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Saktan - Protector's War: The Infinite Realms - Chapter 15 by Poloman full book limited free

Chapter 15: Saktan

"Don't worry old man, I keep my promises." said Job while wiping the sweat on his forehead.

Job went in to his room and brought out a similar scroll but this one had a blue casing with dragon pattern designs.

"Here you go. I shouldn't have underestimated you. But I will want a rematch. Let me get the rest of the scrolls first." said Job with an evil smirk.

Master Soimacho took the scroll and said, "I won't let you do it Job. We'll find it first."

The trio headed back to their dojo to their dojo after receiving the scroll. .

Many of Job's students had their jaws still dropped at what just happened.

Trevor and Job chatted about how they won the match as they went back to the dojo.

And then suddenly their master, who was ahead of them, stopped in his tracks .

Trevor and Jack followed his gaze up the trees.

They saw four shadows in the branches looking down at them.

They immediately put on an attack formation but the shadows disappeared jumping from tree to tree.

"What the hell were those things?"

"Those, those were rogues Jack."

"But why didn't they attack us?" asked Trevor.

"I don't think they came for a fight. They came here to confirm something."

"Confirm what exactly?"

"I don't know but they will be back. Better be prepared." said Master Soimacho.

The atmosphere became heavy and non of them talked again until they reached the dojo.

They has their dinner and went to bed.

"Arise and shine....." Master Soimacho flipped the blankets off Trevor and Jack, "Meet me at the training ground in fifteen minutes." he said then left the room.

Trevor and Jack woke up, did the morning drill and went straight to the training ground.

"Time to activate the scroll."

"Oh no..... Why now!" both Trevor and Jack said in unison.

"What. are you scared of the pain?"

"No it's no.... Actually yeah you even said it will be twice the pain." said Jack.

"You have to man up boys. You have to get used to pain. No pain, no gain.

And the rogues will be coming back for the scroll soon. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

The two took a couple of minutes to brace themselves for the pain and then repeated what they did last time.

The pain surged in again as the dust entered their bodies.

They gritted their teeth in pain.

The pain was just to unbearable for them. It was like someone was burning them alive from the inside.

They only kept on asking when it would all be over.

After an hour the pain subsided and replaced by the same familiar filling like the last time.

"Great. Welcome back. You can now learn the moves there." said Master Soimacho then left the training ground.

The two spent 3 days mastering all the moves. It was a lot quicker than last time.

Master Soimacho woke up at five as usual.

Went to his library to meditate.

When he reached there, he found the library in a mess.

Someone had broken in.

It couldn't be Trevor and Jack, they are the ones that kept the sacred scrolls.

In other words, there wouldn't be anything in the library of their interests.

Master Soimacho thought of possible people who could do this.

'It must be the rogues. They want the scrolls'

He immediately went to wake up Trevor and Jack.

"The rogues have broken in. They were looking for the scrolls."

"What! "Trevor and Jack said simultaneously.

" Yes, but we don't need to worry about that right now. You have to find the next scroll. Weapon encasing. But you have to learn how to use a sword. " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-war-the-infinite-realms_20502430506104805/saktan_55216674646837975">;s-war-the-infinite-realms_20502430506104805/saktan_55216674646837975</a> for visiting.

" Alright, let's get right to it. "said Trevor.

Trevor and Jack headed to the training ground.

Master Soimacho presented them with wooden swords.

They both stepped up and picked up a wooden sword.

Master Soimacho then went on to explain the sword technique they'd be learning.

" Here in my dojo, I used to teach Soi-ryu.", "It is a technique that was introduced by my ancestors long time ago. It focuses on both defense and attack. The defense and attack tactics have been upgraded through this sword technique."

Master Soimacho trained them most techniques and to Trevor and Jack these techniques were unique.

They had never seen them before.

He even handed them scrolls on Soi-ryu for them to take reference on their free time.

They spent am entire month practicing the sword technique. It wasn't as easy at it looked.

During that one month, they had a couple of rogue raids but fortunately due to the two scrolls magic they had, they were able to defend the dojo.

It was now time for them to leave the dojo and look for the third scroll.

It was located in the north in a village called Saktan. Where one of the masters that invented the scrolls lived.

Master Soimacho had ordered three horses from the market the day before and now they were tied outside the dojo.

They woke up early in the morning and tied their supplies for the journey to the horse.

They then climbed on their respective horses and rode to the north.

They arrived in Saktan after four days and rented an house to stay in.

On the next morning, Trevor and Jake went to the market to buy some food.

Every one in the village had heard about the outsiders that came in last night.

As Trevor and Jack walked the streets, everyone had to throw a stare at them and that made them uncomfortable.

It was like back in Trevor's class when he didn't hand in his homework.

"No no, please don't. Please don't do this to me." screamed a girl.

Trevor and Jack immediately ran into the crowd.

"You haven't paid the rent for the past 2 months. I can't let you stay here anymore."

"No please, I will come up with something by tomorrow."

"And how will you come up with 2 months rent in one day?" said a woman throwing a suit case in her hands to the ground, "Please don't waste my time and leave."

"Lock the door." she told a ripped guy who was now standing by the door.

"We'll pay her rent. How much do you want?"said Trevor.

Everyone turned their heads to look at the person that just offered to pay for the girl rent.

" You? "she said in surprise," hahaha. How old are you? 16? Hahahaha. "

" Just name your price. "

" It's 50 copper. "said the landlady still bemused.

" Here is 5 silver. I hope that is enough for half a year. "said Trevor handing over 5 silver coins to the landlady.

The crowd slowly dispersed after the commotion settled down.

The girl who was being thrown out of the house walked to Trevor and kneeled down.

" Thank you. Thank you a lot."she said.

Trevor helped her up again," No need to mention it. Now get up. "

" Why did you have to use up all that money bro?"asked Jack

" She was in need. And my parents always told me to help those who need help. "

The two were now on their way to the house they were renting since they had used the money they were supposed to buy food for paying for the girl her rent.

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