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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Danger From Above

"What did you say?!"

Michael nodded crisply, and Anasthasia's face cracked, wracked her brain with various thoughts.

'How did it come to this?' She bit her rosy lips, 'This can't be happening!'

Shifted glance and spoke, "You came here to accomplish the mission by retrieving something from that place, right?"

Michael watched her eyes gleamed and answered, "That's correct."

"I'm sorry to break it to you. But you'll never get any from doing all of this."

The Prince forced a stifling smile, "I know."

"Then why bother coming here?" She raised her eyebrows.

"You'll know soon enough." Michael turned around and began to move.

'This person is quite tough to crack!'

Anasthasia thought genuinely, then cleared her throat, "Sure, even if you got all the way here knowing you'll get yourself killed."

Michael stopped his tracks and faced her with a smug plastered on his face. It lasted a hot minute before he shifted back.

The dignified woman shrugged, then watched the two robed men. Who ultimately revealed themselves and allowed the dim light to grace their faces. Both deemed identical to each other.

"So, the three of you walked all the way here?" Which in return, they nodded, then started their to follow Michael's pace.

She facepalmed; it was insane to walk for several miles, "Not one of you has the spell to fly?"

The three of them stopped, glanced at her with heads shook systematically. They continued to march forward. The silence contributed to the amplification of goosebumps they had felt. She had to say something, at least probe for more information in her arsenal.

Anasthasia rubbed her chin as she observed, "Those robes are so tattered, which revealed that high-quality armor beneath it."

"Lady Anasthasia, this is nothing much."

She curtly responded, then started to strut her way towards the drylands, the atmosphere was awkward that she had to break it out, "Why don't you two introduce yourself?"

"Our deepest apologies, Lady Anasthasia. But the name's Liam, the—" The man with special glasses felt stumped from Michael's cold gaze, which caused a subtle panic.

The other man responded coolly, "— The names are Liam and Levi, the trusted knights of Prince Michael Navarre. We came to extend the felicitations of Navarre Kingdom's Heir apparent. It's an honor to meet you."

They coped up well despite their initial reactions. Anasthasia was slightly impressed.

'However, did they take me for a fool? I can notice their hesitation and skepticism in the slightest detail' She sighed heavily.

"Why don't you guys dress your wounds?" Anasthasia dawned upon their carefully wrapped bandages that had seeped a fresh amount of blood, clearly not fatal enough to endanger their lives. She doesn't mind if they take their time for recuperation.

It was a bumpy ride ahead of them.

"This?" Levi took off his glasses as he wiped them off, "Lady Anasthasia, they will heal soon enough."

"—about magic?"

The three men looked at her with dubious engraved in their eyes, Levi clarified, "Pardon?"

"Why not use magic?" Anasthasia whistled after she rummaged her hands and carefully tore the dangling portion of the dress, "That should be easier and convenient."

"About that..." Liam caught himself scratched his neck, "It's not within our capabilities, Lady Anasthasia."

"You mean you don't have an affinity of water, at least?" Carefully tugged the lower portion until she was satisfied.

"More like it is not within our capabilities." Levi sighed in defeat. It shocked her, hope that it was just within their range of expectations.

"— As in you can't use magic?" She bulged her eyes after she heard pathetic news.

"We can, but not to that extent of yours."

She had sensed a huge lump on her throat, and scratched her arms from what she heard, 'Don't tell me it's not what I'm thinking at all.'

'They are pretty hopeless.' Her delicate lips drew thin with that disastrous thought; she initiated the shots, "Then allow me to help you with that!"

Anasthasia released a portion of magic and released the water's coagulation that surged its way towards their wounds.

"This feeling!—" Michael was surprised by the potency.

"Lady Anasthasia, this isn't an ordinary healing ability! We feel so invigorated!" Liam immersed himself from the magic and sensed his body was lighter and full of energy.

"Don't sweat it." Her golden eyes glazed over their wounds with concern, "I can cast just fine, to say the least."

It was a minute of recovery, but they perceived such a long night of peaceful rest. The three of them began to stretch and accustomed to the recent changes. She smiled as though things went perfectly.

"I feel much better, Lady Anasthasia," Liam spoke with glee, and seconded by the two.

"Now, I want to ask." The dignified woman's hands on her lips, "Where is this country of yours located?"

"It will take around three weeks to get back the outer region of the Navarre Kingdom." Liam averted his emerald eyes.

"I can't believe this. To walk all the way here." Anasthasia clicked her tongue, "Throughout the day and night; I can imagine the relentless assault conducted."

Two knights looked each other, laughed dryly.

The conversation stopped when a sudden shake of the ground was apparent—this troubled Anasthasia's thoughts.

"Oh? Some sort of seismic tremors?"

"No, Lady Anasthasia." Liam started to unsheath his opulent broadsword; his battle stance was on high alert. The same goes for the other and the Prince himself, "This is a sign of beast stampede!"

"Quickly!" The Prince urged them, "We need to fall back!"

"Aren't those beasts?" The dignified woman wondered, "What's up with them?"

"They are no ordinary monsters, Lady Anasthasia!"

She nodded crisply, "We kill them right here and now."

"That's not a good idea! You can't just heal us all the time!"

"Are you the sneaky type?" Anasthasia rolled her eyes, "Okay, let's do that. Come here then."

She strutted gracefully at the side while the rest followed her lead, she cast a bright light in front of them which temporarily waved their tattered robed in front of them instinctively.

"Lady Anasthasia—" Liam rebutted but got hushed.

"You'll see." A smug plastered on her face, and this brought slight chills to their bodies.

The rumbles intensified, and in their view, bore different beasts that scurried from all directions, lucky enough for them not to get injured at all!

"What was that?"

"I'm not sure; maybe they're trusting their instincts?" Anasthasia lifted her shoulders as she continued to observe.

The noise had finally subsided, dead branches swayed from the cold winds blew past them. Anasthasia closed her eyes as she sensed the surroundings. A light blow of wind, which emerged from her, traversed in all directions.

The three of them had questions written on their faces. However, none of them dared express their thoughts. Things would go south if they did that.

When Anasthasia finished her business, she glanced with a gloomy reaction. But it faded shortly. She took a deep breath and glanced their way.

"Shall we keep moving?"

"We can continue walking," Swayed his arm as he led the way through his grey eyes glimmered more than ever, "There's a safe spot ahead of us."

"Yes, we shall abide by your decisions, Your Highness!" Two of them curtly bowed, then trudged in a pace.

Anasthasia watched them in the distance, dared not to budge in her position. They turned back to see how she was, but nothing happened, which garnered their attention.

"I did say we'll keep on moving." The dignified woman chortled, "But not walking, over my dead body!"

"Would you preferred it the way you want to get carried—"

"Not that either!" Anasthasia shoved her hand in front of them, and then she spread her arms, "We will fly!"

"Lady Anasthasia..." Liam scratched his head, "There's no way you'd carry the three of us back to the kingdom."

"Oh!" Her golden eyes gleamed, "That's for sure."

"What is it this time?"

Anasthasia giggled softly, "You'll know soon enough." She smirked as she returned those particular words.

An intense beat heard from a distance. With every flap of those mighty wings had that ruthless sounds that cowered its enemies. A deep, ravenous growl reverberated across the gloomy sky. It was only a blot in the air that gradually grew into a colossal figure as it approached them. Horns protrude with arrogance and might.

"No way..." Levi almost had his eye sockets gouged out, "This isn't something you had thought of, right?"

"We can just conduct a suicide mission for ourselves right here and now if that's the case!" Liam shifted towards Levi and scowled at him.

"Well, it's a good thing." Anasthasia smiled at the three of them, their vigorous spirit about to escape from their bodies.

She shook her head in dismay, and she pointed at the mighty creature. Her fingers pointed carefully and shut the other side of her eye as she deliberately aimed.

"You're mine!" A sweet smile formed her face.

Magical Magical

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this far! I really really appreciate the support. This book is close to my heart and readers are my motivation to improve and continue to write this story.

Though things went topsy-turvy in my part. Most especially the accident of my Mom but I'll try to keep myself updated for this matter, okay?!

P.S. She's getting better

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