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100% Profane Palace Sect / Chapter 29: Curious Elia and Perverted Aina

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Chapter 29: Curious Elia and Perverted Aina

"Hey little girl, can you show that purple wheel again. Like sister Aina, it was very beautiful. I want to see it again."

Elia didn't follow Ling Tian like the white and black fairies, but stayed behind. Flying near the spaced out Su Ya, she looked at her with a curious glow in her eyes.


Su Ya who has been watching Ling Tian walking away was startled and turned to the sweet voice. Noticing the adorable tiny Elia fluttering her starry sprinkling wings near her, her eyes widened.

Earlier her mind was solely on Ling Tian, so she didn't pay much attention to them. But now looking at the beautiful mystical creature so closely, her heart couldn't help but feel amazement.

"I told you to not compare that thing to me. Just because it is also purple, that doesn't mean it is same as me. If you say that again, I'll definitely beat you up."

Aina who had also stayed behind flew near them and scolded Elia discontently.

"Duh, Whatever... Hey little girl, stop looking and show it to us already."

Ignoring Aina, Elia stared at Su Ya and urged her impatiently.

Little girl?

Hearing that word from her tiny little mouth, Su Ya's lips twitched, 'You are at most at the size of my palm and you are calling me little? Then what are you? Ultimate little?'

Suppress her urge to curse, she showed a bright smile to Elia, "Sure sure. First, may I know who you are?"

"Oh, I'm Elia, fairy queen of elements, the cutest fairy in the world and I'm also a Guardian of the Sect."

Elia replied with proud expression.

Fairy Queen of Elements?

A fairy?

A Real Fairy !

Su Ya is astonished. What are fairies? They are legendary existences heard only in tales. Seeing them in reality right before her eyes, She couldn't help but feel dreamy. But Elia's following words made her forget that feeling and completely shift her attention onto them.

Guardian of the Sect !

Instantly her eyes lit up. A bright smile appeared on her lips, "So it's senior Elia. Senior Elia is very beautiful. Senior indeed must be the cutest fairy in the world, no, infact, the whole universe. This junior pays respect."

Su Ya immediately gave a respectful bow and started sucking up to her.

The instant she heard the word Sect, she quickly adopted flattering attitude. She is still unaware of her current situation around here. Wouldn't be better to have someone's support. And this guardian of the sect, it sounds rather powerful...

"Good good. You will have a bright future in the sect. But you don't have to call me senior. You can call me big Aunt- no no, call me big sister. If you are in trouble, you can come to this big sister. I will definitely help you."

Elia nodded her head continuously, feeling pleased with herself. She glanced at Aina who was beside her with provocation as if telling 'See? Everyone admires me and I'm very popular, unlike you and other two.'

To which, Aina just shook her head at her naivety. But she didn't say anything.

"This junior thanks big sister Elia in advance. I have a question. Can I ask big sister?"

Su Ya asked with a bright smile.

Huh? Question?

Elia is a flustered. She is not best when it comes to knowledge and answering questions. But looking at Su Ya's sparkling eyes, she doesn't want to disappoint her.

"Ask anything, I will definitely answer you."

Maintaining a confident poise, she nodded her head.

"I know Big sister is indeed the best."

"I just joined the sect so I don't know anything. Since big sister is a guardian of the Sect, I want ask you how many other disciples are there in the sect?"

Su Ya asked seriously. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'So that's the question...'

Elia sighed in relief. It Su Ya asked something about cultivation or something, she would definitely lose her face. But this... she started pondering.

'Except for faries, those two stupid horses and big brother Ling Tian, I don't feel any other presences around. Oh, and also that girl with strong aura inside the big palace. She must be a disciple too...'

Thinking for a while, Elia looked at Su Ya, "That's all? Your question is disappointing. I thought you will ask something difficult. Anyway, there is only one other disciple besides you."

She replied with a calm expression. Suddenly she thought of something and quickly added, "Don't think the sect is small just because there are only 2 disciples. It's because the sect is newly established and big brother's requirements for disciples are high. Not anyone can join the sect."

Elia said with solemn expression. Though she is unaware about everything, she definitely doesn't want to embarrass Ling Tian.

Only one disciple eh?

Su Ya sighed in relief. She did not care the last part Elia said. To her, It would be a lot better with lesser number of people.

"Oh right, Your purple wheel. Show it, I want to see that again."

Elia suddenly asked with curious sparkling eyes. The reason why she stayed was also because of this. She is very interested in that purple wheel, because she felt a very intimate feeling from it.

"Purple Wheel? You mean my Myriad Chakra of Elemental Tribulations?"

Su Ya remembered the sudden rush of unfamiliar information about that thing she awakened earlier.

"So that is its name. The name is good too "

Elia exclaimed and she looked expectant.

"This... I do want to show it. But I don't know how to bring it out."

Su Ya replied with a sad expression.

"Ah, really?"

Instantly Elia's expression dampened and she looked Su Ya doubtfully.


Su Ya earnestly nodded her head.

"I see... a pity. Anyway show it me when you can bright it out."

Elia felt upset. But she couldn't do anything. Nodding at Su Ya, she turned around with a pout and fluttered her wings towards the direction Ling Tian went.

"You really can't bring it out? Or is it you are just trying to attract her interest so that you can have her at your finger?"

Aina who had also stayed behind finally spoke. Flying near Su Ya, she looked at her sharpely.

Su Ya expression changed.

And before she could say anything, Aina spoke again, "Anyway, I don't care as long you don't hurt her. On the other hand, I'm interested to know-"

Pausing, she disappeared from the place; and instantly appeared near Su Ya's chest. Pressing her nipple through clothes, she let out a perverted smilez "How did big brother's thing felt in you. Was it good?"


And again, before Su Ya could react, she laughed pervertedly and disappeared, leaving behind a red faced Su Ya.

"Hfff... a dangerous and perverted fairy. I should stay away from her."

With a flushed face, Su Ya mumbled and she too followed them in that direction.

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