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44.96% Protagonist Killer / Chapter 57: Chapter 56 : A Slave's blame and Szayel Aporro's punishment.

Chapter 56 : A Slave's blame and Szayel Aporro's punishment. - Protagonist Killer - Chapter 57 by Dereck_Oliveira full book limited free

Chapter 57: Chapter 56 : A Slave's blame and Szayel Aporro's punishment.


\Orihime POV/

I lied on the bed after healing me, as my body was full of bruises. Wincing a little when my back touched the bed, I began to think.

'I miss Yoruichi, she would talk to me about many things and we would remember, tales of our childhood or something. No one helps me anymore, no one is friendly to me anymore, not that they were, but Rukia and Kūkaku often came here to talk to me and we would sing and play some games, but after I escaped to help Ichigo, no one talks to me anymore.

They started to hate me, when I asked to Kūkaku why they aren't talking to me, she told me that I made her husband lose an arm, and that I was lucky to be alive, if I bother them too much, my life will beclme even worse. Rukia also adopted hatred for me, as she Hits me everytime she sees me.

The other three, I think that their names were Franceska Mila Rose, Apacci and Cyan Sung-Sun, they also didn't help, they said that thanks to me, their Master will not have sex with them no matter how much they beg. What is sex? Why were they so angry? Was sex this good for them to be so enraged? I am curious.

And tired. I am tired of being treated like this, tired of the beatings, tired of the negligence, I want to have the things I lost. I want to have friends, someone I can talk to on even grounds. I want to have hope, as I lost it at the same moment I placed my foot on this hell... Wait... Didn't they said that the closet to 0 you are, the closer are the chances of climbing to the lowest rank of subordinates?

I want that! I have to stop being a slave at all costs! If I achieve it, I will regain everything I lost. Everything I want will be back. But how can I achieve this... I know! I have to be useful... No, I will be useful and climb the ranks until I regain everything I lost!' I regained the lost energy after thinking of this. Now, everything that is on my mind is to be useful so that I can regain everything I lost.


\Īsan POV/

'Hmm. All of my servants are constantly harassing Orihime, one way or another. This will make her place all the blame from her treatment to being a slave. And if she wants to be free, the same as before, she will have to make a huge sacrifice to stop being a slave. After all, she is not like Yoruichi, she is not resistant. Before becoming a slave, she was socially dependant, she needed to interact with other persons.

Now, she doesn't have anyone to interact with, well... She has Cirucci, but she is... Peculiar. So she will not be as good as a normal person. Her training will be a lot more simpler than Yoruichi's. And fun too.' I thought before getting up from the couch.

"Nelliel, Harribel, follow me." I said.

"Yes, Master/Brother Īsan." They said.

We went to the Dungeon, the Dungeon was nothing more nothing less than a huge prison to those who misbehave or defy me. Yoruichi's cell was at the far back inside it, it was completely black. You can't see your body inside there, this is to increase the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness, as this can destroy someone's mind.

Descending the stairs, and walking for a few minutes, we reached a cell of a Espada. Lying on the ground, Szayel Aporro Granz, the Espada Numero 8. He was almost dead, barely breathing.

"Hello, there. I came here to ask something... Do you want to die? After all, you did plot against Nelliel." I said.

"P-Please, do not kill me." He said in an extremely weak voice.

"No. I changed my mind, I am not going to kill you." I said.

"S-Seriously?" He asked.

"Yes, I am telling the truth. Instead, Nelliel will do it. Nelliel do not be merciful with him, he doesn't deserve it. People like him will stab you in the back on the first opportunity they have." I said to her while thinking.

'She almost died thanks to him, she is important to the me, she is my little sister that I will fuck in the future.'

"Are you sure, Brother Īsan." Nelliel asked, hesitanting.

"Yes, I am." I said petting her head.


She sighed and took her sword out if the scabbard.


I unlocked the door and let her go inside.

"N-No. N-NO! NOOOOOOO! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" He desperately tried to get out of the room, but Nelliel was swift.

She waved her sword and it beheaded him.


His body fell on the ground, lifeless, a fountain on blood coming out of where his head was.

"Have I done good?" She asked.

"Yes, you have, brother is happy." I said.

She came near me and hugged me.

'I am glad that she finally could overcome her unwillingness to kill.' I thought.

"Get off him." Harribel said.

"No!" Nelliel said, hugging me stronger.

She then sticked her tongue out to Harribel. Harribel hated to be provoked.

"Stop, you two. I need to get some sleep, the past events have been tiring to my mental capability." I said to them.

Then we began to go out of the Dungeon but before.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" A really loud scream echoed on the hallways.

'Yoruichi... Maybe it is the time? Nah, she needs to be punished more.' I thought.

"Harribel, Nelliel, you are dismissed." I said to them.

"Bye Brother Īsan." Nelliel said after hugging me again.

"I am going, Master." Harribel said, I saw in her eyes that she wanted a hug too, but if she wants, she will need to havr the courage to do so.

Climbing the stairs to my bedroom, I remembered something.

'Chad. He still is alive, right?' I thought before sending a pulse of Reiatsu.

When it came back, I was surprised.

"Hahahahahahahaha! He has such a big body, and he still is unconscious! Ahh, what an irony." I said to myself.

At this moment, I saw Cirucci cleaning the hallway to my bedroom, she was wearing a cute maid dress.

"Cirucci, I have a task for you. Use your Reiatsu... Feel it? This one is your target. Kill him. Quickly, I am not very patient." I said to her.

"Understood, Master." She said before descending the stairs with her sadistic smile.

Going inside my bedroom, I took almost all my clothes off, remaining only in my underwear, prepared to sleep when.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Master, do you need company?" Harribel asked.


Then she proceeded to enter in the bedroom while saying.

"Master, I am jealous of Kūkaku receiving the title of your wife, that is why I am going to give you a massage." When she said that, she got completely naked.

'Well... I think I can postpone sleep for a little.' I thought. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-blame-and-szayel-aporro&apos;s-punishment._52240701739557149">;s-blame-and-szayel-aporro&apos;s-punishment._52240701739557149</a> for visiting.

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