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62.5% Psychopomp : The Hellish Games / Chapter 9: Intense Training Part II

Intense Training Part II - Psychopomp : The Hellish Games - Chapter 9 by XinTwomi full book limited free

Chapter 9: Intense Training Part II

I opened my eyes as pain still lingering on my face. "You're up", I heard Wu Ming and got up on the cold hard floor.

"Is it over?", I asked him while rubbing my face.

"It wasn't but since you let yourself drop cold then it was", he said as he was arranging things.

"Then let's continue", I said and stood up slowly but fell down my knees, my body can't take it anymore.

"We will continue tomorrow morning, get some rest", he said and walks out of the room.

I slowly back myself up and tried to walk to my room, my knees were trembling out of exhaustion.

I slowly walk step by step until I got out of the court. I rest myself on the wall and continued to walk. "Hey, buddy!", Cheng Yun taps my shoulder.. "You alright? Tough isn't it?", he asked as he walks beside me. "Let me help you", he offered and grab my arm around his neck, and put his other hand on my waist. I didn't turn down his help since he was being nice and I really can't walk properly because of the muscle pain.

We arrived in my room and I opened it. "See yah buddy! Tell me if you need help!", he said as he was running away and wave his hands. I couldn't say thank you to him, he might be a really good kid after all.

I remove my clothes and took a shower. As the water running, I thought of Xing Xin if she was doing fine there. "Hey, have you decided?", the voice appeared again. I ignored him as if I did not hear him. "Pretending to be deft now?", I got off the shower and rub the towel all over my buddy. "Okay, I know you'll join me soon", the voice disappears. I changed into the sleeping wear the organization provided and went to sleep. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Morning announcement started again. I woke up and wash my face then went outside. "Hey, still in pain?", Cheng Yun put his arms around my neck.

"I'm fine now", I said with a low voice.

"Hey! You're actually talking to me now", his eyes sparkled. "So, are we friends now?", he added.

"You can say so", I said as if I was hesitating.

"Yahoo! I have a friend now", he removes his arm and started to prance to the dining hall.

It was the same as yesterday, Cheng Yun eating first and the other waiting for the BX to arrived.

"Good Morning Exis!", Miss Zhu arrived and the others bowed their heads as they greeted her back. "You can start to eat now, I don't have anything to say for today", she said and glance at me and her eyes got bigger then went to my position at a fast pace while wearing a concerned face as she raised both her arms. She lifts my face to inspect it"What happened to your face?", she asked as the fire was burning through her eyes. "Who did it?!", she asked with a frightening face. "Who damage his beautiful face!", she yelled aloud and all eyes are on us. The people started to show their frightened faces.

I saw Ye Li Yang stand up and, "I did it", Cheng Yun said still eating. Ye Li Yang looked at him and all the other exis towards him.

"Why did you do it?", she asked Cheng Yun as if she was trying to control her anger.

"It was for his training", he replied not looking at her.

"Wu Ming!", she shouted and glared at Wu Ming. "You are the one who was training Liu Xian, am I right?", she said while clenching her fist.

"Yes, Miss Zhu", he said confidently.

"Then why is Cheng Yun training him?", she said as she walks slowly towards him.

"I volunteered, let's not make this a big problem, Miss Zhu", Cheng Yun stood up and I can feel the frightening aura he has.

Miss Zhu gulped, "Oh, I see then it's fine. Continue to eat sorry for interrupting your meal, goodbye", she said as if she was scared and walk out in a hurry.

"That's what she is, she's obsessed with the little things", he sat down and continued to eat. I looked at Wu Ming and Le Yi Yang. They're calm as always. I started to eat. "Same time, same place", Wu ming said as he continued walking.


Today was just like yesterday and the next day was all the same. Cruel training, learning weapons, sparring torture, and other pieces of training to enhance my capabilities. All of it was worth it, I can manage to endure the pain until I can't feel anything from their punches.

"You're getting a hang of it", Wu Ming said. "I can see your muscles growing now", he added and look at my arms, it did change.

The door opens and Cheng Yun entered, "Hey, mind if I spar with my buddy today?", Wu Ming looked at him, "Sure", he didn't hesitate to tell him.

"Let's go", Cheng Yun said and walks out of the room.

I followed him, "Wait", Wu Ming said from a distance. He opened a bag and took something then walks towards me, "Here, take this and good luck out there", he gave me a black mask that only covers my mouth and nose. It was lightweight but it was really hard and sturdy. "Thanks, Wu Ming", I replied and wore the mask.

I went outside and saw Cheng Yun warming up in the center. I went to the center and begin to warm myself up too. "You ready?", he said. I nod my head. We change our pose to an offense. People started to come and became a crowd. I look in the distance and saw Wu Ming and Le Yi Yang spectating. "Cool mask you got there", Cheng Yun said. "Thanks, I replied".

He suddenly moves with fast speed and throws a punch, I managed to dodge him but he fastly throws a punch again hitting my waist. I fall back in a distance and Cheng Yun grins at me. I moved at an offense and punch at him but he dodged it. I expected that and immediately throws a kick. He grins even bigger "Not bad, Liu Xian. You're the first one who actually throws a hit", he said. "Now let's get serious".

His moves suddenly got faster that I lost track of his movements. He punched me all over my body and I can't dodge a single one of it. In the end, I lost. "Not bad for the first time, Liu Xian. Train more, and defeat me someday", he said and walks out of the court.

Wu Ming and Le Yi Yang approached, "You alright", Wu Ming said and I nodded. "I want the sessions to be leveled up", I said seriously. "Okay", he replied. "Go to your room for now", he helped me back to my room. "I will do much better training you so you can defeat him", he said and walks out. I entered my room and drop myself on the bed. I suddenly miss Xing Xin. I want to see her.

I remove my clothes and changed. I left my room and went to the office of Miss Zhu. I saw Doctor Zhang and Miss Zhu talking. "What is it?" Doctor Zhang asked.

"I want to see my sister", I said.

"Sure, you can but can only see her once a week, you need to focus on your training for the final trial", Doctor Zhang said. "Is it alright, Miss Zhu", he asked her.

"Sure, no problem, you can get a ride with Doctor Zhang", she said. "Let's continue our discussion later", she added and Doctor Zhang nodded his head then stood up to go towards me.

"Let's go", he said and went outside.

We strive on our way to his car and went to the hospital. The whole ride was quiet and I keep thinking of Xing Xin on the way.


End of Chapter 9 -Intense Training Part ll

Next Chapter - Final Trial

XinTwomi XinTwomi

Hey Guys! The Final Chapter of the MC's backstory will be released tomorrow stay tune and have a nice day! Ochaa!

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