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100% Psychopomp : The Hellish Games / Chapter 15: Inner Demon System

Inner Demon System - Psychopomp : The Hellish Games - Chapter 15 by XinTwomi full book limited free

Chapter 15: Inner Demon System

"System?", I asked with a straight face.

"Your inner demon system! It's fabulous! Having this inner demon is a great tool for you to survive the Hellish Games", he said like a crazy person. "Pardon me", he straightens his back and went back to being normal.

"You see your inner demon has the great abilities that no one has. Every sinner has an inner demon system that will help them in their games but yours is truly impressive and above all"

"So, how does it help me?"

"It helps you to your advantage and helping you to win. It's like you have a person helping you. You can call him to help you whenever you want and its voice will appear in your head", he explained.

"Okay, so how do I call him?"

"Try to say Klisi", he smirked.

"Okay", I took a deep breath.. "Klisi"

"Hello, Liu Xian! I miss you. Do you miss me? It's been a long time since we spoke", the voice appeared in my head.

This voice was really familiar, the voice I couldn't forget. It was my other self. "It's you?"

"Liu Xian, you can speak in your head to have a conversation with him", Demon Vassago says.

'How come it's you?', I spoke in my head.

'I already told you, I was with you since you were born'

"How do I cancel?", I asked Vassago directly.

'Hey, It's been a while since the last time we spoke together, don't do this to me Liu Xian', I ignored him.

"Just say ptosi", Vassago replied.

'Hey, don't! If you do this I'll...'

"Ptosi", the voice immediately disappeared in my head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You can also say the code in your head, to call and to cancel your inner demon system", Vassago said.

"Okay", I replied with a cold tone.

"I think that's was it, I will assist another fallen soul now, goodbye", he disappeared in thin air as if he was teleported someplace else.

I sit down on the bed and think about Xing Xin. I just can't believe all this and what happened to me. I broke the promised my mother gave me. How will she survive on her own? It was okay if she woke up but she didn't yet. Who will take care of her, now that I am gone?

"Don't worry we will take care of you sister", I was suddenly remembered Miss Zhu before my death.

"Don't tell me? Is she referring to another meaning of taking care?", I thought to myself, my head was panicked. "No, she meant that she will kill her! No, this not happening! I must go back! But how? I am already dead. How am I supposed to go back? Still, I will do anything to go back, I must protect my sister!", I thought to myself with determination charging me up.

I stood up and suddenly a white mist appeared out of nowhere. "I forgot to tell you something, how did I forget what his highness told me to tell you", It was Demon Vassago.

"Is there a way to make me go back to the Land of Living again?", I didn't hesitate and asked him directly.

He scoffed, "That way I am going to tell you".

"Tell me now!", I asked aggressively.

"Woah, Okay. You see, there's a way to go back to the Land of the Living"


"You just need to defeat the Seven Princes of Hell and enter Heaven", he smirked.

"That's it?"

"Yeah, defeat the Seven Princes of Hell and you will have the chance to get wishes from Heaven"


"Yes, wishes. You can get a wish to be reincarnated and finally see your sister", he spread his arms and lift it then smiled. "You will do anything for your sister right? I know you do, please enter Heaven and make history on Psychopomp!", he said with excitement and disappeared like a bubble.

"Domatio!", I commanded and the portal opens.

I immediately entered and was transported to the Hell Lobby.

I look around to find the Game Stations. "Hey!", someone taps my shoulder.

I grabbed the hand off my shoulder and twist it then wrapped it around his back, "Ow ow ow, hey let go"

I let go of him and stared at him directly, "What do you want?", I asked annoyed.

"Aren't you the guy who didn't hesitate to enter the judgment cubes?", he said.

I ignored him and continued to find the Game Stations. "Cold-Blooded ha?", I heard him murmur.

He followed me and walked beside me, "I am Zhao Wen Jun, you?", I still ignored him and we continued walking. "Are you searching for the Game Stations?", I stopped walking and hear him for what he was to say.

"Where is it?", I glared at him.

"You're so scary, bro"

"Just where is it?". I asked aggressively.

"Okay okay calm down brother", he raised his hands as he was being arrested on the spot. "Follow me", he said then went on his wait to the Game Stations.

"What's the hurry though? I think you have 19 hours left before you can enter, did you hear what the demons told you? You're not afraid of death?", he keeps talking as we walk but I still ignored him.


We arrived at the Game Stations, and I can only see few people entering the white wall same as the portal in the room. "Are you sure, you will register now?", he asked.

I ignored him and walks straight to the Game Stations then entered the white wall.

I opened my eyes and see shining lights. It was different from the Hell Lobby. It has blue and white neon lights everywhere. It was bigger than the Hell Lobby, and I can see many people sitting on chairs. "I only saw few people entering but how come there was a lot in here?", I thought to myself.

I look around and saw other white walls from each corner of the place. "I see, there is more than one Hell Lobby", I thought to myself.

"Woah! This place is big!", I look to the side, and it Zhao Wen Jun.

"Do you know how to register?", I asked him.

"I don't. Hey, you're finally talking to me!", he smiled.

"Just sit on one of the chairs and insert your virtual scrolls in the armrest", someone spoke out of nowhere and I look at the left side. It was a girl.

The girl walks out, sits on a chair, and inserted her virtual card. Then she disappears.

I didn't hesitate and walks one of the chairs. Zhao Wen Jun sits by my side. "I will enter too", he said.

We both inserted our virtual scrolls and we were transported to another place.


I opened my eyes and saw different people standing on a floating white glowing platform with darkness surrounded the place. I look at the people and saw the girl from before but I can't find Zhao Wen Jun. That's right, to play together we must form an alliance. I look up and saw a number. The number was [6/8]. I counted the people and there were six of us. The game will start if there are eight of us.

Two players appeared at the same time. It was a boy and a girl, they look like teenagers. The girl immediately holds the arms of the boy as if they know each other.

"So, it's a team game", the girl from before spoke.

"How did you know?", one of the people said.

"It's because that boy and that girl are alliances. There is a chance that alliances appear in the same game. If alliances appear to them it's a team game. If they got separated even though they registered together then there's a 50% chance that it will not be a team game", she explained clearly. "And I know that there are more alliances here", she looked to the people and the people acted as if they were caught.

"You're good", the buff man said. "Yes, we are alliances. The four of us!", so the other people is his alliance then the girl from before and the teenagers will be my team.

"Good Luck!", the girl who looks like a fashion model said to her.

"Welcome sinners to the Hellish Games!", A voice appeared from nowhere.

"The type you will be playing is...." A hologram appeared from the top and was spinning like a slot machine. It stopped and I can read the word [Pride].

I suddenly remembered what Demon Vassago said to me. Pride is the most difficult game type. "What? You've got to be kidding me!", the girl who looks like a model said.


End of Chapter 15 - Inner Demon System

Next Chapter - The Game of Pride

XinTwomi XinTwomi

Hey guys sorry for not uploading for a few days. I was sick for a week but I feel better now. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your unending support! Have a Nice Day!

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