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81.25% Psychopomp : The Hellish Games / Chapter 12: Judgment of a Sinner

Judgment of a Sinner - Psychopomp : The Hellish Games - Chapter 12 by XinTwomi full book limited free

Chapter 12: Judgment of a Sinner

My head hurts so bad and I couldn't breathe. I can feel that I was lying on a hard floor. I opened my eyes and took a hard breath and bright white lights blinded my sight. My eyes began to adjust and I got up. I look around and it was all white. It's like a beginning with no end." Am I dead?", I thought to myself. I stood up and wandered around the place.

"Life is disguised as the beginning, Death is the actual reality of an end", a voice suddenly spoke out of nowhere.

"Who's there?", I asked as I look around.

Smoke began to form and a man in a white suit wearing a white top hat with black linen on the side. suddenly appears in front of me leaving me in surprise. There was a golden lapel pin illustrating two wings on his left chest with a rose on top of it.

"Welcome to the afterlife!", he shouted while raising his arms as sparkles fell from his hands.

"Who are you?"

"Let me introduce myself, I am Angel Adriel your guide in the afterlife", he said to me bowing his head like I was a King.

He smiled at me and took something in his right chest pocket. It was a transparent card with a glass-like texture and blue lights glowing from its sides. "Let's see here", he murmured. He pokes the card and it floats in the air. A holographic board with information appeared at the top of the card.

[Name: Liu Xian]

[Age: 28 years old]

[Status: Single]

[Cause of Death: Death by hanging]

[Death Result: Murdered]

He read the information out loud and took the card then put it back into his chest pocket.

"So, I am really dead", I said to him.

"Yes, you are", I look down for a moment after hearing him say it. "I know you're worried about your little sister", I looked at him with a confused face.

"How did you know?", I asked him as my brows folded.

"Oh, I have your memories. The moment I selected your info, the memories you made were passed down to me. It's just like a memory bin", he raised his finger and tap the side of his head.

"Okay, so why am I here?", I asked him.

"You are here in Limbo, waiting to be judged by the Divine Angels. I am here to guide you to the Judgment Lobby", he explained.


"Then, the Divine Angels will read your doings if you are eligible on one of the place?"


"Yes, Heaven or Hell", he grinned. "You already know where you gonna be at right?", he asked me as he lower his head partially. I didn't answer and gulped. "I guess you already know. You see you have done really bad things and you're final destination is to The Hell", he said as he fixed his top hat.

"I can't do anything about it, burn me, cut me, beat me. I have nothing to complain about. I have done bad things and did them to good people. Got no self-control, it's the root of my evil", I looked at him with my dead face.

"I see, but there will be a surprise for you waiting in Hell. A prince in hell will be waiting for your arrival", he smiled at me. "Let's go", a door suddenly appeared in thin air from the other side of the place.

He walks to the door, "Wait", I said and he stopped and look at me.


"Can I see my sister for one last time?", I asked him sincerely.

"You can, but only after you go to hell and you will know your answer", he then opened the door. I can see a dark place with dimlights behind the door, it was like a dimensional portal to the other place. "Let's go", he said and gestured in respectful manner.

I went in and what awaits me was large dome with blue lights all over the place and at the end of the dome, I can see bright white lights with several glowing cubicle rooms. The top of the dome was a galaxy where dozens of stars are shining. I can see other people exiting from the other doors with their Guide Angels. "Are they dead too?", I asked him.

"Yes, they are. Thousands of people die everyday. You can only go here with your soul after you die", he explained. "Do you have anything more to ask?"


"Then this will be my last guide. Do you see the cubes there?", I nod my head. "That's called Judgment rooms. Enter one of the rooms and the Divine Angels will judged you". He grabs an object from thin air,"Here, take this", he hands to me a glass card same as his but the side glows white.

I took the card from him, "What should I do with this?", I asked as I was checking the card.

"It's your virtual scroll, every soul has it before they enter the Judgment room", he looks at the card. "You will be given directions on how to use it once you enter the judgment room", he added.

I look at the end and I can see people just waiting and standing there like they were afraid to be judged. "Don't worry, Hell isn't like you imagine and what you believe it to be, trust me", he assured me. "Look at your card and press it gently, try it", he added.

I look at my card and press it. A hologphic board appeared with a timer in it. "Your time was already running ever since I gave you that card", he said.

I look at the time and I have fourty-nine minutes left. "What's the use of this, I don't need time", I said confidently. I closed the card and put it on my inside pocket.

"Brave, I expected that from you", he said as he touch his chin.

I started to walk on my way to the judgment room. "Good luck out there! I will expect a lot of news from you!", he yelled so I can hear as I continued to walk.

I was nearing and people started to look at me. I was at the front of the judgment room and I made attention to the people nearby. I didn't hesitate and entered the judgment room.


The room was actually vast and I was floating along with the clouds. We were on the blue sky as the sun shines but it wasn't windy. I saw a golden gate from the front and the clouds bring me there.

The gate opens as trumpets was playing. Inside there awaits me three people sitting on a tall golden chairs. Behind them is a statue of a huge Golden Wings with a glowing floating Halo on top of it.

A ponytailed black hair woman in a white short dress holding a book walks near me, "Hi, I am Angel Evangeline, nice to meet you", she bowed her head, "Please proceed to the center so the Divine Angels can judged you", she instructed me and leads me to the center.

She opened her book,"Fallen Soul Liu Xian. He was born on May 14, 1993 and died on July 15, 2021. He lived on Earth for 28 years and died due to a murder.", she reads it out loud so the people from above can hear her. "I will send you his life memory so you can judged him and give him his fate", she swipe her book like it was a mobile phone.

The halo glowed red and the three started to discuss but I can't hear them like there was barrier preventing noises to go out. After a while, the halo glows light blue and the Divine Angels was looking at me. They have finished discussing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The person from the left stood, "Mortal, you have done some heinous crimes that can't be forgiven. You were murdered but your sins was bigger than the sympathy of your death. In result, you are fated and will be sent to Hell!", his words echoed through the place as if he was using a microphone. I didn't even budged, for I have accepted my fate ever since in the beginning.

"Lord Seraphiel, your order will be submitted", she bowed her head. She looked at me, "Please follow me", I followed her. "Please step on inside the circle", she asked.

"What is it?", I asked.

"It's the Circle of fate", she answered.

I entered the circle and the place suddenly turned blank white. I look around and I can't see her anymore. All of a sudden ,a holographic blue screen appeared in front of me. "Please put your virtual scroll at the center of the screen", an automated voice spoke.

I put the card at the center of the screen and back off. The screen became black and the glowing side of my card became red, "Fallen Soul Liu Xian, you have been judged as a Sinner and will now be sent to Hell", the voice said. "Please get your card and enter the circle again".

I took my card and saw my name at top left side of the card. I went back to the circle and I was surrounded with glass like I was inside a transparent capsule. "Destination, Hell", the voice said.

The capsule began to shake and suddenly drops at the bottom in a flash. I closed my eyes because of the pressure and waited for it to stop.

The capsule began to move slowly and I opened my eyes. I couldn't believe what was I seeing.I finally understood what he meant. Hell is different than the land of the living believed.


End of Chapter 12 - Judgment of a Sinner

Next Chapter - Welcome to Hell

XinTwomi XinTwomi

Welcome to Hell! New main characters are coming. Are you excited?

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