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Chapter 9: Her First Objective

"Fried!" The dragon looked at her with a grimace but was all for naught. "Let's now depart!"

Freidmirth growled as he trembled a little; this caught Anasthasia's attention. She peered the area around the dragon as though nothing posed much of a problem. Suddenly, an idea came up from her mind, turned around, and asked, "Are you guys really that heavy?"

"I don't think that's the case, Lady Anasthasia." Liam shook his head. "Maybe..." Gazes met halfway, then averted downward.

"Oh?" Lashes flickered as she rolled her eyes. "You dare question a woman's weight?"

Liam quickly breathed the air. "No, I dare not to!"

"Then, what is it?"

"Maybe because of these right here," His armored greaves rapidly glided across its freshly cut wounds, and slashes. There were parts of the scales that had dents and blemishes, which made Anasthasia wallow in guilt and sorrow.

"Oh, right, I forgot about this." She sighed, leaned towards Friedmirth as he whimpered in silence, "Why didn't you tell me?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-legacy_17581947506721305/her-first-objective_47382996554137628">;s-legacy_17581947506721305/her-first-objective_47382996554137628</a> for visiting.

"Is there any point in saying that? I doubt you can even heal with all of these injuries." The mighty dragon hissed while he looked sideways. Anasthasia had only worn a wry smile.

"Naturally," Hands softly caressed against its dark scales, "I did this to you. Naturally, I can cure you." She inhaled and cast, 'Regeneration!'

The twins peered with amusement glinted in their eyes. They were more than familiar with the idea of that spell, which aggravated their seats. It wasn't something they should miss in their entire life. However, they looked at it; no special effects were seen.

But they started to notice the rapid melt of ice and the stones that skewered and removed lumped all over its body, respectively. Frost, that clung to its arms and torso, began to melt. Wounds and slashes that cut deep despite the tough scales were gently sealed, which revealed an opulent skin.

Freidmirth's muscles tensed from the recovery. Later on, grey smoke escaped from Freidmirth's colossal body, his body loosened up from the spell that he felt and happily roared.

"How did you cure me to this extent?" His head squiggled, "That was so good! I feel so refreshed!"

"I'm glad you're perfectly fine." She patted, caressed once more, "Shall we take a leave?"

"Without further ado!" Friedmirth ascended to the heights with every beat of its wings. So high that Liam howled in ecstasy, Levi shouted a couple of 'No!'s, and the Prince went calm and collected.

Because the lean figure of a man behind had blocked most of her vision towards the twins, she leaned sideways to take a good look at their reactions. But a firm hand intercepted halfway.

"Be careful, or you might fall." His deep voice rang in her ears despite the buzzing winds.

Anasthasia's lips parted, 'He also said the same thing...'

It caused a flutter in her heart as she reminisced such memories in the past. A smile plastered on her face, "Don't worry, I can manage— " Then secretly let go of her hold on Friedmirth, her body slowly descended.

It was a skip in the heartbeat when the twins realized the predicament.

"Lady Anasthasia!" Both screamed in horror when she fell. All of them panicked from the sight.

"Freidmirth! Help her, please!" Liam nudged its hard scales as an attempt to respond but stopped his tracks when a deep voice bellowed.

"Relax, she'll be over here soon." Michael's eyes glinted as he leered below. Then he had shut them up peacefully.

"What did you mean, Your Highness—?"

"That's too bad!" Anasthasia appeared amidst the clouds, gracefully soared in such a flight speed comparable to Freidmirth. She had a smug on her face as she revolved around them.

"I never knew you were a prankster." Michael's eyes narrowed but remained calm.

"You think so?" When Anasthasia giggled, it brought massive humiliation to the twins. They seemed to forget her extensive capabilities. Their faces were beet red, so she contemplated, 'Perhaps it was too much.'

She flew closer to them, "Is this your first time mounting a flying creature?" Head tilted on the side.

"Not for me," Liam shrugged. Then, he pointed in front of him, "This one right here has a fear of such heights."

Levi flinched, but then harrumphed with such remarks, "Who wouldn't be afraid flying at this altitude, even where the fluffy clouds reside?"

"That's true..." Liam rubbed his chin as though he sunk deep in his thoughts, but had a great laugh, "I was afraid with this kind of speed and all for the first time around, but this was exceptionally fun!"

Levi had only facepalmed, he shifted his gaze towards the Prince, "Your Highness, wasn't this your idea?"

He nodded, "Travelling among the clouds will prevent our enemies on the ground from catching us."

"That's one clever idea!" Anasthasia clapped her hands and perched atop of Freidmirth. Soon as she sat comfortably, she heard a deep chuckle so close that her ears tingled. She flinched a little as she looked sideways. Despite his stoic features, his grey eyes shone with enthusiasm.

Michel cleared his throat when her eyebrows arched, "Nothing, please don't mind me." When she shifted her attention to the dragon, a relieved sigh was heard.

"Lady Anasthasia, you surprised us now then. I'm starting to think it's endless!" Liam nodded with admiration carved on his face.

"Is that so?"

"That's true. I'm very impressed with how meticulous and proficient you are in using magic to this degree." Glasses glinted as Levi affixed back on his nose.

Anasthasia frowned as she prodded her chin, "I only sifted lumps of soil, and transmuted into a fine metal— the manual mold was for your eyes to feast earlier."

Liam sat comfortably at the end of the saddle, "Even the best blacksmiths resided in the Navarre Kingdom would be ashamed when they see this."

"They have good eyes. I'm sure they won't shamelessly deny it with an objective mind." Levi peered once more, "Though procuring materials from scratch is another thing."

"— Even below it. This saddle had fit perfectly for the dragon." Michael uttered, "I'm impressed."

"Even His Highness had good eyes for high-quality items."

"Levi, who knew that magic was also capable of such intricacies in an art form. I assumed to be a tool of destruction."

With things that happened, Anasthasia deeply contemplated, 'What's going on here? Why would they think that way?' Nevertheless, the dignified woman had her chin up "Of course, magic has a lot of uses."

Liam's lips drew thin, "Apparently, it's not used, such as this way. It seemed impractical and counter-productive."

She leaned again and turned her head to the back of the saddle, "Oh?"

"Uhh..." He scratched his neck, "Perhaps when we reach the kingdom, you'll see for yourself— " he grunted from a sudden jab.

"Are you for real?" Levi clenched teeth from his foolish remarks, "Lady Anasthasia already helped us so much this time around. We don't have any idea where she'll be moving the moment we parted ways."

Liam was stumped and then averted his gaze, "You're right, everything was set up for us to fail. Who knows we'll come out alive if not for her."

Anasthasia bit her lips as what they have mentioned thus far were truthful, which loomed sorrow in her heart as she remembered the tragic past. The wind brushed past them and went abuzz. Still, it was awkward that she uttered, "Didn't you say it was a mission that only you can accomplish?"

They nodded, which made her inquire further, "Is there any specific proof for that matter?"

"No..." Michael shook his head slowly, "Not at all, however— " Grey eyes dawned on her figure, which made Anasthasia curious than ever!


"It's a secret— " He slightly groaned from her nudge, "Really now?"

"I'll see if I can help." She whistled with raised shoulders, "That's if you trust me."

"Your Highness..."

'Must be confidential, I won't pry further.'

"We were tasked to reach the highest point of the 'Valley of Death' to obtain an artifact." He clicked his tongue. "I—"

"Stop! I'll do what I can." Her eyes glazed back to Freidmirth, and then to the warm sunset, "Disclaimer though as I must conduct a diagnosis."

"Lady Anasthasia, what about the artifact—?"

"We can create a replica. I'll think of a way." Her eyes surveyed below as the clouds went thinner, "Oh, it's refreshing to see a bountiful forest there! Let's take a good stop for the rest of the night."

"I concur." Michael nodded as he adjusted his greaves.

"We'll have our negotiation when we get there." Anasthasia breathed out, and eyes shut, she welcomed the embrace of the sun. It was a surge of warmth she needed the most.

'Survive, Anasthasia...'

She clutched her chest as words of the gentleman continued to ring her head, then she pondered, 'Sir Edward, I don't know what road I must take from now on.'

'But right now, I need information.'

Magical Magical

Hello everyone, and welcome to another chapter of Prismatic Sovereign's Legacy, where we get to take a glimpse of the wholesome adventure of Anasthasia in hopes of tackling her objectives.

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