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System Initialization

"Really, the life of a palace maid is nothing but sorrow. Why is it that we're the one tasked to dispose of the body?"

"The holy consort's orders cannot be violated, so let's just get this over with."

Two palace maids lamented while dragging the dead body of a slender youth toward the sewers in the dark of night. He looked no older than eighteen with short black hairs stopping at the nape of his neck and a gorgeous, finely chiseled face that would stand out within any crowd.

Alas, the pale and coldness of his body indicated that he was no longer of the living. The two palace maids quickly reached the inner court's sewers and were about to throw the body into it when they felt it tremble within their hands.

"Huh? Did you feel something?"

"Yes, I felt it shake a little. So, it wasn't just me?"

Instantly, their gaze lowered onto the youth's beautiful face, and they were horrified to see his eyelids trembling.

His eyes sprang open!

"Wooh, waking up to two beauties holding me is always a pleasure, but maybe you should introduce yourselves first?"

The youth jested.


"Ghost, undead, undead ghost!"

"Run away!"

A dead body had begun talking. Of course, they were getting the hell out of there. Promptly, they dropped the body and ran at the speed of cheetahs!

In a thud, Konrad tumbled onto the ground, and jolts of pain wreaked his feeble body.

"Bitches! Did you have to be so brutal? See how I deal with you in the future."

Rising from his vexing position, he sat cross-legged and began reorganizing his thoughts. His memories were fuzzy, and the last thing he recalled was a god sending him into reincarnation after he got cornered by various secret services and attempted to destroy his golden rod.

The memories of the previous body's owner then flooded his body, and in three seconds, his eyes widened in disbelief.

Apparently, he was now in a completely different world ruled by strength, status, and magic. The Holy Flame Empire's inner court was where he stood, and he was a seventeen years old eunuch who had been sold to the palace by his birth parents.

His father was a drunk, his mother was a whore (in all senses of the term), and they chose to sell him to the palace to pay off their many debts. He had always been a quiet child who dreamt of exploring the vast Holy Continent but had received no opportunity to fulfill that dream.

Worse, destiny chose to curse him with something he didn't know how to deal with: Beauty!

From infancy to maturity, he had always been too beautiful. As a human being, he could compete with the Paragon Spirits in terms of looks and was surrounded by excessive jealousy. Men wanted to gut him. Women to bed him, but he was too shy to take advantage of that.

Being sold into the palace and made a eunuch was a form of relief, but who would have expected that fate's cruelty would again assault him. While tending to his duties in the imperial kitchen, he was spotted by one of the Holy Consort's maids and not long after, summoned to her chambers.

The Holy Consort was known as the most beautiful woman of the empire and the emperor's favorite. So, when she ordered him to "service" her, he was horrified, refused, and tried to respectfully take his leave. And offended, the Holy Consort had him caned to death!

"Yo, in what kind of bitchboy did I reincarnate? The country's top beauty wants you to give her head, and you refuse? Serves you right!"

"But man, that is one nasty hoe. If the boy doesn't want you, just let him be. What's the need of caning him to death? Oh well, I suppose I will have to properly thank your insides in the future."

"Bye, bye twenty-first century. Hehehehe!"

Konrad chuckled and stood up. But only then did the realization struck him.

"Wait, wait, wait! Eunuch? Nooo, don't tell me…"

He cupped his groins, looking for his most cherished weapons but…


Thankfully there was no one in a hundred-meter radius because his howl could wake up even the dead.

"Rod without balls? What the fuck is this bullshit? I didn't sign up for this shit! God give me back my balls!"

But God didn't answer. Instead, it was a hoarse, robotic voice that echoed within his head.

"Harem Building System initialization…"

"Initialization complete…"

"Matching the host's voice…"

"Match completed…"

"Yo man what's up?"

Konrad's eyes widened. Why was a voice suddenly echoing within his head? He looked left and right for a person to blame, but there was no one to be found.

"You can't see me, dumbass. I'm in your head."

Konrad wondered if he had gone insane. But considering that he had been reincarnated into a world of sword and magic by a god…anything was possible.

"Okay, okay, what purpose do you serve?"

"I'm your system. You will have to follow the quests I give you to complete your mission and receive the Happiness God's reward."

"Huh? Oh yeah, he did mention something like that. Okay, what's the deal?"

"Main Quest: Build a harem of ten thousand beauties."

"Ten thousand…"

Konrad's legs trembled, and he collapsed on his butt.

"In my past life, my record was only five hundred. I'm in!"

"Good spirit, yo! I will now connect you to the Harem Building System."

A purple screen with various information then appeared within Konrad's mind and the nature of the system was clarified.

"So let me get this straight. I gain exp for every girl I fuck depending on their quality and cultivation."

"The main quest is divided into ten levels, each with its set of rewards and I also have side quests I can complete for extra boons. I can use my exp to purchase various boons like treasures, cultivation manuals, special abilities, etc. And I have attributes I can check and upgrade."

"Yeah, simple right? Wanna get to work?"

"Sure, but one question. What about my balls and golden rod?!"

"Oh yeah, you have to rebuild them."

Konrad was astonished. How was he supposed to rebuild something he was originally born with? But then the system carried on.

"Main quest, level 1: Screw one girl.

Main Rewards: Harem Seeker Rank, golden rod restoration, cultivation base breakthrough.

Ability Rewards: Ecstasy Fingers and Body Regeneration.

Time frame three hours.

Failure equals system removal."

"Huh? Three hours?"

He had just arrived in this new world and was still reorganizing his thoughts. Now he was given three hours to screw one girl?

"You're on! But wait, wait. How do I do that without my balls?"

"Ignorance. Post-puberty eunuchs can have erections and orgasms. They just can't produce sperm and lose their sexual urges over time. Now go get laid!"

"Oh. By the way, aren't you supposed to be some kind of robotic bullshit? Why do you speak like such a cunt?"

"I'm programmed to speak like the host. That means you!"

Konrad had nothing more to say.

"…Alright, show me my attributes."

"Name: Konrad

Rank: Unranked

Cultivation level: No cultivation

Race: Half-Incubus

Physique: Mortal"


"It seems the previous body's owner was actually the son of an incubus demon. Good for you."

"Finally, a body matching my demonism! Alright then, let's get laid!"


Time was of the essence and so following his newly gained memories, Konrad first made his way back to the kitchen eunuchs' living quarters for a bath. Following that, he set out for prey.

The main issue was that considering the time, most palace maids would be sleeping within their beds. Therefore, it was difficult for him to get his hands on one.

Ten square miles wide, the inner court was a city in its own right and housed far too many people for him to be noticeable. Transportation from a sector to another was mostly done through teleportation circles.

Using his identity token, Konrad used a teleportation circle to go from the eunuch chambers to the palace maids' central courtyard. He originally wanted to target one of those on night duties, but as he made his way past the flower garden, the figure of a dainty young woman appeared within his sight.

Long black hairs falling on a slender waist, a shapely body brimming with the appeal of youth, and a bewitching figure that immediately grabbed attention. As she sat amidst the flowers with her fair skin glittering under the moonlight, Konrad knew that he wanted her.

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