went to buy the medicine.

Although Cheng Liyue wanted to be strong and not to show herself weak in front of this man, but the pain was unbearable.

Gong Yexiao did not laugh at her. Instead, a trace of heartache flashed past his eyes.

The bodyguard was very fast, there was a pharmacy nearby, he bought three types of ointments, all of them were to stop the itch, Gong Yexiao took them and said, "Let me do it!"

Gong Yexiao took one and quickly scanned through the instructions, and then unscrewed it, "Raise your leg."

"No, I will do it myself." Cheng Liyue didn't want to trouble him.

Gong Yexiao acted as he didn't listen to her and suddenly grabbed her legs to apply the ointment.

Gong Yexiao squeezed out a cool and refreshing ointment and smeared it on swollen parts of her legs.

"Endure it." Gong Yexiao said and he applied the ointment gently.

Suddenly, Cheng Liyue felt pain inside of her thigh, she moved her hand to check the cause of her pain.

After checking Cheng Liyue become angry, " The damned mosquitos even bite her here."

Unexpectedly, the big hand of the man suddenly move to lift her skirt up. Cheng Liyue took a deep breath, she wanted to stop the men from moving his hand any further, but she was not as fast as the man, he saw a red rash in the inner part of her thigh and applied the ointment there too without wasting any time.

Cheng Liyue immediately pulled on her skirt, she did not want to expose herself, but seeing that he had helped her, she decided to bear with his rouge behavior.

"Where else?" The man asked with a deep and hoarse voice.

Cheng Liyue's face was burning up, she shook her head, "nowhere." After saying that, she pulled up her dress and subconsciously moved away from him.

At this time, a knocking sound came from outside the window. It was the little fellow's excited face, and Gong Yexiao pressed down the window as the little fellow said excitedly, "Daddy, Mummy, we're back."

"Get in the car! We're home. " Cheng Liyue said to the little fellow.

At this time, Gong Momo smiled and asked, "Liyue Sis, my parents and I will be staying here for a few more days. Can we bring Xiao Ze out to play during the Double Daybreak?"

Cheng Liyue smiled at Gong Momo, how could she refuse? She nodded and smiled. "Sure!"

"Brother, Liyue Sis, goodbye." Gong Momo waved her hand.

There was another car waiting to take them back to the castle.

Cheng Liyue rubbed the little fellow's sweaty hair and asked curiously, "What did you play?"

"I've played a lot with my aunt! "We rode a merry-go-round, and drove small motorcycles!"

"Do you like Auntie?"

"Yeah, I like her. She treats me so well." The little guy's little face was extremely serious.

Cheng Liyue was happy to see him like this.

"Oh!" Daddy Mommy, Aunt said that you were spending just now? " The little fellow suddenly turned its head to look at them.

Cheng Liyue, "..."

Gong Yexiao smiled, "Yes!"

Cheng Liyue was in a state of confusion, and immediately changed the topic, "Was it fun just now?"

The little guy's attention immediately shifted, "Yes, very interesting. Next time, I want to play more."

On the way home, the little guy still wanted to have fun, but he was tired too. Unable to control himself, the little guy fell, snuggling into his father's arms and fell asleep.

Cheng Liyue was a little speechless. She wanted little guy to have a bath before sleeping as his body was sweaty due to all running and playing.

But seeing he had fallen asleep, she didn't know what to do, No matter what, she had to bath the little guy.

As soon as they reached home, Gong Yexiao carried the little fellow in his arms.

Once Cheng Liyue entered the room, the first thing Cheng Liyue did was to bath the little guy.

Although he was asleep, he could still bath in the bathtub.

Cheng Liyue went into the washroom to ready the bathtub, Gong Yexiao came in while carrying the little fellow.

Cheng Liyue washed and Gong Yexiao support the little fellow's body.

While washing little fellow hair, under the bright light, Cheng Liyue looked at her son's completely perfect face, and then sneakily glanced at the man who was holding him. Compared to her son's young and tender face, his face was sharp, clear, mature, and handsome.

Gong Yexiao was also softened by his son's face. This little guy looked smart, but, in the end, he was only a three and a half-year-old child! He had a soft body and his entire body was white and tender.

After Cheng Liyue dried off the little guy's hair, she put him on the bed and covered him with a blanket. Before she left, she kissed him on the cheek.

Gong Yexiao's slender body leaned against the wall, the dim light intertwined onto his face, causing his expression to be extremely enchanting, Cheng Liyue's heart slightly tightened seeing his this look, and said to him, "Good night."

After she finished speaking, she quickly pushed open the door to her room to escape from the man.

Gong Yexiao's gaze dejectedly landed on the door she tightly closed. With a soft sigh, he walked with large strides towards his room.

Cheng Liyue was extremely tired today. After taking a hot bath, she fell asleep the moment her body touched the bed.

A dreamless night passed before dawn.

Cheng Liyue opened the door and the little fellow walked in, "Mummy, quickly brush your teeth, we're going out!"

Cheng Liyue pursed her lips and smiled, and thought, "Nowadays, it seems as if I had become the laziest person in the family.

After Cheng Liyue finished putting on her clothes, she walked out of the room and saw Gong Yexiao's slender figure lazily sitting on the sofa, as if he was just waiting for her.

"We can leave now." Cheng Liyue spoke out to him.

Gong Yexiao stood up and carried the little fellow out the door. When Cheng Liyue was changing shoes, she chooses a pair of flat shoes.

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As it requires lot of time to translate and then edit the chapters, the update schedule will be as follow:

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