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56.25% Psychopomp : The Hellish Games / Chapter 8: Intense Training Part I

Intense Training Part I - Psychopomp : The Hellish Games - Chapter 8 by XinTwomi full book limited free

Chapter 8: Intense Training Part I

A loud alarm suddenly rings at the headquarters that wakes me up startled. It was already morning, "Good morning Exis. Time to wake up. Please proceed to the dining hall for your breakfast and the BX have an announcement to make", the announcement keeps repeating.

I got up on my bed, wore my shoes, and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I wipe my wet face and look at myself and the mirror and saw the person I don't want to see. A kid with dead eyes, so cold that it makes the expression completely frozen unable to express the emotions. I went out and grabs my I.D card then went out of my room. As the door opens, I see guys already going to the dining hall. I feel so small with their big bodies as I walk along with them.

"Hey", someone in the back pat my shoulder, and I stop. I look at the back and saw a kid that seems around my age or older. "You are the new X right?", he said to me smiling. I nod my head for a response. "Oh yeah, I have a friend in this hellhole now", he said then do a winning gesture. "So, how old are you?", he added.

"Fourteen", I replied with a cold tone.

"We even have the same age! We might become best buddies!", he yelled. I ignored him and continue to walk. "Hey! Let's become buddies! I am quite lonely here, all of the people here are geezers." he said trying to catch up to me. "Can you be my buddy?", he added but I keep walking ignoring him. He stopped and sighed then continue to walk again. He walks by my side without saying anything.

"Why are you following me?", I asked annoyed.

"What? I'm not following you, we are going to the same place, I am an X too, what do you expect", he said as he cocked his head.

I paused for a moment and flickered my eyes. He's trying not to laugh. "You're quite a stone head, are you?", he laughs hard that everyone was looking at him. Out of embarrassment, I continued to walk faster to avoid him. "Hey, wait!", he yelled. He catches up to me and continues to walk by my side.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We arrived at the dining hall and saw women entering from the other side, "There are also women here?", I thought. I sat on one of the empty seats and the guy who keeps pestering me sits beside me and smiled. "I'm Cheng Yun, you?", he said as he relaxes his left arm on the table looking at me. I ignored him, he frowned like a kid.

He took the I.D card that I bought and checks it, "Hey!", I said to him.

"Your names Liu Xian eh? Cool name", I grab my I.D card away from his hand. "What a snob", I heard him mumbled.

I look around and manage to determine the counts. There are 12 of us men and 8 girls from the other side. I saw Wu Ming and Ye Li Yang at the front. There is food already been served on the table but it seems we need to wait. The other guys look really calm while Cheng Yun is playing like a child already eating. "You won't eat?", Cheng Yun said to me while eating a roast chicken leg. I ignored him but I am really hungry since I did not eat last night.

The people suddenly stand up and post like they were in an army. I also stood up and Cheng Yun was still eating. The man in front of me glances at him for a moment and looks at the front again. "Good Morning Exis", Zhu Ling Lin appears in front.

"Good Morning, Miss Zhu!", all the people said as they bowed their heads. Zhu Ling Lin spotted me directly at the back.

"Oh, I have to introduce to you the new X, come here", she signaled at me to come in front. I don't have a choice since all eyes seem to be glaring at me. I look at Cheng Yun for a moment and he was still eating like he doesn't care. I moved my feet to go forward to Zhu Ling Lin.

"Introduce yourself", she said to me as she pats my back. I gulped and couldn't say anything. "Maybe he's shy", she said. "Let me introduce him. This is Liu Xian, a fourteen-year-old kid same as Cheng Yun over there. Hi, Cheng Yun", she said as she waves her hands to Cheng Yun. Cheng Yun just smiled and continued chomping his food.

"He lost his parents last month and it's really pitiful, Am I right", she tried to look as she was pitying me. "You see, her sister is also in a comatose state. Isn't that tragic? Experiencing agony at such a young age is really hard", she explains dramatically ass I bowed my heads trying to avoid their eyes. "Please be good to him and don't ever think to damage this beautiful face", she grabs my chin and lowers her body to see a close look. "Try it and you'll experience my wrath", she said seriously.

"You can go back now my dear", she said smiling at me. I went back to my sit and the people is still standing.

"So, I just want to tell you that good luck to those who have to receive a mission and I hope you'll finish your mission as soon as possible", she said as she clasps her hands.

"Understood! Miss Zhu!", they bowed their heads again.

"You can eat now", then she left.

The people seated and started eating. I started eating too. "See you, Liu Xian I have finished eating, see you at the court", he said to me and he has a grain of rice on his lower lips. He walks away rubbing his stomach.

"Hey, you're already here, I see", the man beside me said. "Do you remember me?", he added.

I tried to remember him and realize that his eyes were the same as the guy who pretended to be a cleaner who gave me the letter. "You're from the hospital", I glared at him.

"You do remember me", he said. "I'm Zhao Wang Mo", he smiled. I nod my head and continued eating. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I am nearly finished eating and someone patted my back, "We'll start at nine, go to the court by that time", it was Wu Ming and the Ye Li Yang was following him then smiled at me. I nod my head. They continued to walk until they are out of my sight.


After eating I returned to my room and took a shower. I have a lot of thoughts that my mind is blank as the water running. "So, did you decide?", I heard the voice again.

"What should I decide?", I replied and keep continuing scrubbing my head as if I am used to speaking with him.

"Oh, come on I thought you already decided since you didn't hesitate to join the organization"

"I was forced to join"

"That's not true, you really want to join but your goody-two-shoes keep blocking your desires"

"Just go away!", I yelled and the voice didn't respond. I was glad that he actually listens.

I rub my wet body and wore the clothes they give me. It was a compression top with my code on the right side of the chest, tight trousers, and sports shoes. It was in different colors but I wore the black set one.

I went outside my room and went on my way to the court where we would train.

"You're here", Wu Ming said as I entered the court. "Let's get started, follow me", I followed him and saw Cheng Yun firing a gun while the others looked at his performance. that seems to be amazed by him. Cheng Yun saw me and wave his hand with his big dumb smile. "You know him?", Wu Ming asked. I nod my head. "His one of a kind, his a skilled one. The most dangerous and the most capable one in this organization", he explains to me. "He will do anything he wants, so don't provoke him. One of the X here insulted him and the guy ends up with broken bones all over his body", he said. Cheng Yun still waves his hand but I completely ignored him.

We entered the room and it looks like a gym. I saw Ye Li Yang lifting big dumbbells and Zhao Wang Mo doing a pull-up without his top. Two of them have a great body, I wish I have too. "Let's start building up your muscles, here take this", he handed a dumbbell to me. I took it and it was really heavy but I managed to lift it. "Now start lifting it up continuously and count to a thousand", I look at him and it seems he was serious. He took another dumbbell and gives it to me, "Here, use your both hands, lift it simultaneously", he said. The weight increased that it lowered my chest. Wu Ming walks away as he removes his top and started lifting barbells as if it was nothing.

I lift the dumbbells continuously and sweat is already making form all over my body. I was catching my breath every time I lift.

Wu Ming approached me, "You can stop now, you are over a thousand", I lost count but I wondered how Wu Ming managed to count while he is lifting barbells. I put down the barbells and I can feel my arms weakened. Wu Ming gave me a towel and wipe my sweat. "Let's go, let's proceed to the next session", he said.

"A next session?", I mumbled.

"What are you doodling for?", he said from a distance and followed him outside. We entered the next room and it was full of all sorts of weapons. Guns, knives, maces, bats, metal staff, and other weapons can be used. "Take a weapon you wish to learn", he said crossing his arms. I check on the weapons and took a knife. "You, done?", I nod my head.

We walk to the center and started to teach me moves using a knife. We keep repeating and repeating the steps on the focus that we didn't notice the time. "Continue practicing, I'll come back", Wu Ming went out of the room.

After a while he came back bringing lunch boxes, It was already two in the afternoon. "Stop, Let's eating", he said and sat down on the floor. I came to him and sat down in front of him then we eat. "You're talented, you learn very fast and you have great stamina", he said to me gulping noodles. "You might become like Cheng Yun", he said.

We finished eating and throw away the lunchboxes in the trash bin then went out. A crowd was forming and I saw Cheng Yun at the center fighting with another X. We stopped and look from a distance observing the fight. Cheng Yun was really swift and agile. He hits opponents smiling like a lunatic. His opponent was already bummed out and he was beaten so bad. Cheng Yun fights as if he was playing. It looks like a cat playing with a little mouse. Cheng Yun punched him hard on the stomach and his opponents drop his knees and fell. He steps on his head and raised his arm. He saw me and smiled at me. I avoided his gaze, "Let's go", Wu Ming said I followed him.

We arrived in another room and saw Ye Ling Yang sitting on the floor. "Hey, Liu Xian are you ready?", Ye Ling Yang said.

"You will have a spar with him", Wu Ming said and Ye Li Yang smiled at me. "Go hard on him", Wu Ming said to Ye Li Yang.

"Alright, are you up for spar Liu Xian", he said as he stands up. I nod my head.

Then the spar begins. It wasn't a spar but a torture and it continued for hours. My body begins to give up and Ye Li Yang gave me a hard punch on my face then world suddenly turns to pitch black.


End of Chapter 8 - Intense Training Part I

Next Chapter - Intense Training Part II

XinTwomi XinTwomi

Hello guys! We already reach 600k views and I am very happy. Please continue to support my work and I will give you all my best! Have a Nice Day! OCHAAA!

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